Deseado FF

Deseado FF is an impressive chestnut PRE stallion, directly from the breeder YEGUADA EL MOLINILLO where he has grown up in plain nature. He He has bred this unique example of PRE stallion himself by selecting only the best genetic and character horses. Duque has been ridden and trained in the basics, also including some Spanish Walk and his regular training includes hacking out in a snaffle. He is a relaxed and easy going horse, medium sized and fantastic character. He never shouts or shows any stallion behaviour as he is used to living next to mares so he will settle on a mixed yard without any problems.
His pedigree is based in some amazing old and famous names and branding, going back to pure Yeguada Militar lines with ancestors like Lenguaje, Remache and Sensual! His father Español S La Copa from the breeder Cartujanos La Copa is also chestnut which would certainly make Duque also an interesting project for breeding in future.

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Sex Stallion
Location Spain
Capa LG Chestnut
Price B (Up to €10000)
Code 724015100268820
Micro Chip 10010000724010150012285
Date of Birth 09/05/2010
Height 1.57m

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