New Horse for dressage coming soon to UK

This horse will be brought to Uk in January if not sold before I can highly recommend him for dressage he is now on the website under horses in Spain and you can find him by searching Fenix
I personally own him and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to compete in medium advanced dressage

About Dawn

I have owned Andalusian horses for many years. I moved back to England 16 years ago having lived in Spain for 3 years, during my time in Spain I owned a trekking center/livery yard where I started breeding horses and through this gained vast experience with the Andalusian breed and spent time with brilliant Spanish breeders.
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  • Hi – I’m going to be looking for a new horse in the new year (a forever horse) to do local dressage, funrides hacking etc and be a friend and am tempted by the Spanish intelligence and movement. However I’ve never owned on or ridden a pure bred either. It needs to be sensible on the ground, I’ve had pushy bolshy horses and with the children it’s just not safe. I haven’t got a huge budget, an looking for a smaller type 14.2-15.1hh ideally, I saw the sweet little buckskin mare Brenda on yours site – she looks like she has a sweet attitude. Just wondering how much she is, also how does it work in terms of trying ? What if they aren’t as described ? Due to young children I am unlikely to be able to get to Spain to trial. Thank you kate

    • leave it to Dawn and you wont go wrong .She knows her stuff and you wont find anyone better.She got for me my perfect horse,Hombre (DESEADO) and I didn’t av to go to Spain! Thanks again Dawn.

      • Thank you so much Dan it is very good to hear from you 🙂
        Send me some pictures of Hombre I would love to include him on the Gallery
        Best Wishes Dawn

    • Hi Kate

      Hope to hear from you soon I know we have now exchanged emails and I have some lovely suitable horses coming up for the website which we update weekly let me know if anything catches your eye
      best Wishes Dawn

    • Hi

      If you go on the contact us page there you will see a box for you to tick and complete your email address
      Best Wishes Dawn

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