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PRE LUSITANO HISPANO Papered and none papered Horses for sale

Hello and thank you for choosing to look at my website I can offer you the best quality horses at reasonable prices I am a UK based company acting as an agent for sellers in Spain...As I am sure everyone will understand this business requires a lot of time and effort to provide you with information pictures and video's of our horses for sale we would very much appreciate genuine enquiries only please thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy the website.

Price Ranges: A up to € 5.000 / B € 5-10.000 / C 10-15.000 / D 15-20.000 / E 20-25.000 / F + 25.000 /G Elite in Spain UK Horses price brackets the same in sterling

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Horses For Sale in Spain

Name Age/DOB Height Price Photo More Details
PANDORA XXVIII 16/02/2008 1,57 m A-B PANDORA XXVIII More Details
Pandora is a lovely PRE mare from the breeder Martinez Boloix. She has a black foal which is included. This foal’s father is a PRE, 1,62 m, black, but not graded as breeding stallion, therefore the foal will not be registered as PRE. The name is not fixed yet and may be chosen by his new owner. The mare is remarkable for her versatility! She is mainly being used for hacking in the leisure time of the owner, and she has even participated in a few races at the hippodrome, where she became second once! She is absolutely bomb proof and brave in traffic and used to children, dogs and lots of noise. She is intelligent, well moving and represents the old type PRE. Her breeding lines are mainly from the breeder Boloix himself as well as strong Carthusian lines from Osborne and Cartuja ( bocado!) and Urquijo. Her father Caminante V is 1,68 m tall!
Galeon is a pure black PRE colt, very good quality, strong body and joints, grown up in the large fields of the breeder, now stabled in an open paddock with his mate. His breeding is extraordinary: his mother Malaya V with branding of Marques de Velilla has had fantastic foals! Her father - Galeon's grandfather Favorito LXVIII (see picture) is a beautiful nice baroque shaped PRE stallion who has been to many ferias and is well ridden, and his calm character is being passed to his offspring. His breedeing is based on: Hermanos Cardena, Escalera, Granda Losada, Romero Benitez. Autari, the father, comes from the breeder Manuel Villarejo near Ronda, based on blood lines Aracon and Escalera.
CENTAURO VLR * 22/03/2014 medium-tall B CENTAURO VLR More Details
Excellent high quality golden PRE buckskin colt, coming from important blood lines, from Duende LII und Carmelo II (Paco Marti) and furthermore showing brandings of Domecq, Yeguada Militar und Bohorquez in his pedigree. Centauro is already used to human touch and moves extremely well for his age. He does easily lead changes in canter and has correct flat movements, ideal for dressage. He is living in an outside paddock now together with another black PRE colt.
HOSCO XLIV *03/05/2006 1,60 m B HOSCO XLIV More Details
Hosco is a very sweet, pretty, elegant PRE stallion with elastic movements and uncomplicated character. He is brave and unblemished as he has been little ridden and used, therefore is now being started again. Hosco is confident with the rider, trusts and is easy to handle. A horse who deserves and is worthwhile to bring along, train and bring out his potentials! His pedigree: Martinez Boloix and Escalera, withVinatero III (Miura) as ancestor , also some Urquijo (Cartujano) and Yeguada Militar.
REGIDOR W * 09/03/2010 1,66 m B REGIDOR W More Details
Regidor is a well-built tall PRE gelding, beautiful color in dapple grey, weight carrier and has a heart of gold. He has been ridden in Spanish tack, mainly to enjoy the countryside and participate in ferias and festivities with him. Therefore he is absolutely bomb proof and experienced in traffic and field. A horse to fall in love with, the old type PRE horse with lots of neck and body. He is bred by the breeder JOSE WERNER LOPEZ sired by the calificado stallion Candelario III from Bohorquez going back almost pure Bohorquez lines with some Yeguada Militar and Escalera. His mother comes mainly from classical Yeguada Militar lines with a famous calificado grandfather Obcecado!
CORBATA *25.08.2012 1,68 m B CORBATA More Details
Corbata is a tall, strong-built gelding, absolutely sweet and gentle character, already hacking out for lack of riding arena. Therefore Corbata is used to roads and traffic and intelligent and brave in the field. A horse who has never experienced anything bad and has a strong bonding to his human. He comes from 1 private home now ready to continue his training the way you like. He has only been under the saddle 10 times on these videos taken in May 2015!
FANDANGO *24/04/2004 1,50 m A FANDANGO More Details
Fandango is a small but well-shaped and well moving little gelding, beautiful shining fur, correct transitions and relaxed under the saddle. A horse which is always there for you and he has also learned some trick training : he kneels down and lies down for you!
CANTINERO 21.03.2005 1,62 m A-B CANTINERO More Details
Tall approved PRE gelding, save in heavy traffic, has been to ferias and romerias and is well driven and ridden. A versatile horse showing beautiful gaits, comfortable to ride and above all a gentleman to be around and ride! His pedigree: Yeguada Militar, Terry, Zuñiga
ITALICO VAP *01/06/2012 1,58 m B ITALICO VAP More Details
Italico is a beautiful, cinnamon colored grey Andalusian stallion, handled and started to be ridden by professionals with gentle hand and caring touch. He does walk, trot and canter and already hacks out. As he was brought up near an industrial estate he faces any building site, lorries and cars without problems and will be a very pleasurable hacking and leisure horse in future. He has also the potential for dressage and higher training with his wonderful smooth and elegant movements of his long legs, he responds well to slightest indications of the rider and the instructor. Italico seems to enjoy the training and has a very good attitude to work. His parents are both PRE but he didn’t get his PRE papers because the date of inscription was expired. At the moment he has the international equine passport.
ARQUERA V * 10/04/2003 1,57 m B ARQUERA V More Details
Aequera is an approved PRE mare of high quality as well from her breeding background as from her physical appearance and her character. She has a nice round-shaped body and a pretty face, sparkling eyes and expressive movements. She dishes a little bit just as the old type PRE horses used to do in the past a lot more than today. This makes her a little special, apart from her esthetic appearance and her charming being. Her father is the calificado PRE stallion Guadalete IV from the breeder Pablo Perez Jimenez whose horses are known to be dressage gifted. Her father’s background comes from strong lines such as Granda Losada, Bohorquez, Martinez Boloix, Yeguada Militar. From her mother’s side she has Señorio de Bariain, Alonso Morena and Cardena
AIROSA CCV * 07/01/2008 1,59 m B AIROSA CCV More Details
Airosa is an approved PRE mare of high quality as well from her breeding background as from her physical appearance and her character. She has a charismatic flair, a calm and mature feeling around her, she moves really well with big movements and high action without dishing. A good combination for dressage and pleasure. She comes from the breeder Franzisco Santiago who is mainly breeding bay and dark colors, based on Escalera lines and very classical well-known ancestors from the Yeguada Militar lines such as Agente, Taco-Taco, Lebrijano III . Airosa is now being lunged to prepare her for riding.
Brillante *3.5.2010 1,48 m A-B Brillante More Details
Brillante is a stunning color dark Palomino gelding, who has only been in training for a few months and already does ridden walk trot, canter and drives alone in a carriage through the village and along the busy main road! Thanks to his trusting character and the gentle touch of the trainer, he has never had bad experiences and therefore is confident in the rider. He is easily trainable and has a good attitude to work. He is no problem in handling and tacking, lifting feet, tying him up, anything you want him to do. A sweet little horse, still in the process to grow, doesn’t look small even under a 1,76 m rider!
PASAJERO AP 18/03/2008 1,56 m B PASAJERO AP More Details
Pasajero is a rarity, pure bred PRE from the breeder Peralta, buckskin with very long mane and tale! He has a gentle, friendly character and is used to hack out in the countryside. His breeding lines show 3 generations directly from his own stud Peralta, based on purest Carthusian and bullfight generations: Bocado, Urquijo, Salvatierra, Osborne. His calificado father Aviador V is the typical old baroc shaped stallions, athletic, high action and well trained to a high school level!
CARMELO 30.04.2009 1,61 m B CARMELO More Details
Carmelo has been started only this year 2015 to be ridden, only in the fields and has a harmonic temper, very friendly and no problems to hack out! He has the old type dishing movements of his front legs just as the old type Iberian horses. A stunning looking horse with a big heart!
FRIGORITO *01.05.2005 1,55 m A-B FRIGORITO More Details
This black beauty gelding has a very sweet character and easy to handle but has got lots of energy when riding, therefore is suitable more for an experienced rider. Has lovely 3 gaits and does some lateral work and is very sensitive for your sitting aids. Goes for hacking well alone and with other horses In a stable he is good and wants always your attention, and hugs. Easy to shoe and goes out well with other horses. Lives in a paddock with another gelding. A great company horse for a rider who is looking for some more potential for leisure or dressage riding.
LEO IX *24/04/2010 1,60 m B LEO IX More Details
Leo is a typical example of his breed standard, a pure bred PRE gelding, used as a leisure and hacking horse, here in the video presented by a 14-year old rider. You can see immediately his amazing natural gaits without forcing him, the movements come all by themselves, extended trot ready for dressage competitions. According to what you want to do with him, there are many options, as this horse is as valuable as hacking horse as to compete in future. Leo is a friendly horse, absolutely bomb proof as he has been to ferias and Romerias with his owners, just to enjoy the festivities along with large groups of riders and carriages. His pedigree is showing a lot of important lines and ancestors, just to mention his grandfather calificado stallion Reñidor from Yeguada Señorio de Bariain.
