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PRE LUSITANO HISPANO Papered and none papered Horses for sale

Hello and thank you for choosing to look at my website I can offer you the best quality horses at reasonable prices I am a UK based company acting as an agent for sellers in Spain...As I am sure everyone will understand this business requires a lot of time and effort to provide you with information pictures and video's of our horses for sale we would very much appreciate genuine enquiries only please thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy the website.

Price Ranges: A up to € 5.000 / B € 5-10.000 / C 10-15.000 / D 15-20.000 / E 20-25.000 / F + 25.000 /G Elite in Spain UK Horses price brackets the same in sterling

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Horses For Sale in Spain

Name Age/DOB Height Price Photo More Details
HERACLITO II *20/07/2009 1,58 m B HERACLITO II More Details
Excellent PRE stallion, well ridden in the basics and started in some Spanish high school dressage. He does a little Piaffe and passage from the ground, and also hacks out, along the busy road. A phantastic stamp of a horse, well-built, strong body, big heart! He is registered as bay but has a dark buckskin color fur with some golden shine. Both, his father and grandfather being buckskin, he is very likely to pass on this color as a future breeding stallion! His is descending from such important breeders as Yeguada El Bayo (specialized in buckskin!), and his grandfather Dante V (see picture!) is a Paco Marti breeding stallion! He is also carrying lots of black and some chestnut genes. His lines are furthermore based in Martinez Boloix, Valentin de Soto, Urquijo, Guardiola.
Morante 2008 1,55 m A-B Morante More Details
Morante is safe for hacking and highly trained in the riding arena. He does Spanish Walk and from the ground passage and cabrioles. He is a very intelligent horse would be good for shows. He also hacks out alone and in groups. He has been castrated but 1 testicle remained in his abdomen. Because of his very friendly and nice character it would not even be necessary to have this removed but it is the reason for his good price. His owner is a professional horsetrainer in Malaga.
FARRUCO CXXIX *14.04.2007 1,62 m B FARRUCO CXXIX More Details
Very nice completely white PRE stallion. He has got a laid-back character and is knows the basics in the riding arena and is very safe for hacking, he was on ferias and romerias. He might be a good horse even for beginners.
FARDON-AS I 23.01.2003 1,59 m C FARDON-AS I More Details
Fardon is an experienced horse for hacking and is additionally trained in Spanish dressage including half pass, pirouettes, Spanish walk, Passage, a little Piaffe, flying changes in strokes of 2 and may be ridden 1-handed. He has participated in many ferias and romerias and during the past few years only been used as a leisure horse. As he is stabled at a professional training yard, he has been trained and ridden by Manuel Aranda Peral over many years. Now he has reached a level of schooling which anybody may enjoy to ride and experience with him. His gaits may not be what you would need for dressage but he is a stunning looking horse performing te high school exercises. A horse to fall in love with!
Furia 2006 1,65 m A-B Furia More Details
Furia is a safe and experienced, tall Andalusian gelding, a family horse for high expectations. He never misses out on any local horse gatherings, ferias and hackings. He is a brave, confident horse, faithful to his rider. Thanks to his height he can carry a large rider, and shows expressive, floating, easy-to-ride gaits. He shows a lot of talent for dressage but is so versatile, he could be a hunter, dressage or western. His training comes down to the 3 main gaits as he is hardly ever being ridden in a riding arena. Furia is well looked after, part of the nice Spanish family who are using him as a leisure horse. His name is the equivalent to Fury, although being snow-white.
Bucanero XCII * 17/05/2012 1,60 m B Bucanero XCII More Details
Beautiful young PRE stallion, elegant and charismatic, performing amazing gaits. Bucanero has been stabled recently and is now learning the handling,, lunging and is being prepared to be ridden soon. He is learning fast and always a friendly, easy going horse. His father is the dream stallion Oportuno JJ (1,68 m, see picture), and his grandfather Impaciente II (http://jauquicoamartinena.com/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=11 ) qualifizierter PRE by Ventura Camacho, a famous dressage stallion part of the Spanish Olimpic team.
Andaluz PLL *17.07.2010 1,57 m B Andaluz PLL More Details
beautiful, baroc-shaped PRE stallion, well moving and balanced temper. Andaluz has done basic training in the riding arena only on a snaffle, and also hacks out on a Portuguese pelham, absolutely relaxed and trusting his rider. He doesn’t show any stallion behavior whatsoever and will make a fantastic horse for dressage, leisure riding, working equitation or even as a future breeding stallion!
Cremello 2012 1,56 m B Cremello More Details
Fantastic young cream color stallion, very well moving and enjoying his own agility. He is still a baby, but easy to bond and well behaved in the stable and handling him.
H-Don Lirico *12.02.2012 1,58 m B H-Don Lirico More Details
Pure bred Lusitano stallion with papers in the special cream color (Isabelo). Don Lirio was bred in Spain, Extremadura and is now being trained and brought forward in a training stable near Granada, only using snaffle bit in the riding arena. He has also hacked out and s a safe and trusting horse in every aspect! He does have spirit and reacts sensitive to voice and body language. He might be suitable even for difficult disciplines such as working equitation, and may be trained in dressage . But he will also make a fantastic leisure horse and breeding stallion if required. This stallion is an absolute bargain for his high quality !
ROBLE GUT * 25/12/2011 1,55 m A ROBLE GUT More Details
Roble is a young beautifull PRE stallion. Because he is born very late in the year he is completely raw. He has a nice pedigree. Pedigree: Lopez Pacios, Marin Garcia (his father is 50 % Marin Garcia!) Escalera, Indalo
Sultan CXI * 25.07.2010 1,57 m A-B Sultan CXI More Details
Sultan is a sweet PRE gelding, very pretty head and well-built all together. He has been ridden correctly in the basics, along the road and hacking is no issue. A horse with the little sparkling spirit which makes him interesting for those who love some energy and a forward going horse which is still easy to control.
Infanta CXXXII * 03/04/2008 1,61 m B Infanta CXXXII More Details
Infanta is a tall PRE mare ridden in dressage style only on a snaffle. She is easy to ride and does a good job in the riding arena. Her father is the fantastic PRE stallion Toledano IX from the breeder Franzisco Santiago and is rooted in military lines (Agente) as with Bohorquez and Escalera roots.
Blanco * 2005 1,54 m A Blanco More Details
Experienced Andalusian gelding, well ridden in the basics and mainly hacking out, this horse is a wonderful leisure horse, safe and reliable. He is being ridden by a 9-year-old boy and has been participating an many ferias and romerias, Spanish festivals. He has this stallion-type look which makes him so beautiful and special. A charismatic horse with long mane and a strong bonding to his humans.
JUESANTO * 2012 1,62 m B JUESANTO More Details
Juesanto is an eye-catcher! Not only a beautiful dark Palomino with bright white long mane, but he has also a heart of gold! At his tender age of only 3 years this beautiful stallion is already a safe hacking horse, along busy roads and also next to mares he stays cool and relaxed. We can recommend this horse even to less experienced riders as he is never doing anything you might regret. Juesanto is a dream horse in every aspect!
Jaleo CLIII * 30.06.2009 1,57 m B Jaleo CLIII More Details
PRE gelding with amazing movements, used as a leisure horse, safe and friendly. Jaleo has been to many ferias and romerias, is a brave and experienced horse even along roads and in traffic, and he also admits a second rider behind the saddle. Watching him move in freedom gives a little impression of hi great potential! He has a fantastic extended trot, large and powerful movements, natural collection and a fantastic rhythm. His father is the calificado Escalera stallion Rumboso being pure bred Escalera, and his mother is a Marques de Velilla mare with Paco Lazo and Escalera background. A promising horse which may be used on the spot as a leisure horse but does have a lot more to give.
FIGO IX 08/05/2008 1,64 m B FIGO IX More Details
Figo is an approved, tall and baroc built black PRE stallion, rather laid back but still moving well with action and extension. He has been ridden correctly in the basic including lateral work and flying changes. A solid built horse who may carry tall riders, easy going and flashy looking!
PERLA * 28.01.2012 1,55 m A-B PERLA More Details
Sweet little eye-catcher! Perla has done hacking and is absolutely easy going, laid back and calm. He hacks out with children on his back without even having passed the ABC in the riding arena. He is still searching balance under the rider but is a very willing horse with a good attitude to work! Perla has been kept by his current owner since a youngster and is almost like part of the family. A sweet horse to take on in training now, at a fair price.
MONARCA XV * 30/04/2006 1,63 m B MONARCA XV More Details
Monarca is a pure bred PRE gelding from the breeder Ayala (branding!), well built, nice round shaped with massive neck and wonderful movements, nice huge canter and comfortable to sit. A horse which is now ready to be brought forward in small dressage tasks, as he has a solid basic training in the basics including hacking. Coming directly from the Ayala breeder, he is based on precious Esclera lines with Lovera and Guardiola influence. His mother is a 100 % pure military bred mare!
Carrion Bo * 13.10.2010 1,57 m B Carrion Bo More Details
Carrion Bo is a beautiful approved chestnut PRE stallion with 4 white socks, very appealing and sweet character! His movements are well suitable for dressage future as he has a good impulsion and is very elastic throughout his body. He has been worked in his basic gaits so far and is unblemished and still affordable at this age. An amazing horse with fantastic blood lines, could make a wonderful precious breeding stallion. His father’s lines are based on mainly Martinez Boloix as well as old Carthusian lines (Urquijo, Osborne, Bocado) , whereas his mother is based in dressage lines coming from Camacho Ventura and Yeguada Militar.
YELMA 05.02.2009 1,64 m A-B YELMA More Details
Yelma is a really tall and very nice black riding mare. She has not passed a profound training, and will now be ridden on a regular basis. If you like black tall horses you may not search any further! This mare has excellent character and is easy to train. She is socially adapted and well behaved amongst other animals and horses.
Temple HM 13/01/2011 1,61 m B Temple HM More Details
Temple is a very typical PRE. He has got very good and energetic movements. His character is friendly and he is fast at learning new things. When the video was made, he had been ridden without the lunge only for one week. He is only ridden on a snaffle
FENOMENO 01.01.2007 1,58 m A-B FENOMENO More Details
Elegant Andalusian gelding with spirit. This nice gelding has been ridden only in the basics and has been to many ferias and romerias. Apart from this, he is being little used and would need some refreshment of his training. He has a nice character and would make a good leisure horse as he is brave and experienced in heavy traffic and in the fields alone and in groups.
Fiscalo XVI *05.01.2010 1,59 m A Fiscalo XVI More Details
Fiscalo is a PRE gelding who has been living outside in the field until he was 4 years old. He is now stabled in a professional yard and already very tame and easy to train. He is well handled, lunged with saddle and bridle and will soon be ridden. A trusting horse, well behaved and easy to handle.
ELFA JAP *04/05/2010 1,57 m A-B ELFA JAP More Details
Elfa JAP is a 5-year-old PRE mare, ideal for dressage, leisure and as a brood mare! She has been ridden in walk, trot and canter and has a very good pedigree: her father is the grand prix stallion and former Spanish champion Urdidor VII, and her mother is a sister of famous Olympic stallion Fuego!
REGIDOR W 09/03/2010 1,66 m B REGIDOR W More Details
Regidor is a well-built tall PRE gelding, beautiful color in dapple grey, weight carrier and has a heart of gold. He has been ridden in Spanish tack, mainly to enjoy the countryside and participate in ferias and festivities with him. Therefore he is absolutely bomb proof and experienced in traffic and field. A horse to fall in love with, the old type PRE horse with lots of neck and body. He is bred by the breeder JOSE WERNER LOPEZ sired by the calificado stallion Candelario III from Bohorquez going back almost pure Bohorquez lines with some Yeguada Militar and Escalera. His mother comes mainly from classical Yeguada Militar lines with a famous calificado grandfather Obcecado!
