Farruco CXXIV

Farruco CXXIV is a fairy tale black PRE stallion with the nick-name Bambi as he has this pretty face! He has tremendous presence and is an old-type PRE but with the elegance and flow of the modern horses, absolutely stunning look and character! His owners are very proud and fond of him, and they would love to see him in best hands as he is a treasure in every aspect. He has a sensitivity and intuition so you don’t need much touch for him to present the fabulous training. Apart from being used and ridden as a leisure horse or the family, he is being trained and brought forward twice a week by a professional trainer who keeps polishing the well-established level. At hand with the long reins he does piaffe and Spanish walk, and walk pirouettes, and ridden on a light snaffle, he has piaffe, half pass in walk, trot , canter, canter from walk and stretching downwards on a long rein in between the lessons. Carrying the branding of La Troyeta, he has selective lines descending from Escalera, Miura and Yeguada Militar.

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Sex Stallion
Location Spain
Capa LG Black
Price C (Up to €15000)
Date of Birth 27/04/2008
Height 1.58m

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