ALMIRANTE *01.09.2010 1,53 m A ALMIRANTE More Details
Almirante is a smart, small but impressing stallion, very well moving with high elevation and strong extension. He looks bigger than he is, but certainly will make another 3-4 cm in future. He is nice to work with, good attitude and enjoying the movements. Good value for quality.
MORANTE XXII * 25/02/2011 1,62 m A-B MORANTE XXII More Details
Amazing dark bay PRE stallion, absolutely bomb proof and a gentleman. Morante has been bred by his owner who has to stop riding for health reasons and has to sell his beautiful stallion with a heavy heart. He has been to ferias and romerias with him already, and in spite of his young age, Morante is very mature and never ever shows any stallion like behavior. His beautiful mother Valenciana is also for sale. These blood lines are absolutely well-known for best quality as far as physical conformation is concerned as also the character! Both father and mother are from the breeder Franzisco Santiago carrying mainly pure Escalera lines. His grandfather Obcecado is the calificado stallion from Yeguada Militar.
TARANTO CL 04/02/2010 1,60 m B TARANTO CL More Details
Magnificent PRE stallion of the typical old type with the majestic head and strong neck, elegant, expressive movements and yet a docile character. Taranto CL is now starting his training at a professional training stable where he will be brought forward and soon fill in the muscles and body he needs, but bearing in mind his young age, he will definitely become the old type look more as his breeding is based on Bohorquez lines. His grandfather Laborioso III is the son of Bohorquez stallion Rebelde VII. He also carries some Carthusian blood lines as well as Yeguada Militar.
Palomino 2010 1,58 m B Palomino More Details
Pretty Palomino gelding, not only for hacking! He is a horse which you have to see moving – he is ever so calm and may be ridden almost in slow motion to relax and stretch and be able to develop a wonderful rhythm in his extended walk. But as he warms up he is developing amazing gaits, extended trot and a wonderful, comfortable canter. A horse with lots of potential and a gentle character.
IBERICO XCIX 06/08/2010 1,60 m C IBERICO XCIX More Details
This is a very good quality dark golden Buckskin colt to make 1.62 plus as adult. He is currently at a training yard and having been started under saddle, already hacked out, has good clean movements, baroc in build and very nice nature and he is a very easy stallion. Iberico is graded APTO approved for breeding and color tested, therefore he would be an ideal prospect as a breeding stallion! His pedigree is worth to pass on to the future generations: La Troyeta with origins in in Escalera- and Mirura, calificado stallion Gento from Yeguada Militar as grandgrandfather, buckskin Dante V from Paco Marti as grandfather!
RONDEÑO MJB 01/02/2010 1,71 m D RONDEÑO MJB More Details
Very special tall rose grey Bohorquez stallion, gentle and soft, well ridden in the basics. Rondeño has a very good size if you like the tall PREs! He doesn’t look heavy at all, as he is well-proportioned and easy to ride! He has balanced gaits and a mature mind, not spooky, and a heart of gold! His gaits are developping in an amazing way. He is being brought forward without any rush, long phases to warm up and stretch, ridden in a snaffle, his extended trot is very special! He is a horse with lots of potential being at the beginning of his career, ideal to take him over now and continue the training.
ARISTOCRATA III * 18/03/2006 1,60 m B ARISTOCRATA III More Details
Elegant black PRE stallion from exquisite blood lines. His name suits Aristocrata in every aspect. He has a gentle character, generous heart and is something special, elegant moving and his fur is shining. He has basic training in walk trot and canter and hacks out. A horse which is worthwhile bringing forward as his movments are smooth and elastic. His father Ebano Larios (black) from Yeguada Larios carries very good lines from ther military stud and has ancestors such as Ulema, Lenguaje, Gemelo II, his mother Negrilla IV, alo black, is carrying Escalera , Paco Lazo Urquijo and Crespo brandings.
Trabajadora is a stunning example of the baroque horse. She has outstanding conformation and is an exemplary model of the breed standard. Trabajadora has smooth, elegant movments, expressive and agile. She is a lovely mare for future riding and breeding. Her father Deseado XCVI, the former breeding stallion oft he breeder Nadales, was a chestnut calificado stallion. He brings Escalera-, Paco Lazo-, and Yeguada Militar- lines as well as Urquijo und Lovera. His mother is based on Carthusian, Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar lines.
MANZANARES X *07/04/2012 1,58 m A-B MANZANARES X More Details
Friendly, young PRE stallion, started under the saddle with the lunge on the training yard of a well-known professional dressage trainer. Unique chance to achieve such a quality PRE at a really good price. His pedigree: Paco Marti (color breeder) with Cremelo II as grand-grandfather, Indalo, Miura ( Vinatero III and Vinatera VI), Vara Muñoz (heart branding!), Yeguada Militar ( Lenguaje, calificado semeltal Sensual, Remache, Sereno etc.).
Mochuelo 01.04.2006 1,58 m A-B Mochuelo More Details
Muchuelo is an ideal partner for leisure and fun, an esay ride & drive horse. He is used to be ridden mainly outside, on ferias, to the beach, no matter if alone, in groups or next to a mare as you can see on the video, where a mare is riding next to him in a circle. He is even comfortable and save without saddle. A versatile horse, ideal for families and leisure. He is driven alone as well as in a tandem! Elegant and stunning movments.
ANDALUCIA IX 30/05/2000 1,56 m B ANDALUCIA IX More Details
Baroc approved black PRE brood mare, currently started to be lunged to prepare her for riding. Andalucia has already had 4 registered foals from 2007 till 2014, all of them black (father black) and 1 bay (father chestnut). Therefore Andalucia has dark genes and would be interesting to tart color breeding wither. She may be started to be ridden here, if desired. Andalucia is a very nice mare, well moving and has a sweet character. Her blood lines include a lot of Carthusian blood from Terry bocado branding as well) and Camara as well as Granda Losada, Martinez Boloix.
HERRADOR VAP * 17/05/2010 1,58 m A-B HERRADOR VAP More Details
Nice PRE stallion, unblemished and only jut been started under the saddle, bonding easily and clean character. He has very good conformation and moves nicely. At present he is ironing a little and is proving versatile and very intelligent, he is picking up training quickly. His grandfather is calificado stallion Obcecado (Yeguada Militar). His mother is bred mainly by Romero Benitez, and he also carries Lovera, Urquijo, Zuñiga, Jesus Morcillo, Salvatierra.
HERMOSO LXI * 14/03/2002 1,57 m B-C HERMOSO LXI More Details
Highly trained approved Peralta PRE stallion, medium-sized and safe in hacking. Hermoso is performing a very good piaffe and passage, well ridden in a steady rhythm, as well as pirouettes and does levade from the ground, is even now starting to do cabrioles. He also hacks out in a relaxed way, also along busy roads, no issue! An amazing horse could be a real schoolmaster.
SEÑORITO NADALES * 05/02/2011 1,59 m B SEÑORITO NADALES More Details
Señorito is a young but mature PRE stallion from the breeder Nadales, having grown up in utter freedom in the mountains of Cordoba. He came to this current owner and trainer in Granada when he was 3 years old, a year ago, where he is now being trained and brought forward on a regular basic. He isa lot of fun to ride and train as he is always there and friendly, having a good attitude to work and being very comfortable for the rider. He has no stallion like behavior whatsoever, no matter if he is being hacked out alone or in a group, also in the riding arena sharing the ring with more horses. He is one of those stallions which do not require castration necessarily. His father Yegüerito III (Bohorquez, see Pictures!) is a calificado stallion with lines of Romero Benitez, Yeguada Militar und Paco Lazo. Hos mother is contributing 50 % military lines and the other part Carthusian influence.
BIENVENIDO 10.03.2002 1,58 m A BIENVENIDO More Details
Bienvenido is a very typical Iberian horse, strong body, horse with a wonderful character, expressive movement, an easy ride and is extremely gentle and kind also in the stables to handle and tack. He is mainly hacked out but also does a little Spanish walk and piaffe. He may be ridden on a snaffle and is an all-rounder and versatile. He is not a PRE registered horse but comes with international equine passport.
DESEOSO XXXV 01/03/2011 1,52 m B DESEOSO XXXV More Details
Deseoso XXXV is a beautiful small size Baroque gelding. He does basic work in walk, trot, canter and does also some lateral and pole work. He has got 3 good elastic movements and is ideal for dressage. Potential young horse even for competitions. A very good character, easy to handle. Deseoso goes hacking well alone or along with other horses. Father: Fetiche XX, from one of the most famous Spanish stud farm ' Picos de Europa' Mother: Deseosa VII, bloodlines of the well-known stud farms such as Paco Lazo , Viuda de Terry and Hierro de Bocado. Deseoso has already competed the first dressage competition in January 2015 and became 2. (see video!).