Cayetano 05.02.2012 1,62 m B Cayetano More Details
Nice tall PRE gelding, very sweet character, easy going and well behaved. Cayetano has only been ridden 8 times at the moment of the shooting, and may be trained here and changed on a snaffle if required. A wonderful opportunity to achieve an unblemished PRE gelding and continue the training yourself.
Embrujo LXXXIV 19.08.2011 1,64 m B Embrujo LXXXIV More Details
Embrujo is a tall PRE gelding, a perfect example of his breed standard, gentleman throughout, well built, very impressing appearance. He has been ridden in the basics, mainly hacking and outside rides. A horse for leisure and potential for dressage.
VIGILIO 2007 1.58 cms A/B VIGILIO More Details
Ridden English Spanish Side Saddle very safe horse established walk trot canter laterals does a little piaffe and spanish walk very safe hacking in mountains and traffic been to feria and romaria he also bows and lays down loves people and children suit any rider very willing and easy horse to ride lovely nature
Limeno LXI 12.03.2007 1,65m B Limeno LXI More Details
PRE stallion very good quality, tall and good character, has a little spirit He has been mainly trained in the riding arena by a professional rider at the breeders yard He is ridden and also driven. He also does some piaffe and passage. And Spanish walk.
Balconero de Alba 10.05.2007 1,60m B Balconero de Alba More Details
Balconero is a typical strong-built PRE stallion, ridden and driven, from Bohórquez lines, sone of the famous calificado Bohorquez stallion Yeguerito II (see pictures), who is also driven. If you are looking for a smart and experienced easy going Iberic horse, he will tick your boxes. In spite of his really chunky baroc body, he shows elegance and action in his movements, but furthermore is he a reliable horse in every aspect. He has been to many ferias and drives and rides along busy roads without issue. Apart from his value as a leisure and sport horse in riding and driving, he would make a fantastic breeding stallion as to his special lines, going back to strong Bohorquez as well as Romero Benitez and Yeguada Militar. From his mother’s side he is mainly based on pure Carthusian lines being grandson of Jardinero V (Terry).
Leviton XXIV 28.08.2004 1,56m B Leviton XXIV More Details
Leviton is a high quality PRE stallion, driven and ridden, alone and in a double. He is mainly driven together with Latino, also used to be on romerias and ferias. Now starting to change on snaffle.
Latino XXXV 28.08.2004 1,56 B Latino XXXV More Details
PRE stallion driven and ridden, he has some spirit but nice character. Safe horse especially for driving. He is driven together with his mate Leviton, bit also may be driven alone. Has been to ferias and romerias
Flamenco 2011 1,50m A Flamenco More Details
Small gelding,friendly natured horse, easy to handle and ride, although he has not had much training done!
Altanero CLXXXIII 28.04.2010 1,65m B Altanero CLXXXIII More Details
This PRE gelding is tall and has a well established basic training. Altanero has been to all sorts of festivals, Romerias and ferias and is therefore very experienced in hacking roads traffic etc. A sweet character and grateful horse, adapts to any rider, would make nice family hose. Has beautiful long mane.
Perla 10.2004 1,57m B Perla More Details
Perla is a sweet Palomino mare, Lusitano, well behaved and very experienced with children and outside hacking. This mare would make an ideal family- and leisure horse, even suitable to use as a therapy horse. She is ever so calm and patient with any rider, and is used to ride on ferias and romerias, along busy roads, alone or in company.
Guajiro LXIII 18.02.2010 1,60 B Guajiro LXIII More Details
Guajiro LXIII is a well-built PRE gelding from the breeder Nicolas Romero (Yeguada El Romerito), ridden n the basics and already hacking out safely. A strong built horse, ready to carry weight and obedient, very good character.
Faraon Nadales II 15.05.2012 1,62m B Faraon Nadales II More Details
Faraon Nadales II is a high quality PRE young stallion from the breeder Pedro Nadales. He is now stabled at the riding yard of the breeder starting his training on a professional basic. Bearing in mind his amazing roots, we can now expect a very talented and reward-winning PRE as a representative of his breed. Both his grandparents are qualified PRE: his grandmother Lotus was vice champion, and his grandfather Judio VII (calificado) is the famous breeding stallion with the most registered winner offspring horses of Spain! http://www.callejonesdelduende.com/sementales/sementales-pre/item/17-jud%C3%ADo-vii.html . Judio VII has been multiple vice champion of Spain and champion competing in many occasions. He is the son of one of the last PRE horses bred by Viuda Terry, Bellico II who has also been very successful and winning gold medals since he was 3. If Faraon will have inherited only part of this beauty, elegance and brightness, we can be expecting an amazing horse in sports, PRE shows and high level leisure and breeding! Also watch the second Video which Shows his father Judio !
Cladestino III 28.05.2011 1,58m B Cladestino III More Details
Pretty young PRE stallion, started under the rider a few months ago but already hacking out , very humble and truthful horse, absolutely honest and a real friend to his human. Clandestino comes from the breeder Nicolas Romero (El Romerito) where he has spent a happy childhood in the mountains and large fields. He is a horse which is fun t train and ride, he is trying to please the rider and has a gentleman character. Both his grandfather are very important ancestors in the PRE history: His father’s sire is the calificado stallion Utrerano VII (Bohorquez), father to Olimpic stallion Fuego! His mother’s sire is Botero, the black breeding stallion of the Marques the Velilla stud who’s off-spring we have been selling a lot in the past years and proved to be always very easy going, pretty horses with the same great character and great movements.
Chaparro GG 07.05.2010 1,68m B Chaparro GG More Details
Chaparro GG is a beautiful PRE stallion of great size and beauty! He has the perfect movements for dressage and has already participated in PRE competitions, therefore he is used to the environment of competitions. He moves well with large and smooth action and is ridden only in a snaffle. Chaparro is also well driven alone and in a double. A versatile horse for dressage, leisure riding, driving and PRE shows and competitions. Last not least he should also be considered as a future breeding stallion as to his fantastic character as well as top these precious lines: his grandfather is the calificado stallion Utrerano VII (Bohorquez), father to Olimpic stallion Fuego! And his grandmother Deseada LXXXVII is also qualified, being rooted as well in Bohorquez and old military lines. From his mother’s side he is carrying almost pure Carthusian lines!
FANDANGO CLXIV 10/02/2009 1,70 m C  FANDANGO CLXIV More Details
Fandango is a very tall PRE gelding, very well ridden including lateral work and flying changes. His canter is a typical canter for dressage, easy going and smooth. He is also easy to handle and hack out. His pedigree is mazing, including several elite- and calificado stallions. His mother is the daughter of Utrerano VII (Bohorquez, calificado), therefore she is sister of Fuego the Olimpic stallion! Fandangos father is the calificado stallion Americano XXXIII, who is also recommended by Ancce for dressage breeding. Americano is son of Corinto X (Elite!) and grandson of the first Elite stallion Educado X (Guardiola).
Egoista A * 15/01/2010 1,65m T POA Egoista A More Details
Egoista A from the breeder Yeguada Antares with the star branding is one of the very few approved Palomino stallions to be found amongst the PRE breed! Sired by Claudio Vives, the Albino breeding stallion of the same breeder, he is carrying very important color genes from the lines of the breeder Paco Marti being grandson of Cesar VI und Carmela V, and grand-grandson of Carmelo II, all being buckskin! Egoista has a sweet temper, loves his human and is well behaved in every situation. His movements are showing the beautiful high action and extension, absolutely steady with natural rhythm. He si now being trained and ridden on a professional riding plan, learning right now lateral work, half pas and the correct basics of dressage.
Torbelino *14.02.2010 1,51 m A Torbelino More Details
Typical Spanish Cruzado gelding, ridden and driven, absolutely safe for hacking and along busy roads, as you may see in the video. Torbellino has been to many ferias and local Romerias, therefore he is experienced and reliable even in heavy traffic. He may lack training in the riding arena, but therefore he is even driven with a carriage.
INDIANO * 2008 1,58 m E INDIANO More Details
Rarity! Impressing baroc shaped Andalusian pinto stallion, trained to a high level in dressage and show. Indiano belongs to a horse affinity family, and their now 12-year old daughter is riding and presenting this amazing stallion in shows. Indiano had been trained steadily by a professional show rider and trainer, so he performs Piaffe, Passage, Spanish Walk, Spanish pirouette, half pas in walk, trot and canter, flying changes and he sits down with the rider! His training is well established and may be ridden even bareback! Such an amazing horse is almost impossible to find elsewhere! Just watch he videos and you will see his performance until the end where he is being loaded in the middle of the night in our village La Cala de Mijas after the performance we were so lucky to attend!
SERRANO * 05.02.2009 1,57 m A SERRANO More Details
Elegant Andalusian gelding with excellent movements. Serrano is a leisure horse with a little spirit, but ridden he feels comfortable and safe. Serrano is a horse who trusts his rider and has been to many ferias and romerias, therefore absolutely bomb proof in traffic as you may see in the video. He has only been hacked out so far, but he is worth to take on for more training in the riding arena. Forward going but not pulling, and easy to control.
JOLGORIO X 14/04/2011 1,57 m B JOLGORIO X More Details
JOLGORIO X is a precious future project, a young PRE stallion, started with his training, ridden in the basics in the riding arena. He has been started late only a couple of months ago when we took the video (August 2015), and his natural movements are well developed to be seen better in the free moving part of the video. His gaits are showing a nice calm and steady natural rhythm. His character is very friendly and easy, approaching the human, and easy to handle and train. His pedigree is quite amazing: his grandfather Cautivo XIII from the breeder Dehesa de Yeguas is a well- known and very successful Grand Prix and calificado stallion (see pictures) on international level. Furthermore, his roots are based in Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar (z.B. Sereno 1954), Cañizarez, Mateo Robles. He has a lot of Carthusian blood lines.
DIPLOMATICO 01.04.2001 1,55m A-B DIPLOMATICO More Details
Diplomatico is a lovely, friendly Hispano Arab gelding, fully papered with stud book papers. He has mainly been used as a leisure horse and is safe for hacking and also well ridden in the riding arena. He is now being trained again by a professional rider from time to time. Ideal as a family- and leisure horse.
CRISTO IV 20/05/2008 1,56 m C CRISTO IV More Details
Elegant approved black PRE gelding with abundant mane and lovely nature. Cristo has a well-established training in the basics, easy to ride, and he is now learning piaffe and Spanish Walk with a helper from the ground. He is a safe hacking horse, brave and laid- back in traffic. His genetic roots are remarkable, carrying a lot of Carthusian blood lines from Terry, Urquijo und Cardena, and also Granda Losada, Camara, Pallares, and furthermore in his 4th generation there is the black stallion Visir from the Royal stud farm as an ancestor.
PINTOR AP * 10/06/2007 1,52 m A PINTOR AP More Details
Pintor is an amazing PRE gelding with beautiful long mane and a heart of gold. He is very brave and well ridden , has been out on ferias and hacking, and comes from the breeder Peralta where the bullfight horses are bred. He has this uphill movements with very high action, breathtaking gaits, floating over the ground, reacting on slightest commands, well trained and a joy for anyone searching a horse with these qualities.
NORTEÑO SCG 03/07/2007 1,58 m B NORTEÑO SCG More Details
Norteño is a pure bred Carthusian PRE stallion from the breeder and with the branding of Salvador Cortes. He is ridden as well as driven, being used for marriage carriages, and sometimes working on weekends at the beach of Fuengirola as a carriage horse for tourists. Therefore he is a very useful and safe horse to drive, as well alone as in a double carriage. He is more driven than ridden, whereas just as well and safe under the saddle performing wonderful gaits with high action without dishing. A fantastic horse, representing the breed standard of the old middle sized baroc types which are difficult to find these days. Also his character is ever so sweet, bonding to his human strongly, almost with a human soul, also with a sense of humor. He is not much used, therefore unblemished in the sense of his physical state, fresh and healthy.
