Manijero XXIX

MANIJERO XXIX from the breeder Lagar Viejo is a mature tall PRE stallion, lots of presence and charisma, easily bonding. He is used to be handled since birth and has been brought up in a big field in the group, so he could develop healthily. Manijero is now being ridden in the riding arena on a snaffle, even by kids as a riding school horse! He hacks out alone and in groups on the weekends, and also may be ridden the Spanish way in Spanish tack, using the Doma Vaquera saddle and a Portuguese Pelham, when he hacks out with the father of the riding school owner. His pedigree contains quite a few important calificado ancestors such as Hilandera XXIX und Gorrion XXVI and Educado X (Guardiola), who is his grandfather and who is one of the first Elite stallions. His father Hilandero Ram is a Ayala breeding stallion. The stud farm Lagar Viejo near Sevilla, in the heart of Andalucia, has a very good selection to produce horses for classical dressage but also focused to practice the art of Doma Vaquera which is the original traditional way to work with horses here and also to use the horse as transport medium, so they are breeding horses as well for dressage and modern sport, for Doma Vaquera and driving.

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Sex Gelding
Location Spain
Capa LG Bay
Price C (Up to €15000)
Date of Birth 14/07/2014
Height 1.67m

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