TOLEDANO RH II *27/03/2010 1,58 m B TOLEDANO RH II More Details
Toledano comes from the breeder Tomas Osborne, from pure Carthusian and long lasting bullfight lines. The horse has a sweet character, is really intelligent and well trainable. For the little he has done so far he adapts very easily to the rider and the new tasks in life! He had been left outside for a long time and started late. He really glides through his three main paces with a great grace and elegance and is progressing wonderfully under saddle with a natural hind impulsion. He has plenty of dressage potential and is currently stabled at a well renowned show rider training yard and is being trained on a reguar base including soon hacking out as well.
SULTANA LXVII * 20/06/2007 1,57 m B SULTANA LXVII More Details
Sultana is a very special approved PRE mare of the old baroc type which is hardly to be found these days! Having this amazing stallion look, she is a female soft character, caring and responsible. With her you may even enjoy a feria or long ride in the countryside and along busy roads and feel absolutely safe and cozy on her back! Apart from her non-mare behavior and riding qualities she is a born brood mare presenting a pedigree which is so well combined that it would be a shame not to have a foal from time to time to preserve these old type lines! Her father side is based on bocado brandings (Gorron II), Yeguada Militar (Taco Taco, Lenguaje), Lovera (Juqueton IV), hier mother carrying again Yeguada Militar as well as Carthisian lines: Sebastian Sanchez Duran, Lovera, Terry, Medinazahara, Mateo Perez Robles.
CABALLERO XXIV 28/01/2011 1,60m C-D CABALLERO XXIV More Details
Amazing buckskin PRE stallion; great movements, solid built, nice head and neck, easy to handle and already ridden in the basic by professional trainer. His natural ways to move enables him to float and stretch well in the movements, free shoulder and active hinds are making him interesting to bring along in dressage. We can also see him proceed in future in high dressage or natural horsemanship as to his open mind and friendly bonding to the human. This horse can be the corner stone to build a color breeding program as his father is a famous buckskin stallion from the breeder Paco Martin and his grandfather is the legendary beautiful Carmelo II (see pictures). His mother is mainly based on classical military lines as well as some Carthusian blood lines.
CINGARO SOL 09/05/2009 1,65 m B CINGARO SOL More Details
Cingaro comes from a breeder near Madrid where he has been living outside from foal until he was 4 years old. He has been stabled and started to train about 9 months ago and is now being ridden and handled by professional trainers, as well indoors as outside hacking. His character is so honest and sweet, he has a good attitude to work and is fun to ride. Cingaro has the physical appearance of the old type baroc horses, especially the neck and his face, but also his movements are very typical for these old type horses. His mother has mainly Cardena (Carthusian) background, and his father comes from Granda lines.
FAISAN AV *14.04.2010 1,47 m A FAISAN AV More Details
Buckskin pure bred Lusitano stallion from Veiga lines, fantastic character, well moving and highly intelligent. Faisan is a sweetheart in handling and riding, being ridden here by a 13-year old boy. When he starts to move you may only recognize the value of this horse. He gradually flies over the ground of the riding hall, with elastic and smooth movements, straight and forward going, with a natural rhythm. Hacking out he is absolutely safe and a pleasure! He needs to put on weight and muscles, and will fill in gradually. His father Xaka from Veiga lines has bullfight blood which may explain the brave and intelligent attitude of Faisan towards work.
Bandolero is a fantastic black PRE, moves straight, no dishing. He grew up in the large wild fields of the breeder in Ciudad Real and had only been stabled in spring time 2015, a few months before the pictures were taken. He had never been handled before only when they microchipped him. He is open minded and now bonding well, admits the saddle and bridle, and is started to be ridden already, thanks to his wonderful character and the professional handling and caring in the training stables. His ancestor Sevillano XVI by Miguel Granda (Losada) is a legend and has produced many important PRE horses in history!
ENAMORADO LV *26/04/2006 1,62 m B ENAMORADO LV More Details
Enamorado is a 9-year-old approved PRE stallion for those looking for a safe, reliable trekking.- and leisure horse! He had been started when 3 years old by a professional rider on a snaffle during 2 years, no serrate use, and has since been ridden only outside and taken part in pilgrim rides, ferias and romerias. As he is living in the mountains area north of Malaga, he is absolutely bomb proof also in difficult terrain, searching his way through mountain paths up and downhill, and is used to ride next to mares. No stallion like behavior whatsoever with this horse! He is approved for breeding but never has covered mares. A calm and laid back horse, which we can even recommend for riders who have lost confidence and as a school horse. His pedigree: Yeguada Cañizares, Fernandez Ordas, Alarcon, Kandarrenbrand (Osborne, Terry), Yeguada Militar, Escalera.
MONTEÑO III *26/05/2009 1,60 m G MONTEÑO III More Details
Approved PRE stallion in special color Palomino which is very rare to find amongst this breed! Monteños not only an eye catcher for his color but also for his tremendous charisma and his breathtaking movements! He is a well-trained horse, and is being brought forward now in classical dressage by professional riders. His color, character and his pedigree are making him also very interesting as a breeding stallion, and he has already 1 registered foal to be seen with Ancce. His pedigree: Yeguada Militar ancestors (f.e. Agente, Maluso) and Guadiana, Jose Gil Alvarez, Pallares, Oriol, Paco Lazo
ZAIDIN *15/03/2001 1,60 m A ZAIDIN More Details
Zaidin is a fairy tale horse with long mane and tale, presenting his breathtaking beauty and literally flying over the riding arena with amazing gaits and elastic movements. But if you may think that this horse will never be for you as to his spirit and power, you are wrong! Zaidin is actually a bomb proof stallion, even if he has energy, as he listens well and may be ridden on a snaffle also on long reins. His training had been well done quite a while ago, and he has only been used as a leisure horse during the past years. A magic horse at a fair price. His roots are mainly based in Yeguada Militar and Carthusian lines (Terry etc).
Precioso XI * 15.05.2007 1,59 m C Precioso XI More Details
Precioso is a baroc-built approved PRE dapple grey stallion with charisma! He has power but is tender and gentle, very easy to bond with, he is searching contact and willing to follow and learn. A beautiful combination of the old type shape and the movements and extensions of the horses of today. His character is unique, absolutely easy going and a gentleman under the rider and in handling! He hacks out safely, has been to ferias and is bomb prof in traffic. Furthermore he does half pas, shoulder in. Spanish walk and is starting piruettes. His breeding: Romero Benitez und Sebastian Sanchez Duran, Pedro Sanchez, explotaciones Agropecuarias, Paco Lazo, Monserrat.
MONCAYO III 14/06/2008 1,58 m A MONCAYO III More Details
Moncayo is a charming black PRE stallion, medium sized, with character. He has only been started under the saddle this year (2015) and is already showing amazing movements, high action, natural balance and extension. His breeding pedigree is based on quite a few important breeders such as Osborne, Terry, Urquijo, Conde Muñoz as well as Salvatierra, Paco Lazo, YeguadaMilitar.
FIGO IX * 08/05/2008 1,65 m C FIGO IX More Details
Figo is an approved, tall and baroc built black PRE stallion, rather laid back but still moving well with action and extension. He has been ridden correctly in the basic including lateral work and flying changes. A solid built horse who may carry tall riders, easy going and flashy looking!
ZAMBRANO 3 *08/01/2001 1,62 m B ZAMBRANO 3 More Details
14-year-old approved PRE stallion, very calm and absolutely easy to ride! Zambrano is being used as well as a show stallion as a schoolmaster, being very good in hacking as he has been to many ferias and hacks out next to mares. He is even being turned out in the fields next to mares without any problem, even in groups. There are not many stallions as well behaved as him! His character is just unique! Training wise he does piaffe, passage, lateral work and Spanish walk. His breeding background: Yeguada El Parral FJ, Granda Losada, Urquijo, Martinez Boloix, Terry (Kandarrenbrand), Yeguada Militar, Paco Lazo.
CANCUN 10.05.2010 1,70 m B CANCUN More Details
Cacun is an Andalusian gelding of unusual size and with a gentle mind, very easy in handling and a fast learning clever horse! He has only been started under the saddle and for the carriage last year, he is little used and not much ridden at all, he is already absolutely safe for the carriage even in heavy traffic. He is waiting without being tied at the beach promenade and listens to slightest command from the carriage driver. Under the saddle he has only done a little walk, trot and canter, and needs more training, of course. We can offer training as well for riding as for carriage driving.
Estudiante 10.09.2011 1,58 m A Estudiante More Details
Medium-sized PRE colt from hobby breeder. Estudiante has been started with saddle and bridle at the lunge, no issues in handling,to be showered, gives hoof, is a very nice future project, bearing in mind that his father Fatuo de Nadales (see pictures) is a highly trained successful dressage stallion. As his mother is also PRE, he may be registered as PRE, but at the moment he is being sold just with his international equine passport.
KAISER DE LEO 12/04/2010 1,64 m B-C KAISER DE LEO More Details
Impressing chocolate chestnut PRE stallion with amazing movements! Kaiser de Leo has always been an eye catcher the moment he started to move. He has such a sparkling elegance and pride that brings emotion to your heart. Although he is such an energetic appearance, he is a humble horse, absolutely easy to handle and ride and never ever doing anything bad. He is a save hack, has no fear whatsoever of cars and lorries along the road, he always stays calm and obedient. He will easily rise high valuations in dressage competitions, as to his expressive large and high action movements. A stunning horse with special color, being son of chestnut Terry IX he is carrying this color genes, and has a pedigree which is presentable, like Guardiola, Urquijo, Terry, Granda Losada, Marin Garcia.