Trabajadora is a stunning example of the baroque horse. She has outstanding conformation and is an exemplary model of the breed standard. Trabajadora has smooth, elegant movements, expressive and agile. She is a lovely mare for future dressage riding and breeding. She has been very nicely ridden in the basic gaits according to her age. She has only been started with 4 years of age. Her father Deseado XCVI, the former breeding stallion oft he breeder Nadales, was a chestnut calificado stallion. He brings Escalera-, Paco Lazo-, and Yeguada Militar- lines as well as Urquijo und Lovera. His mother is based on Carthusian, Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar lines.
NOCTAMBULO IX *01/03/2011 1,59 m B NOCTAMBULO IX More Details
Lovely kind nature bay gelding. Forward moving in walk, trot and canter, also working well in lateral movements. Hacking out well alone and in company, good all ways, tries to please everything asked from him. Origins: Francisco Lazo, Hnos. Marti Verdia. The father of Noctambulo is called Divino XVIII and is a well known breeding stallion in Germany.
ALBEITAR IV * 07/02/2010 1,54 m B ALBEITAR IV More Details
Black PRE stallion, very sweet temper, absolutely easy going. Albeitar came with 1 year as a colt to this peaceful place in the mountains where he grew up together with a brother in freedom. He has been started under the saddle when he was 3 years old and is now mostly being ridden by a young lady who takes him out for hacks. Albeitar is such a sweetheart, so uncomplicated, brave and bonding easily. We have tried him in every possible way: with and without saddle, even just on a halfter with rope without any bridle. He was absolutely fine in Spanish tack or dressage saddle, even mounted with 2! So we can highly recommend this beautiful chap to any rider. He listens to your voice, there is no leg or reins needed. When you say walk he walks, say trot, he trots, say gallop hand he canters. When you say brrr he stops and you will quickly find out his bottoms as he is always trying to understand his rider. Therefore we would also recommend him as a therapy horse.
OLEADA XI * 17/01/2008 1,65 m B OLEADA XI More Details
Oleada is an approved, tall black PRE mare from the breeder Marques de Velilla, a very famous and precious branding! She has already had 2 foals in 2012 and 2013, both being dark, so she is ideal also for color breeding. Her pedigree has the very best exquisite roots, from the military stud (Jenson lines) and Paco Lazo, Granda Losada, Conde Muñoz. She moves very well with good extension, elegant, light movements and lots of expression. A mare for all purpose, breeding, leisure riding as well as dressage!
GIRASOL XXXVII * 01/03/2012 1,55 m B GIRASOL XXXVII More Details
Girasol is a very nice round-shaped baroc PRE black stallion, very well developed at his tender age of 3 years. Started under the saddle recently, he has already a very good balance, bearing in mind that this video was taken in July 2015 when he had been ridden 15 times only! His pedigree is based on pure Carthusian lines from Hermanos Cardena (mother!) and Bohorquez, Crespo, Yeguada Militar and Escalera.
Carsetines * 2004 1,58 m A-B Carsetines More Details
Sweet hearted Andalusian gelding, always used as a leisure horse, brave, well moving and truthful. Carsetines has 4 white socks which explains his name (socks). He has had his mane cut short as typical tradition here in Andalusia. A fantastic bomb proof family- and leisure horse!
FABULOSO CXIII * 20/09/2006 1,62 m E-F FABULOSO CXIII More Details
FABULOSO CXIII is a stunning example of the baroque horse , abaroque, powerful physique! He has expressive, straight and elevated movement with a natural wow factor. He performs the high school movements such as Piaffe, Passage, Spanish walk, and extended trot with grace and willingness. Fabuloso has been trained for many years by a professional rider, but he has also been used as a leisure horse to enjoy local ferias and festivities, and is therefore an easy and safe ride for anyone! In spite of his massive body he has the grace and elegance of a dancing horse. He is also highly recommendable as a breeding stallion as to his amazing pedigree. He is mainly bred by Peralta, even going back to a chestnut color in his 4th generation (1962) when this color had not been allowed as PRE!. His mother Fabulosa CVI is a buckskin mare, which makes him even more interesting for breeding!
ENAMORADO LV *26/04/2006 1,62 m B ENAMORADO LV More Details
Enamorado is a 9-year-old approved PRE stallion for those looking for a safe, reliable trekking.- and leisure horse! He had been started when 3 years old by a professional rider on a snaffle during 2 years, no serrate use, and has since been ridden only outside and taken part in pilgrim rides, ferias and romerias. As he is living in the mountains area north of Malaga, he is absolutely bomb proof also in difficult terrain, searching his way through mountain paths up and downhill, and is used to ride next to mares. No stallion like behavior whatsoever with this horse! He is approved for breeding but never has covered mares. A calm and laid back horse, which we can even recommend for riders who have lost confidence and as a school horse. His pedigree: Yeguada Cañizares, Fernandez Ordas, Alarcon, Kandarrenbrand (Osborne, Terry), Yeguada Militar, Escalera.
ESCANDALO *22/03/2011 1,67 m B ESCANDALO More Details
Wonderful very tall and good looking rose grey Andalusian stallion, friendly and easy to ride & train. Escandalo has grown up in the field together with the other colts until he was almost 3 years old. He has been started well and professionally under the saddle only using snaffle and without time pressure. He has a very good attitude to work and learns fast. He already does walk trot and canter and counter canter with a very good balance and he hacks out. His gaits are well forward but relaxed with a natural lightness and elegant smooth transitions, He listens to slightest voice and body commands. A horse that is really fun to train, also safe in hacking!
DEBO IV * 19/03/2010 1,58 m B DEBO IV More Details
Approved PRE gelding, a safe ride & drive horse! Debo is a well-kept and looked after horse, living with a nice Spanish family who is mainly using him as a leisure horse and participate in riding events such as a long ride & drive to the beach recently. He has been started under the saddle with a little more than 3 years for a few months by a professional rider. Nowadays he is spending part of the day or night on an outside paddock, fenced only by a small electric lead which is not even switched on. Therefore he does wonder around from time to time alone around the house, but never goes very far. He is ever so relaxed as you may see in the video, even facing cars and traffic. A horse for anybody to ride, he might even become a future therapy horse. His breeding is very impressing, mainly based in Bohorquez and Aimaran (Cartujano!) , his grandfather being the successful and well-known Grand Prix calificado stallion Ingenioso XX(see video : http://www.yeguadaaimaran.com/pre-stallion/ingenioso-xx ).
EVENTO JAP 23/03/2010 1,65 m C EVENTO JAP More Details
Evento is a real classical PRE. Very balanced temperament, good mind, easy to handle and a solid stamp of a horse, yet still a light and forward ride. His father Armas Tarugo has won many functionality championships and even was Spanish champion of his breed as well as sub champion in Morphology and has produced quality progeny. He is calificado stallion now in Mexico! Evento makes a fantastic top dressage and stud stallion combination. Evento is a perfect combination of a typical baroc looking PRE with strong confirmation, lots of neck and mane, as well as good movements and sportive body. He is currently being ridden in the basic gaits walk, trot, canter and a little hacking once a week. He is being brought forward by a professional dressage trainer, slowly and well forward riding. His bloodlines are mainly based on Ayala, Paco Lazo; his mother is a brood mare from the stud farm with Hermanos Cardena grand grandmother, Conde Muñoz, Moreno Muñoz, Bohorquez, Escalera lines. On the second video you may see his father ridden in 2008.
QUIMO * 18/05/2012 1,64 m B QUIMO More Details
Quimo is a tall, impressing PRE gelding from best blood lines, ridden in the basics. He is already hacking out and experienced to ride along busy roads. He is an amazing horse with lots of potential, also for high expectations in sport and leisure riding.
ONAGRO NADALES *18/04/2011 1,63 m C ONAGRO NADALES More Details
Onagro is a fantastic PRE stallion from the breeder Nadales, correct basic training, presenting best potential for a dressage career. He stayed focused even while there was a children riding class taking place on mares, horses riding past and cars driving along! His father is the calificado stallion INVICTO DE NADALES. His mother Onagra is a Ventura Mare from the highest quality dressage lines.
GUARDARROPA * 2007 1,58 m A-B GUARDARROPA More Details
A round shaped, nice medium sized Andalusian gelding, only used and ridden as a leisure horse outside in the fields, mountains and along roads. Guardarrropa is a family horse who is being ridden mostly by a young girl. He has a light way to move, well forward going, motivated and with spirit. He does walk, trot and canter, and he is a safe and willing trekking horse, always there for you and sociable with other horses and animals.
BALBINO MJB * 02/01/2014 1,55 m (July 15) C BALBINO MJB More Details
Special young PRE colt with the branding of Bohorquez! This young colt has all the qualities of generations of breeding selection of the very best breeders such as Romero Benitez , Escalera und Martinez Boloix and Yeguada Militar, being himself a pure bred Bohorquez! He moves very nicely and shows already the high action, elegant movements and well forward for dressage. He is an investment for those who appreciate this high quality breed and branding. He will be of tremendous value for breeding but also for dressage and high schooling.
ROCIERO 1/9/2012 1,56 m B ROCIERO More Details
Beautiful young light buckskin stallion almost 3 years old and ready to start with ground work. Rociero has a nice temperament, curious and easy to handle, good movements, with expression, and will make a great horse for leisure riding and disciplines like western riding, working equitation or dressage.
GRUMETE III * 12/01/2004 1,60 m B GRUMETE III More Details
Pretty uncomplicated approved PRE stallion from the breeder Miguel Rodriguez, where he has been at stud and produced already 5 registered foals, all being dark. His black gen is strong which makes him an interesting stallion to breed with, but mainly his amazing laid back character, so nice and sweet, very easy, a horse for young and old riders to enjoy and love.
FANTASTICO *01/2012 1,60 m C FANTASTICO More Details
Fantastic Lusitano x Andalusian buckskin stallion with spectacular movements! Fantastico comes directly from the breeder who has stabled him with about 3 years. Before Fantastico has lived in the group out in the steep mountains and is therefore a socially well adapted horse and healthy developed. His father was a pure Lusitano stallion called Tiburon, his mother a black Andalusian mare owned by the breeder from his own stock. The result is stunning watching his movements, especially the canter is as good as a warmblood ar jumping horse.
FOGOSO LXVIII * 03/05/2011 1,61 m B FOGOSO LXVIII More Details
Fogosois a fantastic young PRE stallion of good size and high quality regarding his movements, character as well ash s excellent blood lines! Fogoso comes directly from the breeder where he has been living all these years of his childhood in the steep mountains in rough environment where he could develop his strong body, tendons and muscles. He is only now at 4 years of age being started to work, so he could develop healthy and naturally. His father and grandfather are calificado stallions from the breeder Lovera. The breeding is based on strong and baroc Bohorquez , Paco Lazo and Romero Benitez lines, and his grandfather Columbiano VII (Bohorquez) is known to pass on his qualities for high school dressage and natural horsemanship. Fogoso is already showing tremendous movements , change of canter and his strong hind part.
Indiana XCI *12.02.2004 1,58 m A Indiana XCI More Details
Indiana is an old type Andalusian pure bred PRE mare, ridden the Spanish way, very easy going, light hand and leg contact. She has been used only for riding outside, hacking and is intelligent and reliable mare. She takes care of the rider and acts responsible as a working horse. She has a good size for a mare, moves really well, performing an amazing walk, and well collected canter. She has spirit and is forward going but easy to control, this is her natural temper , being used to work and ride as asked to. Her pedigree is mainly based on pure Yeguada Militar lines, also including some very strong brandings such as Bohorquez, Oriol, Terry, Romero Benitez. Tis mare is carrying ancestors from the 1950th and 1940th which I very rare to find these days!
