Guapo AM IV

GUAPO AM IV  is a tall chestnut PRE colt, recently purchased directly from the breeder, Aquilino Moya with the “a” branding. Therefore he has been living outside in the group until recently, and for his age is not only well developed, tall and beautiful, but also mentally mature, cooperating and trying to please and understand his humans. A smart and good moving horse. Sired by Guardiola stallion Celtico IV he is 100% Guardiola bred from his father’s side, his grandfather being the calificado and mejorante stallion Barquito. His mother Guapa JF comes out of Escalera lines influenced by Miura and Yeguada Militar.

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Sex Colt
Location Spain
Capa LG Chestnut
Price B (Up to €10000)
Date of Birth 14/06/2016
Height 1.61m

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