NORTEÑO SCG 03/07/2007 1,58 m B NORTEÑO SCG More Details
Norteño is a pure bred Carthusian PRE stallion from the breeder and with the branding of Salvador Cortes. He is ridden as well as driven, being used for marriage carriages, and sometimes working on weekends at the beach of Fuengirola as a carriage horse for tourists. Therefore he is a very useful and safe horse to drive, as well alone as in a double carriage. He is more driven than ridden, whereas just as well and safe under the saddle performing wonderful gaits with high action without dishing. A fantastic horse, representing the breed standard of the old middle sized baroc types which are difficult to find these days. Also his character is ever so sweet, bonding to his human strongly, almost with a human soul, also with a sense of humor. He is not much used, therefore unblemished in the sense of his physical state, fresh and healthy.
Rubia *16.02.2007 1,58 m A Rubia More Details
Wonderful Albino mare, Lusitano origins, but nor registered. Rubia is interesting for color breeding as well as a leisure mare, as she is very easy going and safe in hacking. A faithful horse, easy to keep and handle, she is used to live outside in a paddock together with mares and foals. She is due to have her foal around the end of May / beginning of June 2015.
KOLIBRI GARROCHA 06/04/2010 1,58 m B KOLIBRI GARROCHA More Details
Wonderful PRE stallion, chocolate bay, well ridden , safe and easy going. Kolibri has had 1 owner only who purchased him as a colt and all he has taught him comes from the same owner. He takes him out on hacks, to ferias and along the busy road. Kolibri is very relaxed and brave, used to respond immediately to leg and rein as well as voice commands. We do see him suitable for any rider. An amazing horse which unites the beauty the noble character as well as the functionality which is so typical for tis breed! His gaits are well forward and very comfortable to sit. His father Camborio XXII is well known for his calm and open character. The blood lines are based on Escalera, Bohorquez and yeguada military.
BODEGUERO 05/03/2007 1,64 m C BODEGUERO More Details
Tall and strong built Lusitano gelding, schooled in some exercises of Spanish dressage high school. Bodeguero is a reliable horse for hacking and leisure, he hacks out and has been to ferias and Spanish festivals. He has been owned by his current owner since he was a colt and has meanwhile been trained bit by bit so you may polish up his dressage training and enjoy this patient and lovely tall horse as well in the riding arena as hacking out in nature or along busy roads. Bodeguero has not been registered as PSL Lusitano.
CLAVIJERO II 02/01/2012 1,60 m B CLAVIJERO II More Details
Clavijero is a highly talented young PRE stallion with natural floating movements and very good rhythm. He is bright and willing to cooperate which made it easy to start him under the saddle at his young age. He does walk, trot and canter in the riding arena and his owner is taking him mainly out for hacks! A promising stallion especially for those who would like to compete a little in dressage and at the same time are looking for a friend for life! His breeding: Marin Garcia (Oficial XVIII), Zuñiga, Yeguada Militar, Cardena etc.
NAZARENO JG *17/04/2011 1,62 m B NAZARENO JG More Details
Nazareno is a stunning looking beautiful PRE stallion, very steady to ride in spite of his young age, and safe for hacking in heavy traffic as he has never done anything else as there is no riding arena. His mainly Carthusian blood lines are very special: his father Jalisco XLII is a black Salvador Cortes stallion, and his mother from Dehesa La Granja breeder is based on Yeguada Militar and Lumbrera (bell) brandings. A wonderful character horse, even recommendable to rather unexperienced horse men and women as he is ever so good and has a heart of gold!
ARPONERO III 19/04/2009 1,62 m B ARPONERO III More Details
Arponero is a classical PRE, well built, round shaped, well moving, ridden a lot in the street and fields. He is now being trained in the riding arena because he has talent and the attitude to learn fast and shows a lot of patience, just watch him with the donkey. His genetic background is based on Escalera- and Paco Lazo lines, very interesting: ancestors from Carthusian lines such as Hacendoso VII (Terry) and Gorron II (Terry, Bocado), his father Ermitaño VII (Escalera) is the son of Ganador VIII and goes back to Nostalgico (Terryand Cesar (Yeguada Militar).
Talented Andalusian young stallion, son of calificado Invicto Nadales, and PRE mother Canastera. He is not PRE registered but has a valid international equine passport. Canastero has been started under the saddle and does walk, trot and canter, is a nice trusting horse, having grown up in absolute freedom and plain nature of the breeder’s fields. He has lots of potential for dressage and moves really well. A horse which is now ready to take over and continue his training the way you want. We can also offer training here in Spain.
DORMIDO *23/04/2011 A DORMIDO More Details
Dormido is a PRE stallion from the precious Pallares lines presenting several calificado ancestors in his pedigree. His brother has been Spanish champion in dressage. He has best genetic potential and is showing a nice forward movement with impulsion and freedom in the shoulder. His character is steady and unblemished. Dormido has been ridden in walk trot and canter so far.
ORDINARIO II * 10/03/2007 1,56 m A ORDINARIO II More Details
Ordinario is a pure bred PRE gelding, ridden and driven, sold from private and owned by a leisure rider who likes more driving than riding. What this horse has learnt was done by non-professionals which proves even more his excellent character. A horse, easy to keep, truthful and very pretty with his long mane and big dark eyes. He needs to put on some weight and muscles and needs to polish his training. But no problem to ride or drive him even without lunging him after a while without having come out! His breeding is based on: Lovera, Terry, Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar, Kandarrenbrand und Cañizares.
MACANUO XII 06/03/2006 1,65 m E MACANUO XII More Details
Impressing charismatic black approved PRE stallion, trained to a high level in Spanish dressage including piafe, passage and Spanish walk. Macanuo is the breeding stallion of the breeder Garcia Morilla, and has produced a number of fantastic foals, passing on the dark color, which is one of the goals of this breeder, who is specialized on breeding black and bay horses. Macanuo knows exactly when is time to cover mares and when he has to work. He has an outstanding character, is easy to handle and has a very kind personality! His pedigree is mainly based on best Escalera lines , himself being bred by Franzisco Santiago and his mother Macanua II being a calificada mare.
LUNA Castaña * 01.04.2010 1,60 m A LUNA Castaña More Details
Pretty Andalusian mare, lovely calm nature, very sweet and kind, extremely comfortable to ride. In spite of her tender age she is so mature that her owner, himself a beginner, is able to ride her in walk, trot and anter. Amazing to watch this in the video, which proves her impeccable character.
VIANA M * 12/ 12/2008 1,56 m B VIANA M More Details
Albino stallion, imported from Galicia with his roots in Portugal. Viana M is a very special stallion, excellent character, used for hacking , ferias, romerias. He has covered mares and has produced offspring colored buckskin, cream color and perla. As to his amazing calm and friendly way he is suitable for any rider, very obedient and gentle.
VENTURA 04.02.2011 1,65 m B VENTURA More Details
Tall elegant Lusitano gelding, light buckskin with 4 white socks. Ventura is a safe hacking horse, already doing some lateral work and learning now Spanish Walk and flying changes. He is easy to ride also on loose reins and well behaved. We even tried him bareback and do a little jumping first time in his life! Ventura has been bred by a private hobby breeder. His mother Luna was a beautiful pinto mare and his father a pure bred Lusitano stallion from the breeder Bertin Osborne. (see Pictures)
DIBUJADO XII 08/01/2006 1,57 m B DIBUJADO XII More Details
Dibujado is a gentle stunning beauty, well driven in a 3 horse carriage in the front. He is a soft character horse, enjoying to be handled and cuddled, always respectful and friendly. He is also ridden as well in the riding arena as outside, no problem hacking out along the road. His mother comes from old famous lines such as Marques de Velilla, Romero Benitez and Yeguada Militar (Leviton!), and his father Lerin is a very baroc high school stallion who was always a fantastic school master as well as a ferais and leisure horse.
CAMPERO LXXX *19.03.2006 1,56 m B CAMPERO LXXX More Details
Campero is a medium- sized approved black PRE stallion, well driven and a little ridden in the basics. He has a nice character, easy to handle and searching for bonding. His father Letargo is the baroc shaped black Yeguada Militar stallion who had been at stud in Ronda. He is carrying pure military blood lines going back to Agente. His mother is also carrying Carthusian lines.
HURACAN CIII 27.04.2007 1,57 m B HURACAN CIII More Details
Huracan is a medium- sized approved black PRE stallion, well driven and ridden in the basics. He is very similar to his brother Campero, with whom he is used to drive the carriage, mostly to the local feria which makes them an eye-catcher! His father Letargo is the baroc shaped black Yeguada Militar stallion who had been at stud in Ronda. He is carrying pure military blood lines going back to Agente. His mother is also carrying Carthusian lines.
SOLANO 12.5.2008 1,63 m A-B SOLANO More Details
Solano is a well behaved Andalusian gelding, tall and patient with his rider. He has been to many ferias and Romerias, is therefore very experienced along the road with heavy traffic. He is now being started to pull a carriage. A multi-purpose horse, versatile and well behaved also with the farrier, impeccable stable manners, a friend for life!