GERENTE XI 20.06.2013 A-B GERENTE XI More Details
Gerente is a lovely, strong-built PRE young stallion of high quality with extraordinary movements and character! His elastic body moves smoothly and with natural rhythm. He is a friendly chap, very well behaved, has energy which is normal at his age and will grow to a wonderful tall sporty PRE stallion of high quality! His breeding is amazing, bein almost pure bred Yeguada Militar, includin the calificado sallion Sensual II as grandfather going back to the important lines including Remache, Leviton, Lenguaje. He also carries influnence lines from Guardiola, Lovera and pure Carthusian blood (Cardena).
GAVILAN XC *17.05.2010 1,62 m B GAVILAN XC More Details
Gavilan is an example of his breed standard, baroc built and sparkling with energy, but in the end a sweet and nice guy. He has enormous drive from his hind part, does very well half pas in walk and trot, piruettes and all lateral work as he is eager to work and moves very well, especially his extended trot is remarkable. An artistic style horse, starting to learn the Spanish Walk, able to hold 1 leg in the air which is a lot of effort for a young horse! He also hacks out and proves his reliability, always wanting to please his rider.
FELINO GM *01.04.2012 1,61 m B FELINO GM More Details
Felino is an elegant, friendly PRE stallion, who looks like his father, Macanuo XII from the breeder GARCIA MORILLA, showing excellent blood lines. His grandfather Dominante XVI, is Elite stallion (Escalera), and his grandmother Macanua II being calificada (Franzisco Santiago!). This well moving PRE stallion has only just been started under the rider this spring time and is already very nice to ride in walk trot and canter on a snaffle and hacks out! He is improving every day. He would make a fantastic breeding stallion as well as a nice and pretty horse for leisure and dressage depending on your preferences.
DON JARANERO 01.05.2003 1,56 m B DON JARANERO More Details
Approved black beautiful PRE stallion, ridden and driven! This amazing stallion is a dream in every aspect. Don Jaranero has been used only as a leisure horse and is therefore safe and reliable and easy to handle and ride. Even the baking playing dogs chasing him don’t upset him. He is used to be ridden along busy roads, therefore safe hack and drive! Abundant mane and beautiful black shining fur, with a white star on his front make this hose a real eye-catcher!
GALENO JARA * 29/05/2009 1,58 m A GALENO JARA More Details
Galeon has been started late under the saddle, but has well adapted to the rider and is a very nice and talented boy! He has this incredibly pretty head and these dancing movements, learning fast and with a good attitude to work. His bloodlines are based on strong Bohorquez lines which will probably make him become a little more round shaped in future, and he is also rooted in lines of Escalera und Señorio de Bairain, Lovera und Romero Benitez. His ancestors are Gorron II (Terry / Kandarrenbrand) und Agente (Militar)!
ANDALUZ CXXIV * 08/04/2008 1,58 m A ANDALUZ CXXIV More Details
Andaluz is a beautiful PRE gelding with long mane and lots of sparkling energy. He is absolutely nice and save to ride, having passed a correct and professional training school. He is also fine to hack out. The rider has started a little Spanish Walk and Piaffe at hand from the ground. He is the son of Batan III (FS Arroyomonte!), sired by elite stallion Ermitaño III (Escalera). His mother is a pure bred Carthusian mare with lines from ancient precious breeders such as Salvador Cortes, Urquijo, Terry, Osborne.
CHICUELA * 06/2001 1,54 m A CHICUELA More Details
Chicuela is a lovely Andalusian mare, ideal for children and beginners as to her long life experience. She has come around a lot in her country environment where she has spent almost all her life with the same owner. She has a few little melanomas underneath her tail which is quite normal at her age and proves her Carthusian roots in her blood line.
Lusitano *2009 1,58 m B Lusitano More Details
Strong and baroc-built pure bred Lusitano stallion, born 2009, very sweet and easy in handling and riding. He has participated recently in film shootings in the mountains, absolutely patient, brave, always there for you, being ridden even by unexperienced actors. A horse for all purposes, funny and with a kind of humor. A horse to get on and enjoy.
ECHICERA X * 20/03/2007 1,60 m A-B ECHICERA X More Details
Wonderful PRE carriage horses: Rociera CXVI and Echizera X, 2 approved mares, both with excellent blood lines: Martinez Boloix, Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar, Crespo Gonzalez, Urquijo. Her father Americano XXXIII is calificado stallion and „reproductor recomendado“. He has double elite ancestors: Corinto X and his father Educado X (Guardiola). Echizera has a fantastic character. She is only driven and not ridden, but absolutely sweet and above all very safe and experienced in traffic and difficult cross country area. She has already had 2 foals, both bay! These 2 mares may be purchased alone or both together.
ALEGRIA CCCXXVI * 08/04/2012 1,57 m A-B ALEGRIA CCCXXVI More Details
Lovely young PRE mare, started to be ridden, showing smooth, elegant movements! On the video she was only ridden the second time! Alegria is the daughter of Canastera CIV from the breeder Romerito (Nicolas Romero) with excellent blood lines: Martinez Boloix, Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar, Crespo Gonzalez, Urquijo. Her grandfather Americano XXXIII is calificado stallion and „reproductor recomendado“. He has double elite ancestors: Corinto X and his father Educado X (Guardiola).
IMPERIAL LV *15.03.2009 1,57 m B IMPERIAL LV More Details
Imperial is a fantastic PRE stallion of the old type, with a heart of gold, big neck and lots of body, although not too tall, nice round shape and easy to handle and ride. He is a sweetheart in every aspect! His lines are remarkable his father descending the classical military lines (Maluso, Agente, Sereno, Remache) and his mother from the Yeguada Arpe ia a pure Guardiola, Lovera and Terry bred mare.
TABERNERO 20.04.1997 1,56 m A-B TABERNERO More Details
Tabernero is a snow white Andalusian gelding, performing some Spanish walk and Passage, very easy going, well ridden and moving nicely, smooth straight movements. He is experienced and an ideal partner for trekking and leisure riding, also for some dressage exercises , a school master, also as a school- and family horse. In spite of his 18 years he is fit , healthy and long lasting.
Buckskin Hispano Arab 2005 1,55 m B Buckskin Hispano Arab More Details
Stunning looking buckskin Hispano Arab stallion, very easy to ride and handle. This stallion has been bred and brought along by his current owner from the beginning, therefore there is a strong human bonding and it is easy to connect with him. He has been trained and ridden the Spanish way, only hacking and all the training done outside. He does lateral work, backwards, Spanish work and stopps on a whistle. This horse has been a friend and companion for his owner to many ferias and local festivities as well as trekking rides where he can ride him next to mares as this horse has no stallion behavior whatsoever. We have seen a little grease lump which may be taken out by a vet easily according to the vet (see Picture). Apart from this the horse is very fit and healthy, ideal to enjoy as a leisure horse, but also for working equitation recommendable.
GERBERA GAS * 08/01/2013 GERBERA GAS More Details
Excellent PRE filly for PRE shows and dressage as well as for breeding stock! Gerbera Gas has been competing at EQUISIERRA 2014 winning bronce wiht only 1 year! She is already 1,60 m tall now at 2 years of age! Both her parents are calificados, her father Remache XIII, has produced outstanding offspring, 237 foals, some of which have been gold medal winners champion of Spain. Remache himself having achieved 10 gold medals and numerous more medals in his career. His typical sign are pretty heads, big neck and wonderful character as well as fantastic movements of his foals. Pedigree: Marin Garcia (Ayala), Manuel Gonzales (dressage potencial!), Cardenas (Cartujano), Granda Losada, Moreno Muñoz (Cartujano), Enrique Muñoz etc.
BERLINES * 01/11/2011 1,62 m B BERLINES More Details
Berlines is a tall solid built PRE stallion, young but already mature and started in his 3 main gaits under the saddle. Being grandson of world famous elite stallion Educado X (Guardiola), he has a lot of potential and is an easy and trainable horse. His breeding is mainly based on yeguada military and Guardiola lines.
REMATE DE SOLIS *30/03/2007 1,65 m B REMATE DE SOLIS More Details
Remate de Solis is a horse of great noblesse and size, he has been to romerias and ferias, together with a lot of other horses including mares. He has been mainly used as a leisure horse, absolutely bomb proof also along busy roads. He does have potential and talent to be trained a lot further. His breeding lines are remarkable: His father Deseado CVIII, brother of Fuego, is a breeding stallion from the breeder Jose Werner Lopez being the son of Utrerano VII, also father of famous Fuego! After Fuegos success as Olimpic stallion, Utrerano became a legend! He is a calificado stallion from Bohorquez (owned by Cardena) with his roots in pure Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar lines. Deseado’s mother Deseada LXXXVI (Remaes grandmother) is also a calificada mare again with Bohorquez and Military background. Remate’s mother brings again Bohorquez and militarylines, and is also rooted in Carthusian bocado lines (Gorron II from Terry!).
ATENTO XLII * 20/04/2009 1,60 m C ATENTO XLII More Details
Atento is a strong-built PRE stallion of the old type, laid back in traffic and hacking, but energetic if needed to perform some exercises of the high school dressage which would need to be settled with a loving sensitive hand now. He does not at all need nor deserve any hard hand as his reactions are ever so willing and sensitive. He is a very patient horse, used to go out hacking more than being worked in the riding arena. He is absolutely fine around mares and next to many other horses as he has been to ferias and romerias. He deserves now a place where his talent would be acknowledged and his big heart would find a soul to be around.
CHULO * 20.01.2013 1,50 m A CHULO More Details
Chulo is a fairy tale horse, snow white with dark spots, unique and beautiful! His name means coo, which is absolutely true! He is such a nice and cuddly little horse, easy going and has a strong bonding to human as his owner has had him since foal. Chulo has been lunged with saddle and bridle already and is ideal to take on now yourself!
ANTEQUERANA VIII * 10/05/2008 1,55 m B ANTEQUERANA VIII More Details
Antequerana is a pretty PRE mare with long mane, strong body, baroque built and energetic movements. She is brave and save in traffic, ridden the Spanish way, nice and forwards going, nothing for beginners but a pleasure for those looking for a bright horse responding to slight contact and voice. She would be good in working equitation and cross country for her brave heart and long-lasting energy. Se is also interesting to breed with as she has good bloodlines showing Carthusian brandings Terry, Vera Muñoz, Medinazahara, Urquijo, but also Martinez Boloix, Mateo Perez and Yeguada Militar.
Madrileño AP I * 22.05.2010 1,50 m A Madrileño AP I More Details
Madrileño is a very nice little chestnut stallion, well-bred by a well- known breeder Peralta! The horse is registered as Spanish Sports horse CDE and has potential, easy character and nicely ridden in the basics. A horse to take on yourself now for further training or just enjoy as it is.
PISTOLERO XI *10.3.2009 1,60 m C PISTOLERO XI More Details
Pistolero is an easy-to-ride PRE stallion, very well trained and correctly ridden, has competed in dressage. He does half pass, piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk and hacks out safely, has been to ferias and even to a Romeria with a 15-year old boy. He is such a sweatheart, ideal as a schoolmaster and leisure horse of high quality. His blood lines are almost pure Candau (Gaena) including 2 qualified grandparents!
MELOCOTON * 08.03.2002 1,61 m C MELOCOTON More Details
Melocoton is a horse for all purpose: he has been trained to a high level by a professional show rider and –trainer. He does Piaffe, Spanish Walk, Pirouettes, kneels down, some of the exercises he even does in freedom! A very bright horse, absolutely safe and easy going, though highly intelligent and doesn’t shy of anything. He is being taken not only to marriage celebrations and shows but also into the discotheque to dance Sevillanas (Flamenco!). Melocoton is also enjoyable as a hacking- and leisure horse as he has been to ferias and loves to hack out!
