Mimosa ACD

Mimosa was imported as a baby, the current owners have done her training slowly so as to build her confidence she was backed as a 3 year old, She is enjoying hacking out alone and in company along country lanes and is happy to wait patiently whilst cars and farm machinery pass by, She has soft mouth is responsive to the aids, is eager to please and works well on praise. She is in regular work, being schooled in walk, trot and canter, a few lateral moves and working over coloured poles. Her work is varied between schooling, hacking out, lunging and long reining. Nothing has been forced and she has been allowed to develop at her own pace.
Mimosa has excellent breeding, containing Bohorques and Yeguada Militar lines She adores attention and being made a fuss of a sweet natured horse and works well on praise. Mimosa is easy to handle and well mannered and she gets on well with all the other horses. 

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Sex Mare
Location UK
Capa LG Grey
Price A/B
Date of Birth 18/06/2014
Height 1.50m

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