DISTINTO IX 16/07/2003 1,63 m A DISTINTO IX More Details
Strong built, well trained PRE stallion, approved for breeding, with a heart of gold, very easy to ride. An suitable for rather beginners. Distinto did have a well-established training a while ago, and a good rider may be able to bring him back to a high level schooling. At the moment he is more a really nice leisure and hacking horse, save and reliable. His breeding lines: Picos de Europa, Domecq, Bohorquez, Romero Benitez, Cardena, Escalera.
LIMONERO 26/02/2011 1,66 m B-C LIMONERO More Details
Limonero is a tall and reliable Andalusian gelding without PRE registration, well ridden in the basics and is also hacking out several times a week. He has been to local ferias and romerias where lots of horses are together even to the beach ride with over 100 participants, and he love the sea! Limonero is trusting his rider and a pleasant horse to ride and train. He is mentally far advanced but his owner and trainer doesn’t ask too much from him at the moment. Just a correct walk, trot and canter and is very happy with his progress.
CAFELITO *1/2/2014 A CAFELITO More Details
Buckskin colt bred from PRE mare and Andalusian father, grown up in the field with other colts. Absolutely sweet and well- built, strong bone and naturally friendly character.
CAMBORIO LXIV * 17/01/2008 1,53 m A CAMBORIO LXIV More Details
Beautiful black PRE stallion, well driven alone, in a double and 4-horse- carriage! He is the front couple in the 4-horse drive, together with his brother Calesero! Camborio has also been ridden as a leisure horse, having only been started under the saddle recently. He is ever so easy going and safe, that even the young 16-year old girl takes him out for hacking along the road, into the town and in the fields. Calesero is not at all stallion like, he is fine even next to mares and other horses. He was bred by his owner out of the Franzisco Santiago mare Bienvenida LIX with lines of Marques de Velilla, Guardiola, Terry, Paco Lazo, Urquijo, Escalera. His father Bodeguero LXXVIII is sired by legendary baroc PRE black Letargo from the Yeguada militar!
Sweet black PRE colt with long mane and good movements. Chocolate has a quiet temperament, is intelligent and knows stable and handling. His pedigree: grandfather is Zebulon from Yeguada Militar (black!), Pablo Perez Jiminez (good dressage genes!), Martinez Boloix, Romero Benitez, Cardena, Granda Losada.
CORTESANO Y 21/01/2009 1,59 m B CORTESANO Y More Details
Cortesano is a bright and intelligent PRE stallion coming from almost pure Escalera lines! Trained by a professional dressage trainer last year 2014, he came directly from the field, unblemished, healthy and sociable with horses. He is bonding well and is now perfecting: walk, trot and canter, half pas in walk and trot, shoulder in, very good transitions and easy to hack out. He is very attentive to his rider and very willing to learn. Stabled on a mixed yard he is sociable and well mannered. You may tie him next to a mare without getting any reaction! He loves to be cuddled and around people and other animals.
Elegante 02.10.2009 1,55 m B Elegante More Details
Beautiful cream color stallion, very sweet character and safe hacking horse. Although Elegante has only been started under the saddle not long time ago, he is already safe and reliable to hack out, pass the village roads and doesn’t mind cars, lorries and heavy traffic as he is used to it. He lives in a small but lively village and is sort of part of the family and village life. An ideal horse for those looking for an eye-catcher and family horse.
IRIARTE II 22/07/2007 1,58 m C IRIARTE II More Details
Stunning old type PRE stallion, ridden to a high level in dressage and high school : Does flying changes, piaffe beginning passage, lateral work half pas in walk, trot canter, pirouette. He has been used for children teaching as well; a very sweet horse, easy to ride and learn from him! The children and young rider love to use him for hacking and lessons. He has also performed shows and is an allrounder in every aspect. Timid riders will regain confidence with Iriate who is always trying to please his rider and is bomb proof in traffic. A nice horse to suit any rider!
FANDANGO 58 29/04/1999 1,58 m A-B FANDANGO 58 More Details
Fandango is one of the few old type Andalusian PRE horses of that baroc shape and charisma! He has intelligent eyes, is keen to work and enjoying the training in the ring as much as hacking. His former owner had used him for ferias and trekking, whilst the trainer who had started him from the beginning when he was 4, has taught him the Spanish dressage exercises such as half pas in walk trot and canter, shoulder in and a very impressing passage and Spanish Walk with high action. As the former owner grew older he is not riding anymore while his horse is as fit and healthy as ever, so his trainer bought him back recently and is polishing his training up again. Fandango is fun to ride and hack out! A horse you cannot walk past without feeling his presence, a horse sparkling with his charming energy!
INDIA 2002 1,55 m A INDIA More Details
Baroc built Andalusian mare, good character, easy to handle. India is driven and ridden. She is not being used much due to illness of her owner. He is keeping her in a stable near Malaga and often lets her out all day where she is in freedom without fencing and does not run away. She has a strong bonding to her humans, and would make a nice family hacking and driving mare. She has had foals, we know her daughter Luna, a beautiful pinto mare, who was great for driving and riding. Lunas son Ventura is also for sale now. India is not frightened of cars or traffic, she is sociable with animals, and would deserve a good home where she can develop her true potential.
ALVERON *11/02/2007 1,64 m C ALVERON More Details
Alveron is a beautiful approved black PRE stallion, well-built with a long mane and a heart of gold. Although he has mainly been used as a hacking horse to participate in ferias, for trekking and to enjoy the nature, he has a well-established Spanish training in the riding area. He has a lot of experience along the road and in the field, and has no stallion behavior at all. His breeding is very interesting also for the option to use him as a breeding stallion: His breeder, Manuel Villarejo from Ronda, is keeping his mares and the youngsters in natural mountain environment, in absolute freedom of the mountains of the Ronda area. Here the horses can develop all the strength and endurance which makes this breed so long lasting and strong. His father is Urgel IV, son of Ocle, a fantastic line from the Yeguada Militar, going back to pure Carthusian lines.
VALENCIANA XLIV *09/01/2006 1,61 m B VALENCIANA XLIV More Details
Valenciana is a ridden approved PRE mare with the very best qualities you can imagine as well as a brood mare to fulfill highest expectations and requirements as for her quality as a dressage mare. She has already had 2 foals, both being bay, in 2011 and 2012. Now she is being brought forward under the saddle with a snaffle following the standard of dressage riding style. She is ever so beautiful and moves well forward with natural impulsion and correct straight forward movements. Valenciana comes from the breeder Franzisco Santiago going back to pure Escalera- and Yeguada Militar lines. Her father is the famous calificado stallion Obcecado from Yeguada Militar!
JEQUE XXXIX 05/11/2009 1,64 m B JEQUE XXXIX More Details
Jeque is a PRE stallion of the sports type. He is energetic and moves very expressive, ideal for dressage! His grandfather Ermitaño III was the first Elite stallion of the world and has shown that this breed will also compete in dressage, founded in Escalera lines and Paco Lazo. Jeque is a horse who needs to work but has a gentle character, very keen to work and move. He has been a few times in the fields hacking.
Perla 2005 1,60 m A/B Perla More Details
Experienced hacking- and leisure horse. Perla is a nice light color Palomino gelding, coming from Lusitano background but without PSL registration. He has been used for hacking and has been to ferias, Romerias and even participated in the El Rocio pilgrim excursion. Therefore he is very safe and reliable, not at all shying of anything. A horse with a good basic training, doing some lateral work, shoulder in and easy to ride. The transitions and stops are possible to achieve on a loose rein. Therefore we could also imagine him being used for therapy and as a school horse.
BRIOSO CXII 08/05/2008 1,60 m B BRIOSO CXII More Details
Brioso is a PRE stallion, baroc built, long mane and truthful to his rider. He has been started late as he grew up at the breeder's farm in freedom. His most impressive passage is well established, also the transitions from Passage to canter, and he is now practicing his piafe and Spanish walk. The transitions are very nice and light, canter from walk and walk from canter. His trot is well balanced and with good impulsion, and also his walk is very good in rhythm showing fluent large steps. Brioso’s breeding lines are based in Romero Benitez and Guardiola.
CORUS LA JOYA * 23/03/2008 1,64 m B CORUS LA JOYA More Details
Corus is a very nice approved PRE stallion with shining fur, sporty shaped body, athletic type of horse. He has been ridden only in the fields and hacked out including some Spanish walk and beginning some exercises of high schooling, but he is now inly being ridden correctly in the 3 basic gaits on a snaffle . His character is very good and he is trying to please. A horse to enjoy to ride and train.
ALMA XXV 10/02/2007 1,58 m B-C ALMA XXV More Details
Stunning black beauty, approved PRE stallion with all the quality you can only wish when thinking of an Andalusian horse. Long mane, blue black shining fur, above all exceptional character and a heart of gold. In fact, Alma means soul, and this horse is really a sweetheart! He hacks out everywhere you want to take him, along the road, in the fields and countryside, alone and in groups, he is easy to handle, very well behaved and gentle in his box, tacking him up and taking him along on the rope. A horse to enjoy every minute to be around! Alma is being sold from private in our partner training yard in the Extremadura.