PANDORA XXVIII 16/02/2008 1,57 m A-B PANDORA XXVIII More Details
Pandora is a lovely PRE mare from the breeder Martinez Boloix. She has a black foal which is included. This foal’s father is a PRE, 1,62 m, black, but not graded as breeding stallion, therefore the foal will not be registered as PRE. The name is not fixed yet and may be chosen by his new owner. The mare is remarkable for her versatility! She is mainly being used for hacking in the leisure time of the owner, and she has even participated in a few races at the hippodrome, where she became second once! She is absolutely bomb proof and brave in traffic and used to children, dogs and lots of noise. She is intelligent, well moving and represents the old type PRE. Her breeding lines are mainly from the breeder Boloix himself as well as strong Carthusian lines from Osborne and Cartuja ( bocado!) and Urquijo. Her father Caminante V is 1,68 m tall!
Galeon is a pure black PRE colt, very good quality, strong body and joints, grown up in the large fields of the breeder, now stabled in an open paddock with his mate. His breeding is extraordinary: his mother Malaya V with branding of Marques de Velilla has had fantastic foals! Her father - Galeon's grandfather Favorito LXVIII (see picture) is a beautiful nice baroque shaped PRE stallion who has been to many ferias and is well ridden, and his calm character is being passed to his offspring. His breedeing is based on: Hermanos Cardena, Escalera, Granda Losada, Romero Benitez. Autari, the father, comes from the breeder Manuel Villarejo near Ronda, based on blood lines Aracon and Escalera.
HOSCO XLIV *03/05/2006 1,60 m B HOSCO XLIV More Details
Hosco is a very sweet, pretty, elegant PRE stallion with elastic movements and uncomplicated character. He is brave and unblemished as he has been little ridden and used, therefore is now being started again. Hosco is confident with the rider, trusts and is easy to handle. A horse who deserves and is worthwhile to bring along, train and bring out his potentials! His pedigree: Martinez Boloix and Escalera, withVinatero III (Miura) as ancestor , also some Urquijo (Cartujano) and Yeguada Militar.
CORBATA *25.08.2012 1,68 m B CORBATA More Details
Corbata is a tall, strong-built gelding, absolutely sweet and gentle character, already hacking out for lack of riding arena. Therefore Corbata is used to roads and traffic and intelligent and brave in the field. A horse who has never experienced anything bad and has a strong bonding to his human. He comes from 1 private home now ready to continue his training the way you like. He has only been under the saddle 10 times on these videos taken in May 2015!
ARQUERA V * 10/04/2003 1,57 m B ARQUERA V More Details
Aequera is an approved PRE mare of high quality as well from her breeding background as from her physical appearance and her character. She has a nice round-shaped body and a pretty face, sparkling eyes and expressive movements. She dishes a little bit just as the old type PRE horses used to do in the past a lot more than today. This makes her a little special, apart from her esthetic appearance and her charming being. Her father is the calificado PRE stallion Guadalete IV from the breeder Pablo Perez Jimenez whose horses are known to be dressage gifted. Her father’s background comes from strong lines such as Granda Losada, Bohorquez, Martinez Boloix, Yeguada Militar. From her mother’s side she has Señorio de Bariain, Alonso Morena and Cardena
AIROSA CCV * 07/01/2008 1,59 m B AIROSA CCV More Details
Airosa is an approved PRE mare of high quality as well from her breeding background as from her physical appearance and her character. She has a charismatic flair, a calm and mature feeling around her, she moves really well with big movements and high action without dishing. A good combination for dressage and pleasure. She comes from the breeder Franzisco Santiago who is mainly breeding bay and dark colors, based on Escalera lines and very classical well-known ancestors from the Yeguada Militar lines such as Agente, Taco-Taco, Lebrijano III . Airosa is now being lunged to prepare her for riding.
TARANTO CL 04/02/2010 1,60 m B TARANTO CL More Details
Magnificent PRE stallion of the typical old type with the majestic head and strong neck, elegant, expressive movements and yet a docile character. Taranto CL is now starting his training at a professional training stable where he will be brought forward and soon fill in the muscles and body he needs, but bearing in mind his young age, he will definitely become the old type look more as his breeding is based on Bohorquez lines. His grandfather Laborioso III is the son of Bohorquez stallion Rebelde VII. He also carries some Carthusian blood lines as well as Yeguada Militar.
ARISTOCRATA III * 18/03/2006 1,60 m B ARISTOCRATA III More Details
Elegant black PRE stallion from exquisite blood lines. His name suits Aristocrata in every aspect. He has a gentle character, generous heart and is something special, elegant moving and his fur is shining. He has basic training in walk trot and canter and hacks out. A horse which is worthwhile bringing forward as his movments are smooth and elastic. His father Ebano Larios (black) from Yeguada Larios carries very good lines from ther military stud and has ancestors such as Ulema, Lenguaje, Gemelo II, his mother Negrilla IV, alo black, is carrying Escalera , Paco Lazo Urquijo and Crespo brandings.
Mochuelo 01.04.2006 1,58 m A-B Mochuelo More Details
Muchuelo is an ideal partner for leisure and fun, an esay ride & drive horse. He is used to be ridden mainly outside, on ferias, to the beach, no matter if alone, in groups or next to a mare as you can see on the video, where a mare is riding next to him in a circle. He is even comfortable and save without saddle. A versatile horse, ideal for families and leisure. He is driven alone as well as in a tandem! Elegant and stunning movments.
ANDALUCIA IX 30/05/2000 1,56 m B ANDALUCIA IX More Details
Baroc approved black PRE brood mare, currently started to be lunged to prepare her for riding. Andalucia has already had 4 registered foals from 2007 till 2014, all of them black (father black) and 1 bay (father chestnut). Therefore Andalucia has dark genes and would be interesting to tart color breeding wither. She may be started to be ridden here, if desired. Andalucia is a very nice mare, well moving and has a sweet character. Her blood lines include a lot of Carthusian blood from Terry bocado branding as well) and Camara as well as Granda Losada, Martinez Boloix.
HERMOSO LXI * 14/03/2002 1,57 m B-C HERMOSO LXI More Details
Highly trained approved Peralta PRE stallion, medium-sized and safe in hacking. Hermoso is performing a very good piaffe and passage, well ridden in a steady rhythm, as well as pirouettes and does levade from the ground, is even now starting to do cabrioles. He also hacks out in a relaxed way, also along busy roads, no issue! An amazing horse could be a real schoolmaster.
SEÑORITO NADALES * 05/02/2011 1,59 m B SEÑORITO NADALES More Details
Señorito is a young but mature PRE stallion from the breeder Nadales, having grown up in utter freedom in the mountains of Cordoba. He came to this current owner and trainer in Granada when he was 3 years old, a year ago, where he is now being trained and brought forward on a regular basic. He isa lot of fun to ride and train as he is always there and friendly, having a good attitude to work and being very comfortable for the rider. He has no stallion like behavior whatsoever, no matter if he is being hacked out alone or in a group, also in the riding arena sharing the ring with more horses. He is one of those stallions which do not require castration necessarily. His father Yegüerito III (Bohorquez, see Pictures!) is a calificado stallion with lines of Romero Benitez, Yeguada Militar und Paco Lazo. Hos mother is contributing 50 % military lines and the other part Carthusian influence.
TOLEDANO RH II *27/03/2010 1,58 m B TOLEDANO RH II More Details
Toledano comes from the breeder Tomas Osborne, from pure Carthusian and long lasting bullfight lines. The horse has a sweet character, is really intelligent and well trainable. For the little he has done so far he adapts very easily to the rider and the new tasks in life! He had been left outside for a long time and started late. He really glides through his three main paces with a great grace and elegance and is progressing wonderfully under saddle with a natural hind impulsion. He has plenty of dressage potential and is currently stabled at a well renowned show rider training yard and is being trained on a reguar base including soon hacking out as well.
SULTANA LXVII * 20/06/2007 1,57 m B SULTANA LXVII More Details
Sultana is a very special approved PRE mare of the old baroc type which is hardly to be found these days! Having this amazing stallion look, she is a female soft character, caring and responsible. With her you may even enjoy a feria or long ride in the countryside and along busy roads and feel absolutely safe and cozy on her back! Apart from her non-mare behavior and riding qualities she is a born brood mare presenting a pedigree which is so well combined that it would be a shame not to have a foal from time to time to preserve these old type lines! Her father side is based on bocado brandings (Gorron II), Yeguada Militar (Taco Taco, Lenguaje), Lovera (Juqueton IV), hier mother carrying again Yeguada Militar as well as Carthisian lines: Sebastian Sanchez Duran, Lovera, Terry, Medinazahara, Mateo Perez Robles.
CABALLERO XXIV 28/01/2011 1,60m C-D CABALLERO XXIV More Details
Amazing buckskin PRE stallion; great movements, solid built, nice head and neck, easy to handle and already ridden in the basic by professional trainer. His natural ways to move enables him to float and stretch well in the movements, free shoulder and active hinds are making him interesting to bring along in dressage. We can also see him proceed in future in high dressage or natural horsemanship as to his open mind and friendly bonding to the human. This horse can be the corner stone to build a color breeding program as his father is a famous buckskin stallion from the breeder Paco Martin and his grandfather is the legendary beautiful Carmelo II (see pictures). His mother is mainly based on classical military lines as well as some Carthusian blood lines.
CINGARO SOL 09/05/2009 1,65 m B CINGARO SOL More Details
Cingaro comes from a breeder near Madrid where he has been living outside from foal until he was 4 years old. He has been stabled and started to train about 9 months ago and is now being ridden and handled by professional trainers, as well indoors as outside hacking. His character is so honest and sweet, he has a good attitude to work and is fun to ride. Cingaro has the physical appearance of the old type baroc horses, especially the neck and his face, but also his movements are very typical for these old type horses. His mother has mainly Cardena (Carthusian) background, and his father comes from Granda lines.
MONTEÑO III *26/05/2009 1,60 m G MONTEÑO III More Details
Approved PRE stallion in special color Palomino which is very rare to find amongst this breed! Monteños not only an eye catcher for his color but also for his tremendous charisma and his breathtaking movements! He is a well-trained horse, and is being brought forward now in classical dressage by professional riders. His color, character and his pedigree are making him also very interesting as a breeding stallion, and he has already 1 registered foal to be seen with Ancce. His pedigree: Yeguada Militar ancestors (f.e. Agente, Maluso) and Guadiana, Jose Gil Alvarez, Pallares, Oriol, Paco Lazo
ZAMBRANO 3 *08/01/2001 1,62 m B ZAMBRANO 3 More Details
14-year-old approved PRE stallion, very calm and absolutely easy to ride! Zambrano is being used as well as a show stallion as a schoolmaster, being very good in hacking as he has been to many ferias and hacks out next to mares. He is even being turned out in the fields next to mares without any problem, even in groups. There are not many stallions as well behaved as him! His character is just unique! Training wise he does piaffe, passage, lateral work and Spanish walk. His breeding background: Yeguada El Parral FJ, Granda Losada, Urquijo, Martinez Boloix, Terry (Kandarrenbrand), Yeguada Militar, Paco Lazo.
Rubia *16.02.2007 1,58 m A Rubia More Details
Wonderful Albino mare, Lusitano origins, but nor registered. Rubia is interesting for color breeding as well as a leisure mare, as she is very easy going and safe in hacking. A faithful horse, easy to keep and handle, she is used to live outside in a paddock together with mares and foals. She is due to have her foal around the end of May / beginning of June 2015.
KOLIBRI GARROCHA 06/04/2010 1,58 m B KOLIBRI GARROCHA More Details
Wonderful PRE stallion, chocolate bay, well ridden , safe and easy going. Kolibri has had 1 owner only who purchased him as a colt and all he has taught him comes from the same owner. He takes him out on hacks, to ferias and along the busy road. Kolibri is very relaxed and brave, used to respond immediately to leg and rein as well as voice commands. We do see him suitable for any rider. An amazing horse which unites the beauty the noble character as well as the functionality which is so typical for tis breed! His gaits are well forward and very comfortable to sit. His father Camborio XXII is well known for his calm and open character. The blood lines are based on Escalera, Bohorquez and yeguada military.
