Mambo De Garrocha

MAMBO DE GARROCHA is a fairy tale PRE, with abundant mane and tale, a sweet character and trained to a high level! Stabled at a show yard, he is mainly ridden and trained by a lady rider, even presenting high school movements without any bridle in freedom! It is worthwhile to watch the almost uncut video to the end. Mambo has a solid basic training including half pass and laterals, but he also has piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk and levade. He also hacks out to enjoy the countryside, and has been to ferias and romerias. Bred by Alfonso Guerrero, Mambo de Garrocha is sired by Genesis Mor 1 based in Escalera and Granda Losada lines. His mother Centella LIX is based in Guardiola, Martinez Boloix and Miura linies.

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Sex Stallion
Location Spain
Capa LG Bay
Price E (Up to €25000)
Date of Birth 23/07/2012
Height 1.62m

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