FLAMENCO SB * 08/02/2010 1,58 m B FLAMENCO SB More Details
Flamenco SB is a friendly, uncomplicated PRE stallion, who has grown up in the group outside until he was 4 years old. He is now being ridden on a snaffle, also hacks out, and shows quite amazing gaits, especially his extended trot is already amazing. His father Flamenco CXXXIX had been sold to Germany and his young lady owner is enjoying this special horse as a leisure partner who is even being trick trained and very talented for natural horsemanship.
LUNA *01.02.2005 1, 53 m A LUNA More Details
Luna is a barock, stallion-looking black Andalusian mare, strong built and weight carrier. She is safe in driving and riding, being used to hack out as well alone as in mixed riding groups. She acts responsible and has a lot of experience also in heavy traffic and difficult ground. She is sensitive to human approach, but bomb proof and safe to ride. She loves to run free and comes from a very well-kept yard. A beautiful mare to enjoy country rides, drives! Luna has the “Estado” branding, the E with the crown as a sign that her father is a PRE stallion from the military stud.
Malagueño *1.6.2007 1,61 m B Malagueño More Details
Beautiful Andalusian gelding with long mane and stallion-look. Malagueño has all you would wish your dream horse to be. As he has been to ferias and Spanish Romerias, he is an experienced hacking horse, facing heavy traffic and difficult country side trekking. He is now being a little more trained in the riding ring as his former owners were rather less experienced riders who have just enjoyed him as a leisure horse. He is steady in his gaits, you don’t have to do much to keep him going and easy to stop and control.
Fallera *05/2009 1,58 m A Fallera More Details
Rarity! Baroc-built Andalusian mare, friendly and safe to ride. Fallera has been living outside in the field until she was 5 years old, and even had a colt foal with her for 1 year. She has been ridden only as a leisure mare, mainly hacking out, along the road, passing a river and a heavy traffic road. She has a heart of gold, moves well and may even be ridden by children in the riding arena. She is a forward going mare, not shying of anything, but she does need further schooling to find her balance.
LUCERO SB *14/04/2009 1,59 m B LUCERO SB More Details
Lucero is a pretty and friendly PRE stallion from the breeder Sebastian Brenes. He has been stabled late with 4 years and lived outside until this age together with other colts. He has been ridden only a few time a week and has now developed to a horse of pleasure and enjoyment. He hacks out alone or in groups, does not shy at all with cars, rides along the road , crosses rivers and mountains. But also in the riding arena he is an easy ride, especially nice are his tempi changes, his canter starts very correctly when you ask him to canter. Serenos father is the breeding stallion from the stud, Sereno IV.
BULERIA CCLXXVI 24/04/2010 1,60 m B BULERIA CCLXXVI More Details
Sensational horse with a wonderful character, expressive movement, temperament suitable for a lady’s mount. He stands nicely for grooming and the farrier and has a gentle mind. Buleria came directly from the breeder’s yard and is now ready for further training. He has been ridden a little with and without saddle, also hacked out, but his level of training is only just started. He enjoys to play in freedom and connects very easily to the humans. Bred primarily by ROCIO DE LA CAMARA, Terry, Salvatierra, Yeguada Militar. His only beauty defect might be his soft neck above line which is not noticeable unless you touch it. This will improve with muscles and training.
FARAON CCXCI 24/02/2008 1,64 m C FARAON CCXCI More Details
Elegant PRE with that special look, smooth movements, gentle character, fast learning, has grown up in the fields with his mates and is now being trained slowly, he also hacks out, very safe, along roads, mountains, very brave and reliable. A beautiful stallion directly from the breeder. Faraon has had a very good basic training including some elements of high school. He does piaffe at hand, a slight touch is enough and voice commands.
ESCANDALO *22/03/2011 1,68 m B ESCANDALO More Details
Wonderful very tall and good looking rose grey Andalusian stallion, friendly and easy to train. Escandalo has grown up in the field together with the other colts until he was almost 3 years old. He has been started well and professionally under the saddle only using snaffle and without time pressure. He has a very good attitude to work and learns fast. He already does walk trot and canter and counter canter with a very good balance. His gaits are well forward but relaxed with a natural lightness and elegant smooth transitions, He listens to slightest voice and body commands. A horse that is really fun to train, also safe in hacking!
REFERMINA NADALES * 18/04/2009 1,53 m A REFERMINA NADALES More Details
Brood mare from the very best blood lines directly from the breeder. Refermina Nadales has grown up in the fields, healthy and in natural environment, and has only been stables recently to be able to present her for selling. Her mother Malvita IV from the Cañizalez lines is one of the oldest and best brood mares of the breeder, he has had her for around 20 years, always giving best quality off-spring. Referminas father Yoguor Jem is chestnut, therefore she is also carrying these genes which is very interesting for color breeding! She has a wonderful character, expressive movements, athletic, agile, stopping well from her hinds, turning round and presenting natural flying changes without losing her rhythm and calmness. She also has this wonderful high action out of her free shoulder combined with strong activity of her hind legs. Refermina may be started under the saddle here if required.
Ulema is a young filly from the breeder Nadales. Her movements are quite amazing! She has only been stabled recently in the training yard of the breeders facilities, coming from the stud farm near Cordoba where she has grown up in plain nature. Ulema has adapted well in the short time she has spent in the box now, and is a mare with a nice character, calm in her being and really well moving! Her mother is the PRE brood mare NOCTURNA NADALES daughter of Flor IX , and her father the calificado stallion INVICTO DE NADALES.
Faraon 2005 1,59 m B Faraon More Details
Lovely dark buckskin Lusitano gelding. Faraon looks smaller without saddle but ridden he grows and has an amazing presence and pride with high elevation of his neck. He has large movements , good forward going walk in the field, as he is used to long hacking tours and rides through the countryside. He is not afraid of cars or lorries, and is the ideal hacking- and leisure horse. Besides he has amazing movements and could do some dressage in the riding arena. His training is basic, but he is keen to learn and it has been said that he did have some more training in the past.
DISTAL MIT 26/07/2009 1,60 m A-B DISTAL MIT More Details
Distal Mit is a gentle and safe hacking- and family horse. He is ridden in a soft way so that he is easy to control on a snaffle, on a long rein, even in canter. He hacks out in a Pelham, absolutely safe and reliable even in heavy traffic as he rides along the main road where lorries and busses are passing by. A sweet horse for leisure and with potential for more!
Manijero 12.04.2006 1,62 m B-C Manijero More Details
Fantastic gelding, trained to a very high level in Doma Vaquera. This is a traditional way of working equitation based on the work with cattle and bulls. This horse is owned and trained by the former European champion of this discipline Doma vaquera! Manijero does easily all lateral work, flying changes in strikes of 2, counter canter and impressing turns and changes with and without the garroca, the long pole. Manijero has a well-balanced character and is therefore also suitable for hacking and to enjoy leisure rides outside the arena. He is very sweet and pretty, his mane and tale kept short as to the traditional way of the so called doma vaquera style.
Cubano 2007 1,58 m A Cubano More Details
Pretty dapple grey gelding with good movements. Cubano has only been ridden outside, hacking an ferias. He is brave and relaxed regarding cars and traffic. He has not done any riding for a while now and would need a little refreshment of his training. But his character is superb, very friendly and not doing anything wrong. A suit horse, looking for bonding , grateful and intelligent.
SUREÑO HM *21/06/2007 1,56 m A-B SUREÑO HM More Details
Wonderful baroc medium sized PRE stallion, leisure horse and basic training in the riding arena. Sureño is the typical Andalusian old style horse, comfortable to ride, well moving in spite of his big body. A sweet character horse, likes to bond. His breeding is a combination of Carthusian and military lines.
ECLIPSE DE ARAGON 09/05/2009 1,70 m C ECLIPSE DE ARAGON More Details
Very special PRE stallion, established well in dressage training as to his professional trainer who is preparing him for the season now of dressage competitions. He has actually competed already with quite good results! His current level of training is level 4 which includes half-pass, traverse, shoulder-in, flying changes, pirouettes and now establishing the piaffe and passage. As to his excellent character he may also suit novice riders, and last not least is a very pleasant hacking horse as he has also been to local ferias (see picture!). This horse is the ideal partner as a sports horse as well as leisure and family horse! He is sold privately only because of removal abroad. Eclipse is bread almost purely by Yeguada Militar lines with some influence of Bohorquez. His father Sermon II is a calificado Militar stallion!
ORO J MOR 05/05/2014 tall A ORO J MOR More Details
Oro J Mor is a tall growing PRE colt from the breeder JOAQUIN MOR, bred in plain nature at the breeder's yard amongst cattle developing naturally and healthy. He knows cold winter with snow and is therefore prepared for other cold countries where he might move on later in his life. A very sweet personality, presenting extraordinary movements, a large canter and fantastic extension and rhythm in trot. He will grow very tall as his parents are also tall. These foals come to know humans as they are being caught together in a paddock when 3 months old and being touched and handled from early life, also lifting the front and back legs, so the training later will be much easier. Oro will be a horse ideal for sport and dressage or other disciplines where courage, intelligence and strong physical conditions are needed such as working equitation. His father’s lines are mainly based on Oriol and Carthusian blood, but he also carries some Romero Benitez and military lines.