BODEGUERO 05/03/2007 1,64 m C BODEGUERO More Details
Tall and strong built Lusitano gelding, schooled in some exercises of Spanish dressage high school. Bodeguero is a reliable horse for hacking and leisure, he hacks out and has been to ferias and Spanish festivals. He has been owned by his current owner since he was a colt and has meanwhile been trained bit by bit so you may polish up his dressage training and enjoy this patient and lovely tall horse as well in the riding arena as hacking out in nature or along busy roads. Bodeguero has not been registered as PSL Lusitano.
NAZARENO JG *17/04/2011 1,62 m B NAZARENO JG More Details
Nazareno is a stunning looking beautiful PRE stallion, very steady to ride in spite of his young age, and safe for hacking in heavy traffic as he has never done anything else as there is no riding arena. His mainly Carthusian blood lines are very special: his father Jalisco XLII is a black Salvador Cortes stallion, and his mother from Dehesa La Granja breeder is based on Yeguada Militar and Lumbrera (bell) brandings. A wonderful character horse, even recommendable to rather unexperienced horse men and women as he is ever so good and has a heart of gold!
MACANUO XII 06/03/2006 1,65 m E MACANUO XII More Details
Impressing charismatic black approved PRE stallion, trained to a high level in Spanish dressage including piafe, passage and Spanish walk. Macanuo is the breeding stallion of the breeder Garcia Morilla, and has produced a number of fantastic foals, passing on the dark color, which is one of the goals of this breeder, who is specialized on breeding black and bay horses. Macanuo knows exactly when is time to cover mares and when he has to work. He has an outstanding character, is easy to handle and has a very kind personality! His pedigree is mainly based on best Escalera lines , himself being bred by Franzisco Santiago and his mother Macanua II being a calificada mare.
LUNA Castaña * 01.04.2010 1,60 m A LUNA Castaña More Details
Pretty Andalusian mare, lovely calm nature, very sweet and kind, extremely comfortable to ride. In spite of her tender age she is so mature that her owner, himself a beginner, is able to ride her in walk, trot and anter. Amazing to watch this in the video, which proves her impeccable character.
VIANA M * 12/ 12/2008 1,56 m B VIANA M More Details
Albino stallion, imported from Galicia with his roots in Portugal. Viana M is a very special stallion, excellent character, used for hacking , ferias, romerias. He has covered mares and has produced offspring colored buckskin, cream color and perla. As to his amazing calm and friendly way he is suitable for any rider, very obedient and gentle.
LIMONERO 26/02/2011 1,66 m B-C LIMONERO More Details
Limonero is a tall and reliable Andalusian gelding without PRE registration, well ridden in the basics and is also hacking out several times a week. He has been to local ferias and romerias where lots of horses are together even to the beach ride with over 100 participants, and he love the sea! Limonero is trusting his rider and a pleasant horse to ride and train. He is mentally far advanced but his owner and trainer doesn’t ask too much from him at the moment. Just a correct walk, trot and canter and is very happy with his progress.
Sweet black PRE colt with long mane and good movements. Chocolate has a quiet temperament, is intelligent and knows stable and handling. His pedigree: grandfather is Zebulon from Yeguada Militar (black!), Pablo Perez Jiminez (good dressage genes!), Martinez Boloix, Romero Benitez, Cardena, Granda Losada.
Elegante 02.10.2009 1,55 m B Elegante More Details
Beautiful cream color stallion, very sweet character and safe hacking horse. Although Elegante has only been started under the saddle not long time ago, he is already safe and reliable to hack out, pass the village roads and doesn’t mind cars, lorries and heavy traffic as he is used to it. He lives in a small but lively village and is sort of part of the family and village life. An ideal horse for those looking for an eye-catcher and family horse.
FANDANGO 58 29/04/1999 1,58 m A-B FANDANGO 58 More Details
Fandango is one of the few old type Andalusian PRE horses of that baroc shape and charisma! He has intelligent eyes, is keen to work and enjoying the training in the ring as much as hacking. His former owner had used him for ferias and trekking, whilst the trainer who had started him from the beginning when he was 4, has taught him the Spanish dressage exercises such as half pas in walk trot and canter, shoulder in and a very impressing passage and Spanish Walk with high action. As the former owner grew older he is not riding anymore while his horse is as fit and healthy as ever, so his trainer bought him back recently and is polishing his training up again. Fandango is fun to ride and hack out! A horse you cannot walk past without feeling his presence, a horse sparkling with his charming energy!
INDIA 2002 1,55 m A INDIA More Details
Baroc built Andalusian mare, good character, easy to handle. India is driven and ridden. She is not being used much due to illness of her owner. He is keeping her in a stable near Malaga and often lets her out all day where she is in freedom without fencing and does not run away. She has a strong bonding to her humans, and would make a nice family hacking and driving mare. She has had foals, we know her daughter Luna, a beautiful pinto mare, who was great for driving and riding. Lunas son Ventura is also for sale now. India is not frightened of cars or traffic, she is sociable with animals, and would deserve a good home where she can develop her true potential.
VALENCIANA XLIV *09/01/2006 1,61 m B VALENCIANA XLIV More Details
Valenciana is a ridden approved PRE mare with the very best qualities you can imagine as well as a brood mare to fulfill highest expectations and requirements as for her quality as a dressage mare. She has already had 2 foals, both being bay, in 2011 and 2012. Now she is being brought forward under the saddle with a snaffle following the standard of dressage riding style. She is ever so beautiful and moves well forward with natural impulsion and correct straight forward movements. Valenciana comes from the breeder Franzisco Santiago going back to pure Escalera- and Yeguada Militar lines. Her father is the famous calificado stallion Obcecado from Yeguada Militar!
Perla 2005 1,60 m A/B Perla More Details
Experienced hacking- and leisure horse. Perla is a nice light color Palomino gelding, coming from Lusitano background but without PSL registration. He has been used for hacking and has been to ferias, Romerias and even participated in the El Rocio pilgrim excursion. Therefore he is very safe and reliable, not at all shying of anything. A horse with a good basic training, doing some lateral work, shoulder in and easy to ride. The transitions and stops are possible to achieve on a loose rein. Therefore we could also imagine him being used for therapy and as a school horse.
BRIOSO CXII 08/05/2008 1,60 m C BRIOSO CXII More Details
Brioso is a PRE stallion, baroc built, long mane and truthful to his rider. He has been started late as he grew up at the breeder's farm in freedom. His most impressive passage is well established, also the transitions from Passage to canter, and he is now practicing his piafe and Spanish walk. The transitions are very nice and light, canter from walk and walk from canter, flying changes. His trot is well balanced and with good impulsion, and also his walk is very good in rhythm showing fluent large steps. Brioso’s breeding lines are based in Romero Benitez and Guardiola.
CORUS LA JOYA * 23/03/2008 1,64 m B CORUS LA JOYA More Details
Corus is a very nice approved PRE stallion with shining fur, sporty shaped body, athletic type of horse. He has been ridden only in the fields and hacked out including some Spanish walk and beginning some exercises of high schooling, but he is now inly being ridden correctly in the 3 basic gaits on a snaffle . His character is very good and he is trying to please. A horse to enjoy to ride and train.
FLAMENCO SB * 08/02/2010 1,58 m B FLAMENCO SB More Details
Flamenco SB is a friendly, uncomplicated PRE stallion, who has grown up in the group outside until he was 4 years old. He is now being ridden on a snaffle, also hacks out, and shows quite amazing gaits, especially his extended trot is already amazing. His father Flamenco CXXXIX had been sold to Germany and his young lady owner is enjoying this special horse as a leisure partner who is even being trick trained and very talented for natural horsemanship.
LUNA *01.02.2005 1, 53 m A LUNA More Details
Luna is a barock, stallion-looking black Andalusian mare, strong built and weight carrier. She is safe in driving and riding, being used to hack out as well alone as in mixed riding groups. She acts responsible and has a lot of experience also in heavy traffic and difficult ground. She is sensitive to human approach, but bomb proof and safe to ride. She loves to run free and comes from a very well-kept yard. A beautiful mare to enjoy country rides, drives! Luna has the “Estado” branding, the E with the crown as a sign that her father is a PRE stallion from the military stud.
Malagueño *1.6.2007 1,61 m B Malagueño More Details
Beautiful Andalusian gelding with long mane and stallion-look. Malagueño has all you would wish your dream horse to be. As he has been to ferias and Spanish Romerias, he is an experienced hacking horse, facing heavy traffic and difficult country side trekking. He is now being a little more trained in the riding ring as his former owners were rather less experienced riders who have just enjoyed him as a leisure horse. He is steady in his gaits, you don’t have to do much to keep him going and easy to stop and control.
LUCERO SB *14/04/2009 1,59 m B LUCERO SB More Details
Lucero is a pretty and friendly PRE stallion from the breeder Sebastian Brenes. He has been stabled late with 4 years and lived outside until this age together with other colts. He has been ridden only a few time a week and has now developed to a horse of pleasure and enjoyment. He hacks out alone or in groups, does not shy at all with cars, rides along the road , crosses rivers and mountains. But also in the riding arena he is an easy ride, especially nice are his tempi changes, his canter starts very correctly when you ask him to canter. Serenos father is the breeding stallion from the stud, Sereno IV.
FARAON CCXCI 24/02/2008 1,64 m D FARAON CCXCI More Details
Elegant PRE with that special look, smooth movements, gentle character, fast learning, has grown up in the fields with his mates and is now being trained slowly, he also hacks out, very safe, along roads, mountains, very brave and reliable. A beautiful stallion directly from the breeder. Faraon has had a very good basic training including some elements of high school. He does piaffe at hand, a slight touch is enough and voice commands.
REFERMINA NADALES * 18/04/2009 1,53 m A REFERMINA NADALES More Details
Brood mare from the very best blood lines directly from the breeder. Refermina Nadales has grown up in the fields, healthy and in natural environment, and has been started under the saddle recently. She has passed a vet check! Her mother Malvita IV from the Cañizalez lines is one of the oldest and best brood mares of the breeder, he has had her for around 20 years, always giving best quality off-spring. Referminas father Yoguor Jem is chestnut, therefore she is also carrying these genes which is very interesting for color breeding! She has a wonderful character, expressive movements, athletic, agile, stopping well from her hinds, turning round and presenting natural flying changes without losing her rhythm and calmness. She also has this wonderful high action out of her free shoulder combined with strong activity of her hind legs. Refermina may be started under the saddle here if required.
ECLIPSE DE ARAGON 09/05/2009 1,70 m C ECLIPSE DE ARAGON More Details
Very special PRE stallion, established well in dressage training as to his professional trainer who is preparing him for the season now of dressage competitions. He has actually competed already with quite good results! His current level of training is level 4 which includes half-pass, traverse, shoulder-in, flying changes, pirouettes and now establishing the piaffe and passage. As to his excellent character he may also suit novice riders, and last not least is a very pleasant hacking horse as he has also been to local ferias (see picture!). This horse is the ideal partner as a sports horse as well as leisure and family horse! He is sold privately only because of removal abroad. Eclipse is bread almost purely by Yeguada Militar lines with some influence of Bohorquez. His father Sermon II is a calificado Militar stallion!
ORO J MOR 05/05/2014 tall A ORO J MOR More Details
Oro J Mor is a tall growing PRE colt from the breeder JOAQUIN MOR, bred in plain nature at the breeder's yard amongst cattle developing naturally and healthy. He knows cold winter with snow and is therefore prepared for other cold countries where he might move on later in his life. A very sweet personality, presenting extraordinary movements, a large canter and fantastic extension and rhythm in trot. He will grow very tall as his parents are also tall. These foals come to know humans as they are being caught together in a paddock when 3 months old and being touched and handled from early life, also lifting the front and back legs, so the training later will be much easier. Oro will be a horse ideal for sport and dressage or other disciplines where courage, intelligence and strong physical conditions are needed such as working equitation. His father’s lines are mainly based on Oriol and Carthusian blood, but he also carries some Romero Benitez and military lines.
Lucero J MOR * 05/02/2011 1,68 m B Lucero J MOR More Details
Lucero J Mor is an amazing tall well-built PRE stallion, bred in absolute freedom and plain nature at the breeder's yard where he is now being ridden and trained on a daily basis, also riding out every day working with the cattle for about 2-3 hours. He has started his training only on the 28th September 2014 and has been ridden well and steadily, no matter if you prefer a dressage saddle and snaffle bit or vaquero country saddle. A versatile horse, brave, long lasting and ideal for working equitation, even endurance but also dressage. He also rides inside the riding hall, and is a very patient horse, settled and relaxed. His father is the Romero Benitez stallion Coqueto RB from Domeq, Miura and Yeguada Militar and his mother carries Vara Muñoz (heart branding), Salvatierra and brings Carthusian lines.
Taranto CXXX 30.08.2007 1,53 m B Taranto CXXX More Details
Friendly, safe and round shaped PRE stallion, ideal hacking- and leisure horse. He has been to many ferias and Spanish festivities, also with a second rider behind, and is a brave horse, very well socialized as he is stabled in a mixed yard. Taranto may be ridden in Spanish or English tack, one-handed and easy to ride with legs, voice and body commands. He is the sort of horse which is not just to admire in the box, but who is used to work hard, go out on trekking rides and have fun with. He knows the pole ride, therefore also suitable for western riders or working equitation. A friend for life!
CASCABEL A 10/02/2008 1,63 m D-E CASCABEL A More Details
Stunning chestnut PRE stallion – very elegant movments, and a personality to fall in love with! Cascabel has a solid basic training and is used to all sorts of animals as he is stabled at a mixed yard, a private breeder where the horses are well kept and looked after, being ridden regularly and they have their own green fields in the spring time to provide their horses with fresh green herbs including the stallions. Cascabel is well behaved, like a gentleman under the saddle, is very cozy and easy to ride. His pedigree is showing 3 qualified ancestors! Obcecado from the Yeguada Militar is his grandfather coming from the Leviton lines, and his father’s sire is Romero XVIII from Escalera going back to the Miura stallion Ganador (Paco Lazo). His qualified grandmother Corinta is a pure bred Guardiola mare – a fantastic package in all; kind, beautiful, fun to ride and interesting as a breeding stallion!
CARIBEÑO XXV * 19/05/2010 1,58 m B CARIBEÑO XXV More Details
Beautiful chocolate bay PRE gelding, experienced in hacking and safe with cars and traffic. Caribreño has a long thick mane and a healthy shining fur transmitting calmness and honesty. He has been with the current owner for about 2 years being ridden mainly outside in the river bed alone and in company. He has never had anything else than a snaffle bit and has a soft mouth, listens well to voice and body commands and responds very well to ground work in freedom. A multi-purpose horse for the whole family! His breeding might not be of much importance as he is gelded, but it is always good to know he comes from really good and well-known lines such as Bohorquez, Miura Romero Benitez , Yeguada Militar, Aracon und Granda Losada.
FLAMENQUITO SAN *30/03/2008 1,61 m B FLAMENQUITO SAN More Details
Pretty PRE gelding, well ridden in the basics on snaffle. Flamenquito loves to be cuddled and be near you, he is being kept very well an ridden by a professional trainer, letting him stretch downwards a lot. Flamenquito is well centered within himself. Not even the big dog may disturb him while working in the riding arena. His lines go back to the ancestors of Carthusian lines (Terry) such as Nostalgico and Poseido V. He also carries lines of Paco Lazo, Lovera, Yeguada Militar.
GOLOSO LVI 12/11/2002 1,55 m A GOLOSO LVI More Details
Goloso is a brave PRE gelding full of energy, pride and presenting elegant movements. He has been participating in long trekking rides such as the famous pilgrim ride from Malaga to El Rocio on horseback! He is also well driven in a single carriage, 2 and with 3 horses where he can go in the front. He is not afraid of anything! He is used to go hacking in groups but may also go alone, as he is courageous and trusting. A beautiful horse to enjoy from the first moment. He is forward going and energetic. He is very laid back with other horses, even without being tied, he would not run away and follows you without bridle or string. His pedigree is quite amazing. Sired by the Franzisco Santiago stallion Festival VII his roots are mainly in Escalera lines, but he also has strong influence by the Carthusian lines from Cardena through his mother. An ideal combination of beauty, straight movements and energy.
VIENTO XLII * 02/03/2008 1,62 m B VIENTO XLII More Details
Elegant approved stallion of the old type, high action, full of pride and expression! Viento is a comfortable horse to ride, even without saddle, sensitive and light in the hand. He is a safe ride in the ring as well as outside hacking. We have known his father, the calificado stallion Pelote, as a breeding stallion at stud of the military depot. He looks just like him, only white. Pelote is Escalera bred based on Ganador VIII (Paco Lazo), his mother is a pure bred Yeguada Militar mare, with celebeties such as Agente, Maluso and Lenguaje in her pedigree! Viento’s mother is also partly based on military breeding such as Ocle whose roots are pure Carthusian lines. Viento is approved for breeding and would make a great breeding stallion. He is naturally self-collected, forward going, very concentrated in the work and very talented.
CHANQUETE V *07/05/2009 1,61 m B CHANQUETE V More Details
Chanquete is an experienced trekking horse, absolutely bomb proof in any situation, tall and well built. He is used to go on ferias with a lady on the back as second rider, to Romerias, pilgrim rides and alone. He has been started to be ridden with 3 years and had a basic training by a professional rider, including some lateral work, backwards and starting Spanish walk. Now he is only being used as a hacking horse, very reliable and safe. His father is a calificado stallion and proceeds from the Yeguada Militar line from Oefebre; his mother comes from old baroc lines rooted in Granda Losada, Romero Benitez and Bohrquez.
RUMOR II * 06/01/2010 1,62m B RUMOR II More Details
Rumor is a long-legged, elegant, approved PRE stallion presenting expressive forward going movements. He has spirit and a strong personality, but likes to play and bond with the person around him. He needs someone to become friends with, to give him guidance and the attention he needs. He is intelligent and bright, ready for training and new tasks. He has been ridden in the basics but done little work recently. He is absolutely fine to handle and be around, tack, lunge etc. A beautiful black pearl with a lot of potential. His father Amoroso XL has a dressage career and is trained to a high level dressage. His origins are from the breeder Los Pozos but he has been the breeding stallion at Yeguada la Yedra. Rumor has a good pedigree based on Escalera, Cartujano, Yeguada Militar, Cañizares.
ROMERO CXLV *27/05/2011 1,62 m B ROMERO CXLV More Details
Romero is a tall, long-legged PRE stallion, well ridden in the basics. As he has been bred in the Extremadura, he grew up in plain nature. Now being trained in a professional yard, he performs very correct walk, trot , canter, his movements being well forward and uphill canter. Romero has to develop still a lot physically which is typical for this line, but mentally he is as an adult, keen to learn and easy going. His father being calificado comes from dressage lines, and his mother from Cardena (Carthusian).
Illusione de Ferrari is a PRE stallion who will be of great interest for those looking for a dressage- or sportshorse. This is a quality stallion bred by Yeguada Ferrari, sired by Cariñoso CCXXXV (Ancce recommended breeding stallion for dressage) and his mother being a Miura, one of the oldest studs based on bull farming, his grandfather being the qualified Miura PRE Panadero XIV. Illusione is easy and willing under the saddle, is naturally stretching forward- downwards, being trained by a professional dressage trainer. He is performing all lateral work, pirouettes, currently working and improving flying lead changes every 2-3 strides and piaffe, therefore reaching level Intermediare level I.
PRE filly from high quality breeder near Malaga. Golondrina is growing up healthy and naturally within the group, staying outside during the day and in open paddocks during the night. She moves very well, straight forward with large movements, natural rhythm and suspension. She loves to be cuddled and be near humans. Her half-sister GOLONDRINA AP II is also for sale. Her mother comes from the breeder Sebastian Sanchez Duran with pure Carthusian lines as well as Yeguada Militar. Her father Gerente V is 1,67 m tall, a pure bred Yeguada Militar stallion from the government stud, himself being the son of calificado Sensual II from the direct Remache-lines and presenting Leviton in the 3rd generation! Sensual is a bay qualified PRE breeding stallion of the military stud; he has been 3rd in driven competition \\\"Copa del Rey enganches 2.009\\\" and 2º in jumping competition at the Sicab 2.006! http://www.defensa.gob.es/ccfas/SEMENTALES/PRE/listado/SENSUAL_II.html
RONDEÑA AP *15/05/2014 A RONDEÑA AP More Details
PRE filly from high quality breeder near Malaga. Rondeña is growing up healthy and naturally within the group, staying outside during the day and in open paddocks during the night. She is curious, tame and playful, moving very well, already eating by herself the healthy herbs and grass of the rich winter pasture land of Andalusia. Her half-sister GOLONDRINA AP II, is also for sale. Her mother comes from the breeder Sebastian Sanchez Duran with pure Carthusian lines as well as Yeguada Militar. Her father is also strongly influenced by Yeguada Militar and carries Escalera, Bohorquez, Paco Cañizales.
SILVESTRE VII 18/11/2008 1,64 m C SILVESTRE VII More Details
Silvestre is a silver-grey PRE stallion with beautiful shining fur and a good size for his breed. He is long- legged and elegant in his movements, good extension and elevation. Silvestre has been trained in a professional training yard and has a high level of standard including half pas and zigzag in walk trot and canter, half pirouette, flying changes in strokes of 4 etc. A pretty horse with high potential, good character and pleasant to ride and take on in training.
PICONERO NADALES 12/04/2009 1,62 m C PICONERO NADALES More Details
Piconero is a polite and friendly PRE stallion of tremendous grace and beauty, very well ridden and trained by a professional dressage trainer. His movements are straight and fluid, fantastic transitions, performing pirouettes in walk and canter to perfection, also half pas in walk, trot and canter, backwards, zick-zack in canter and is currently working on flying changes. He is ever so easy to ride, soft in his mouth, so we can even recommend him to timid riders to regain confidence. A horse who loves to bond and cuddle, respectful and obedient. , straight movements and uncomplicated to handle. His blood lines contain important military ancestors (Agente line) as well as Carthusian and Escalera influence.
RELAMPAGO SCG *10/05/2011 1,59 m B RELAMPAGO SCG More Details
Pure bred Carthusian PRE stallion from the breeder Salvador Cortes Garcia, a newcomer for those who would like to train and bring up their own horse. Relampago has a laid back nature, with rather sporty movements, large walk and good rhythm in trot and caner. He is very curious and loves his human. He has been brought up absolutely healthy and natural on the breeding farm near the Atlantic. He is now owned and stabled at a professional training yard where he will be brought forward according to his age and potential.
SERIA V *24/04/2006 1,62 m A-B SERIA V More Details
Seria is a very special, tall, gentle PRE mare who has been used for children riding lessons and hacking. She is only trained in the basics, and walks easily on long reins. She is carefull with her rider, and moves straight and well forward. A beautiful mare, needs to fill up muscles and gain weight. She is also interesting for breeding as she has amazing blood lines: her father being a Nadales breeding stallion and bringing direct Escalera lines in her pedigree, and her mother comes from precious lines such as Bocado (Terry), Yeguada Militar (Leviton), Salvatierra and Osborne. Seria may be revised with Ancce for breeding while in Spain and also may be covered by this beautiful fairytale stallion AMOROSO XCVIII (see pictures).