ESPAÑOLA XCIX 01/06/2006 1,54 m A ESPAÑOLA XCIX More Details
Española is a sweet approved PRE mare with a heart of gold, very experienced in long trekking tours, passing difficult country side,, rivers and jumping over dips. She has been part of the pilgrim ride “El Rocio” where she went with the lady as second passenger. The kids love to have lessons on her, and he is also interesting as a brood mare. Her pedigree consists of important brandings such as Alarcon, Escalera, Cardena, Terry, Romero Benitez.
MELON J MOR * 15/05/2012 1,60 m B MELON J MOR More Details
Melon J Mor is a strong-built PRE stallion, bred in plain nature at the breeder's yard amongst cattle where he is being ridden and trained on a daily basis, also riding out every day working with the cattle for about 2-3 hours. He is also well driven with a carriage. A versatile horse, brave, long lasting and ideal for working equitation, even endurance and driving. He also rides inside the riding hall, and is a very patient horse, settled and relaxed. His father is the Romero Benitez stallion Coqueto RB from Domeq, Miura and Yeguada Militar and his mother carries Vara Muñoz (heart branding), Salvatierra and brings Carthusian lines.
Lucero J MOR * 05/02/2011 1,68 m B Lucero J MOR More Details
Lucero J Mor is an amazing tall well-built PRE stallion, bred in absolute freedom and plain nature at the breeder's yard where he is now being ridden and trained on a daily basis, also riding out every day working with the cattle for about 2-3 hours. He has started his training only on the 28th September 2014 and has been ridden well and steadily, no matter if you prefer a dressage saddle and snaffle bit or vaquero country saddle. A versatile horse, brave, long lasting and ideal for working equitation, even endurance but also dressage. He also rides inside the riding hall, and is a very patient horse, settled and relaxed. His father is the Romero Benitez stallion Coqueto RB from Domeq, Miura and Yeguada Militar and his mother carries Vara Muñoz (heart branding), Salvatierra and brings Carthusian lines.
BUCANERO ANDOR *15/07/2012 1,60 m reserved BUCANERO ANDOR More Details
Bucanero is a well-built black PRE stallion, naturally beautiful, honest character, open minded and curious to the human and his surroundings. He lives in an open stable but always loves a good run an play in the paddock. He actually performs the high school exercises playfully including pirouettes, flying changes, levade and jumps with all 4 legs into the air, stopps on the spot and performs a wonderful extended trot! His blood lines are quite amazing: Marin García, Urquijo, Zuñiga, La Cartuja (Bocado), Conde Muñoz, Activo (Hermanos Cardenas), Lovera, Yeguada San Milan. As he carries a lot of black and bay, he would make a good breeding stallion for colors.
Taranto CXXX 30.08.2007 1,53 m B Taranto CXXX More Details
Friendly, safe and round shaped PRE stallion, ideal hacking- and leisure horse. He has been to many ferias and Spanish festivities, also with a second rider behind, and is a brave horse, very well socialized as he is stabled in a mixed yard. Taranto may be ridden in Spanish or English tack, one-handed and easy to ride with legs, voice and body commands. He is the sort of horse which is not just to admire in the box, but who is used to work hard, go out on trekking rides and have fun with. He knows the pole ride, therefore also suitable for western riders or working equitation. A friend for life!
ECIJANO XLI 10/06/2008 1,54 m A/B ECIJANO XLI More Details
Ecijano is a sweet pure bred PRE gelding, a real sweetheart in handling, a joy to be around. He is a faithful, friendly horse, easy going under the saddle, ridden in Spanish or English tack, also in snaffle , a little hacking experience, safe and well behaved. Once he moves it is surprising to see his leg action, moving really well, worthwhile to bring him forward in future. He has now learnt from the ground also piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk and Posada. He is also a horse to enjoy as a leisure horse. His fur is beautiful rose grey with interesting white spots in it, which will disappear gradually as he will become whiter. His double mane is growing fast, he is being well kept and looked after now. His blood lines are quite impressing: father Senado is calificado from Yeguada Militar going back to Ocle with pure Carthusian lines.
CASCABEL A 10/02/2008 1,63 m D-E CASCABEL A More Details
Stunning chestnut PRE stallion – very elegant movments, and a personality to fall in love with! Cascabel has a solid basic training and is used to all sorts of animals as he is stabled at a mixed yard, a private breeder where the horses are well kept and looked after, being ridden regularly and they have their own green fields in the spring time to provide their horses with fresh green herbs including the stallions. Cascabel is well behaved, like a gentleman under the saddle, is very cozy and easy to ride. His pedigree is showing 3 qualified ancestors! Obcecado from the Yeguada Militar is his grandfather coming from the Leviton lines, and his father’s sire is Romero XVIII from Escalera going back to the Miura stallion Ganador (Paco Lazo). His qualified grandmother Corinta is a pure bred Guardiola mare – a fantastic package in all; kind, beautiful, fun to ride and interesting as a breeding stallion!
Tormenta de Arrocha 2008 1,61 m A Tormenta de Arrocha More Details
Hispano-Arab mare fully papered with the stud book. Tormenta is a very friendly mare, used to hack out along the road and in the countryside as well as being used as a school horse to learn with the riding students. She is friendly with children, very pretty face and well-built! Her movements are excellent, and she is suitable for any rider. Her parents come from Domecq-Ybarra and Alvaro Domecq breeder.
CARIBEÑO XXV * 19/05/2010 1,58 m B CARIBEÑO XXV More Details
Beautiful chocolate bay PRE gelding, experienced in hacking and safe with cars and traffic. Caribreño has a long thick mane and a healthy shining fur transmitting calmness and honesty. He has been with the current owner for about 2 years being ridden mainly outside in the river bed alone and in company. He has never had anything else than a snaffle bit and has a soft mouth, listens well to voice and body commands and responds very well to ground work in freedom. A multi-purpose horse for the whole family! His breeding might not be of much importance as he is gelded, but it is always good to know he comes from really good and well-known lines such as Bohorquez, Miura Romero Benitez , Yeguada Militar, Aracon und Granda Losada.
CANARIO XVIII *10/01/2009 1,57 m B CANARIO XVIII More Details
Pretty medium sized black PRE stallion, ridden in the basics and with a little experience in hacking. Canario is a sweet tempered, friendly horse without any stallion manners at all, ready now to be taken along in his training. He might stay here for castration if desired or for further training. He is being sold directly from the breeder’s yard. His breeding is strongly influenced by Yeguada Militar including ancestors such as Leviton and Jenson, also shows branding like Domecq, Romero Benitez, Franzisco Daza and Paco Santiago
ONAGRO NADALES *18/04/2011 1,63 m B ONAGRO NADALES More Details
Onagro is a fantastic PRE stallion from the breeder Nadales, correct basic training, presenting best potential for a dressage career. He stayed focused even while there was a children riding class taking place on mares, horses riding past and cars driving along!
RONDO III *15/04/2009 1,63 m B RONDO III More Details
Rondo is a stunning black PRE stallion from the breeder Indalo, approved for breeding, very well bred himself! He had been stabled late with 4 years and is not ridden yet. He is well behaved and knows the lunge and the walking machine. He has a friendly, honest character, showing amazing natural movements, especially the trot has a good impulsion and rhythm. He has a wonderful collected body, high action and a fantastic built neck, showing pride and the typical old type baroc exterieur. His father Narrador XII, Indalo, and his grandfather Bandolero LXVII Bocado, both being calificados, are rooted in best Carthusian lines. Indalo is one of the few stud farms located at the Costa del Sol breeding on their own green fields guaranteeing the best possible upbringing and maintenance of the mares and youngsters and letting the stallions grow up in freedom as long as possible.
FLAMENQUITO SAN *30/03/2008 1,61 m B FLAMENQUITO SAN More Details
Pretty PRE gelding, well ridden in the basics on snaffle. Flamenquito loves to be cuddled and be near you, he is being kept very well an ridden by a professional trainer, letting him stretch downwards a lot. Flamenquito is well centered within himself. Not even the big dog may disturb him while working in the riding arena. His lines go back to the ancestors of Carthusian lines (Terry) such as Nostalgico and Poseido V. He also carries lines of Paco Lazo, Lovera, Yeguada Militar.
Distinto es un PRE buckskin stallion, already started in the basics under the saddle. He has the right built, baroc and strong, and is mature for his age. A solid horse, but elegant and very beautiful! His grandfather Dante V (Paco Marti) is a famous golden buckskin breeding stallion, very good character and nice golden shine in the fur. He is just the right moment to continue his training yourself the way you like. But he may also stay here for further training if desired. Distinto has been staying at a big breeding yard until recently where he could develop naturally, and where he has been started under the saddle. He is now located near Malaga and may be visited here. His pedigree: Paco Marti, Salvador Cortes, Romero Benitez, Salvatierra, Terry
GOLOSO LVI 12/11/2002 1,55 m A GOLOSO LVI More Details
Goloso is a brave PRE gelding full of energy, pride and presenting elegant movements. He has been participating in long trekking rides such as the famous pilgrim ride from Malaga to El Rocio on horseback! He is also well driven in a single carriage, 2 and with 3 horses where he can go in the front. He is not afraid of anything! He is used to go hacking in groups but may also go alone, as he is courageous and trusting. A beautiful horse to enjoy from the first moment. He is forward going and energetic. He is very laid back with other horses, even without being tied, he would not run away and follows you without bridle or string. His pedigree is quite amazing. Sired by the Franzisco Santiago stallion Festival VII his roots are mainly in Escalera lines, but he also has strong influence by the Carthusian lines from Cardena through his mother. An ideal combination of beauty, straight movements and energy.