CANASTERO LXXIX *22/02/2009 1,58 m A-B CANASTERO LXXIX More Details
Elegant PRE gelding, very well moving and expressive high action. Canastero is a calm horse in handling, sweet and grateful. He has been living in a field for a long time and has also hacked out. He does show spirit under the saddle and his mouth is soft, easy to control his speed, listens to the rider. A fantastic horse to train! His walk outside in hacking is amazing! His pedigree comes from a pure Yeguada Militar father and a mother who has strong Carthusian influence.
DELFIN GG 27/04/2010 1,60 B DELFIN GG More Details
Delfin comes from a breeder in Ronda where he enjoyed a childhood in natural environment. He has a lot of potential for dressage and has been ridden only on a snaffle. He has been started late under the saddle with 4 years and is still a baby, finding his balance and not finished his growth yet. Delfin has a calm nature, laid back and easy going. He does show a nice impulsion and rhythm. His high quality pedigree contains 4 calificado PRE. His father Deseado CVII has been champion of his breed is son of Bohorquez Utrerano (father of Olimpic stallion Fuego). His pedigree is also: Lucas Cañizales, Lovera, Urquijo, Yeguada Militar, Señorio de Bairiain.
FABULOSO LI 12/03/2002 1,60 m B FABULOSO LI More Details
Fabuloso is an approved PRE stallion with a wonderful character. He has been ridden as well as driven and even has competed Marathon, driving alone as well as 2 and 3 in a carriage. He comes from the breeder Sebastian Brenes and carries Escalera, Miura, Martinez Boloix und Romero Benitez. His father is Resuelto IV from the breeder Franzisco Santiago. Fabuloso is a horse of the old type, easy going and pure joy. He has never covered mares and is not at all stallion like.
MG LLELLE 01/05/2008 1.59m B MG LLELLE More Details
Pretty pure PRE buckskin gelding, very well ridden in the basics, stabled at a well renowned training yard and is being trained several times a week. He has also hacked out and is being ridden several times a week. A sweet character, patient and quiet, easy ride, well-mannered and professionally cared for. His grandfather is the famous buckskin Caramello II from Paco Marti. He also carries high Carthusian blood lines from Salvador Cortes, Urquijo and Osborne.
DECANO LER 25/01/2010 1,63 m C DECANO LER More Details
Decano Ler is a stunning PRE of high quality coming from the antique blood lines Bohorques, Cañizales, Paco Lazo. Trained by professional dressage trainer, Manuel Aranda, Decano has been handled regularly since birth. He grew up in large fields and could develop utterly sane and naturally. We have known this horse since the day of his birth and taken pictures from time to time, so you may watch his development from birth to today here. We also know his father, a really tall beautiful PRE of 1,68 m and we even knew his grandfather, the legendary very baroc PRE stallion Pendolillo II, who has been performing shows up to old age (see video!). Decano has an advanced dressage Training Level starting Piaffe and passage now, and may be ridden in snafle or pelham.
ANIMADO VI 29/06/2006 1,55 m A-B ANIMADO VI More Details
Animado is a sweet horse, beautiful long mane, big black eyes and a truthful character. He is a pure bred PRE, medium size, experienced in hacking and participated in many local Spanish celebrations like Romerias and ferias where a lot of horses meet. He is used to hack out alone or in company and does not shy along roads. What he does not have is much training in the riding arena. He is fine to walk trot and canter, but he is willing to learn. Blood lines: Yeguada Militar, Domecq, Lumbreras, Baones, Salvatierra.
ANDALUCIA XXII 11/07/2009 1,53 m A ANDALUCIA XXII More Details
Andalucia is a reliable pure bred PRE mare, small but strong body, used to ride on long hacks, absolutely safe in heavy traffic. She is fine on a snaffle or Spanish tack. A mare to get on and enjoy. She shows high action and a very good walk, so she moves forward outside in a pleasant way.
GALLITO XXXVIII 28/02/2009 1,58 m B GALLITO XXXVIII More Details
Stunning PRE bay stallion, round shaped, impressing movements. Gallito has been schooled in lateral work, renvers, half piruete, Spanish walk and is beginning wiht piaffe at hand. A lovely and lively guy, very keen to work and to please, fun to be around, great potentiial! His pedigree: Lumbreras, Salvatierra, Fernando Camara, Lovera, Yeguada Militar.
JUGADOR XIX 25/04/2006 1,64 m B JUGADOR XIX More Details
Impressing approved PRE stallion with excellent character. Jugador has been participating in ferias, romerias and is used to traffic and hacking. He is now being changed into snaffle bit and is fun to work if you like forward going horses with a good attitude to work.
MORENA 2007 1,53 m A MORENA More Details
Morena is an experienced mare for hacking and trekking. She is being ridden mainly in the vaquero saddle but also fine in a dressage saddle as you prefer. She is versatile and very bright, always there for you, even for beginners suitable as she is also being used as a school horse. Morena is a joy to ride, very comfortable, reacts immediately on leg, voice and seat commands. As you whistle, she stops.
INGENIERO AS 19/04/2009 1,61 m A-B INGENIERO AS More Details
Ingeniero is an elegant pure bred PRE stallion, with smooth and elastic movements. He is a safe hacking horse, well ridden in his basic gaits and and he has floating gaits. He is looking for affection and approaches in a friendly way. A beautiful PRE stallion with fantastic pedigree at a fair price!
CARETO 2006 1,59 B CARETO More Details
Careto is an 8-year-old experienced hacking- and leisure horse. The whole family is using him to participate in ferias, romerias and local horse festivities. They simply load their 2 geldings in the horse trailor and off they go. Cereto is ever so easy to handle, a horse for all seasons, safe for any level rider. He travels fine, loads, bathes, clips etc without issue, no problem for farrier or vet. An amateur-safe, uncomplicated guy.
GODELLA LC 26/05/2007 1,64 m B GODELLA LC More Details
Godella is a tall, sporty and elegant, approved PRE mare, well ridden and driven. She has participated in several ferias and Romerias, Spanish festivals, and is just as safe driven in a double, 4 and 6 horse carriage. She has even won second place in a carriage competition! She is a versatile mare, especially very enjoyable as a leisure mare for hacking, as well as for dressage as she moves well and elegant. You can ride her on a snaffle just on choice and body signals, so your reins are just a tender connection for communication. Her breeding is fantastic as her father Letargo from Yeguada Militar (black) is a pure military bred stallion, based on the old Agente- and Maluso lines.
ETIOPE VAP 03/02/2007 1,60 m B ETIOPE VAP More Details
Estiope is a very well-mannered and gentle PRE gelding. He is also a good hack alone or in company very sociable with people and other horses comfy to ride with a good rhythm in walk trot and canter also knows a little laterals. He is used to Spanish tack but would transition into an English bridle with ease. Etiope has been out to ferias and Romerias and has mainly been ridden outside. He was born near Malaga, so his hacking consisted always in passing cars and lorries, traffic and other horses. Etiope is a beautiful appearance with pride and elegance, big black eyes, beautiful mane and tale. His pedigree is strongly influenced by Carthusian lines.
DESEADO DE GARCIA 10/05/2008 1,68 m C DESEADO DE GARCIA More Details
Exceptional PRE stallion from exquisite lines! Deseado is very tall for his breed and a horse for pleasure, leisure and later also interesting to bring on in high schol dressage as he moves very well wit expression and pride. He has been used only for ferias and hacking, which makes him a safe horse, but he is now being trained and ridden also in the riding arena. His father is the qualified chestnut stallion Deseado XCVI with Escalera lines, Yeguada Militar as well as Cartujano (Urquijo) and Lovera lines. His mother brngt very ancient Portugese bloodlines fromthe former times whenn these breeds ahad been the same roots. She comes from Cañizales, Terry and Osborne.
DESEADO CCLXV 28/12/2010 1,64 m B-C DESEADO CCLXV More Details
First-class PRE stallion from exquisite lines! Started a few months ago with the rider and ridden on a snaffle, Deseado is already performing his wonderful main gaits as well as a little lateral work and hacking out. He has an easy path to go because of his amazing genetic potential he is born with. Depending on the rider he will be able to participate on a high level in future in dressage or high schooling, but also be a enjoyable leisure horse as he is so willing and easy going. His father, Americano (see 1 of the videos) from the Yeguada El Romerito is a calificado stallion as well as Joven reproductor recomendado(recommended by Ancce!) and proceeds directly from the ancestors and both calificado stallions Educado X (Guardiola, calificado) and Corinto X (Salvatierra, calificado). His grandfather is also a calificado stallion called Samaritano IX from the breeder Paco Santiago, breeding stallion of Nicolas Romero. His mother is daughter of Utrerano VII (see picture) and half brother of Fuego (see 1 of the videos), so he is even carrying Olympic blood in him! His pedigree is loaded with important names and brandings such as Escalera, Bohorquez, Guardiola, Romerito, Santiago, Losada.
DESEADA CCLXXIII 25/01/2006 1,55 m B DESEADA CCLXXIII More Details
Deseada is an experienced brood- and riding mare, having been part of many ferias and romerias, absolutely safe in traffic and hacking. She is now proud mother of this beautiful 40 days old PRE colt, son of Ganador MR. Deseada comes from the breeder Nicolas Romera Romerito, and her father is the calificado stallion Samaritno IX (see picture!). From her mother's side she is grand daughter of Utrerano VII (Bohorquez, calificado), so she is related to Olympic stallion Fuego! Her colt foal may be achieved as well together with the mother.
QUAMARGO 10/09/2012 1,60 m B QUAMARGO More Details
Elegant looking smart PRE colt, ready to be trained now. Quamargo has been bred by a small private breeder who has only best quality stock mares and stallions at stud. Quimargo lived together in the group of colts until he was taken in the box but is being turned out daily, so he may develop naturally and healthy. This way he has been handled since birth and built up a trusting relationship to his humans and the surroundings, no fear of cars, tractors or anything. He is very sweet and loves to be cuddled, brushed and gives hoof without problems.
KING VIII 06/03/2008 1,62 m C KING VIII More Details
Beautiful, dark bay-black approved PRE stallion, reliable and trustful to his rider. He is very trainable and has picked up a lot of artistic work such as Spanish Walk, compliment, piaffe, levade etc. He performs all basic gaits very well and balanced just on a snaffle and listens well to voice commands and light body signals. A marvelous horse for artistic work, show, high schooling and dressage. He comes from the lines of the King's breeding stock (patrimonio nacional) and is carrying important names such as Salinero III (Camara) , Fetiche (YM) and blood lines of Martinez Boloix, Terry and Escalera in the pedigree.
MURCIANO V 04/01/2010 1,65 m C MURCIANO V More Details
Murciano is a shining black PRE performing dressage style movements with amazing hind power. He is being ridden well in the basics on a snaffle bit, also hacks out safely. Murciano is a calm and trusting horse, even riding along the road to the riding areana with cars doesn't bother him! He comes from the lines of the King's breeding stock (patrimonio nacional) and is carrying important breeders brandings such as Lovera, Paco Lazo und Yeguada Militar in his pedigree.
MORANTE DE MUÑOZ 05/03/2008 1,65 m B MORANTE DE MUÑOZ More Details
Beautiful, expressive chestnut stallion, tall, smooth and elastic in his movements, learning fast, does already shoulder in in trot and walk, renvers and counter canter. He is really well behaved, bearing in mind, that the paddock with the mares is directly next to the boxes and to the riding arena! Morante is a rather easy going horse, very well behaved, also with the farrier. His background is lined back to famous Taco-Taco (YM) with Juqueton IV (Lovera) and qualified YM stallion Gento as well as Hacendoso VII (Terry) and a lot of well-known brandings such as Domecq, Pallares, San Roman, Daza
LASCA * 2002 1,59 m A LASCA More Details
Bomb proof mare, for hacking, competitions ridden in doma vaquera style, a very easy going mare! Lasca has been trained by her current owner to a high standard including all lateral work, flying changes, canter from stand, piruets in walk, backwards, barrel race, and long distant proof. She is friendly and easy to ride, ideal as a school horse, endurance, working equitation or as a safe hacking mare for beginners.
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