VIENTO XLII * 02/03/2008 1,62 m B VIENTO XLII More Details
Elegant approved stallion of the old type, high action, full of pride and expression! Viento is a comfortable horse to ride, even without saddle, sensitive and light in the hand. He is a safe ride in the ring as well as outside hacking. We have known his father, the calificado stallion Pelote, as a breeding stallion at stud of the military depot. He looks just like him, only white. Pelote is Escalera bred based on Ganador VIII (Paco Lazo), his mother is a pure bred Yeguada Militar mare, with celebeties such as Agente, Maluso and Lenguaje in her pedigree! Viento’s mother is also partly based on military breeding such as Ocle whose roots are pure Carthusian lines. Viento is approved for breeding and would make a great breeding stallion. He is naturally self-collected, forward going, very concentrated in the work and very talented.
CHANQUETE V *07/05/2009 1,61 m B CHANQUETE V More Details
Chanquete is an experienced trekking horse, absolutely bomb proof in any situation, tall and well built. He is used to go on ferias with a lady on the back as second rider, to Romerias, pilgrim rides and alone. He has been started to be ridden with 3 years and had a basic training by a professional rider, including some lateral work, backwards and starting Spanish walk. Now he is only being used as a hacking horse, very reliable and safe. His father is a calificado stallion and proceeds from the Yeguada Militar line from Oefebre; his mother comes from old baroc lines rooted in Granda Losada, Romero Benitez and Bohrquez.
RUMOR II * 06/01/2010 1,62m B RUMOR II More Details
Rumor is a long-legged, elegant, approved PRE stallion presenting expressive forward going movements. He has spirit and a strong personality, but likes to play and bond with the person around him. He needs someone to become friends with, to give him guidance and the attention he needs. He is intelligent and bright, ready for training and new tasks. He has been ridden in the basics but done little work recently. He is absolutely fine to handle and be around, tack, lunge etc. A beautiful black pearl with a lot of potential. His father Amoroso XL has a dressage career and is trained to a high level dressage. His origins are from the breeder Los Pozos but he has been the breeding stallion at Yeguada la Yedra. Rumor has a good pedigree based on Escalera, Cartujano, Yeguada Militar, Cañizares.
MIJEÑO TOR 20/04/2011 1,63 m A MIJEÑO TOR More Details
Young PRE, strong body, good joints, healthy mind. Mijeño being grandson of famous Elite stallion Educado X (Guardiola), has a lot of potential which you can already tell from his movements and steady gaits. Apart from these important Guardiola lines he also carries Carthusian and Lovero blood lines. He is a curious guy, coming out of the wild fields, he is now searching to bond, approaching you and ready for new tasks.
ROMERO CXLV *27/05/2011 1,62 m B ROMERO CXLV More Details
Romero is a tall, long-legged PRE stallion, well ridden in the basics. As he has been bred in the Extremadura, he grew up in plain nature. Now being trained in a professional yard, he performs very correct walk, trot , canter, his movements being well forward and uphill canter. Romero has to develop still a lot physically which is typical for this line, but mentally he is as an adult, keen to learn and easy going. His father being calificado comes from dressage lines, and his mother from Cardena (Carthusian).
DEBATE III *29/04/2010 1,62 m C DEBATE III More Details
Debate comes from a breeder in Andalucia, where the horses are brought up in freedom outside. Debate has never made any problems, has a friendly, open mind, is always in good mood and keen to work. During his first training year he is being ridden on a snaffle without pressure , always allowing enough space and time to stretch and relax. Debate hacks out without problem and enjoys company with other horses as this has always been natural to him. A great horse to carry on training and enjoy his wonderful charater, comfortable gaites and elastic movements! He performs half pas , shoulder in and renvers in walk, trot and canter, pirouettes in canter, starts now the flying changes, is already performing a wonderful piafe as well ridden as with long reins from the ground, and is also learning the Spanish walk. His pedigree is mainly based on military lines from Agente, as well as best Carthusian lines and Escalera going back to Vinatero III from Miura.
Illusione de Ferrari is a PRE stallion who will be of great interest for those looking for a dressage- or sportshorse. This is a quality stallion bred by Yeguada Ferrari, sired by Cariñoso CCXXXV (Ancce recommended breeding stallion for dressage) and his mother being a Miura, one of the oldest studs based on bull farming, his grandfather being the qualified Miura PRE Panadero XIV. Illusione is easy and willing under the saddle, is naturally stretching forward- downwards, being trained by a professional dressage trainer. He is performing all lateral work, pirouettes, currently working and improving flying lead changes every 2-3 strides and piaffe, therefore reaching level Intermediare level I.
SALIO CEGE *30/05/2009 1,58 m B SALIO CEGE More Details
Salio Cege is a smart PRE stallion with beautiful shining soft fur and a gentle character. He has been ridden in the basic gaits, feels safe and confident, very comfortable to ride. He moves smoothly and has an elastic body which shows well when he is running, jumping and stretching himself. He has a short, round shaped body which makes it easy to let him work under the saddle with long reins without losing the collection. Therefore we can recommend Salio also for Western riding and working equitacion. He has a slight scar on the nose from old sereta use which is already healing well, and it is absolutely unnecessary to use anything strong in his mouth as he reacts fine and obedient and you may let the reins loose without losing control. He is actually waiting for the rider’s commands and listens well to your voice and body of the rider. His breeding is strongly influienced by Escalera going back to the ancestor Vinatero III from Miura. He also carries Camara Galves, Conde Muñoz, Bohorquez, Daza, Govates Osuna, Guardiola etc.
QUEDATE NADALES *01/08/2008 1,58 m A QUEDATE NADALES More Details
Quedate Nadales is an approved PRE brood mare, who has been stabled recently for the purpose of selling. She has very good movements for dressage as she moves straight and has high action, no dishing and strength from behind. She is a very precious mare for breeding, but also young enough to train her. She has already been started under the saddle and is improving and learning fast! Her father Valdeon de Nadales is a high level dressage horse (see pictures), and her mother comes from Señorio de Bairain, a breeder who is specialised in high quality dressage horses.
PRE filly from high quality breeder near Malaga. Golondrina is growing up healthy and naturally within the group, staying outside during the day and in open paddocks during the night. She moves very well, straight forward with large movements, natural rhythm and suspension. She loves to be cuddled and be near humans. Her half-sister GOLONDRINA AP II is also for sale. Her mother comes from the breeder Sebastian Sanchez Duran with pure Carthusian lines as well as Yeguada Militar. Her father Gerente V is 1,67 m tall, a pure bred Yeguada Militar stallion from the government stud, himself being the son of calificado Sensual II from the direct Remache-lines and presenting Leviton in the 3rd generation! Sensual is a bay qualified PRE breeding stallion of the military stud; he has been 3rd in driven competition \\\"Copa del Rey enganches 2.009\\\" and 2º in jumping competition at the Sicab 2.006! http://www.defensa.gob.es/ccfas/SEMENTALES/PRE/listado/SENSUAL_II.html
RONDEÑA AP *15/05/2014 A RONDEÑA AP More Details
PRE filly from high quality breeder near Malaga. Rondeña is growing up healthy and naturally within the group, staying outside during the day and in open paddocks during the night. She is curious, tame and playful, moving very well, already eating by herself the healthy herbs and grass of the rich winter pasture land of Andalusia. Her half-sister GOLONDRINA AP II, is also for sale. Her mother comes from the breeder Sebastian Sanchez Duran with pure Carthusian lines as well as Yeguada Militar. Her father is also strongly influenced by Yeguada Militar and carries Escalera, Bohorquez, Paco Cañizales.
SILVESTRE VII 18/11/2008 1,64 m C SILVESTRE VII More Details
Silvestre is a silver-grey PRE stallion with beautiful shining fur and a good size for his breed. He is long- legged and elegant in his movements, good extension and elevation. Silvestre has been trained in a professional training yard and has a high level of standard including half pas and zigzag in walk trot and canter, half pirouette, flying changes in strokes of 4 etc. A pretty horse with high potential, good character and pleasant to ride and take on in training.
PICONERO NADALES 12/04/2009 1,62 m C PICONERO NADALES More Details
Piconero is a polite and friendly PRE stallion of tremendous grace and beauty, very well ridden and trained by a professional dressage trainer. His movements are straight and fluid, fantastic transitions, performing pirouettes in walk and canter to perfection, also half pas in walk, trot and canter, backwards, zick-zack in canter and is currently working on flying changes. He is ever so easy to ride, soft in his mouth, so we can even recommend him to timid riders to regain confidence. A horse who loves to bond and cuddle, respectful and obedient. , straight movements and uncomplicated to handle. His blood lines contain important military ancestors (Agente line) as well as Carthusian and Escalera influence.
QUINTERA NADALES 10/06/2008 1,60 m A-B QUINTERA NADALES More Details
Qiuntera is an approved PRE brood mare, who has been stabled recently for the purpose of selling. She is a very precious mare for breeding, but also young enough to consider riding and training her. Her father Valdeon de Nadales is a high level dressage horse (see pictures), and her mother comes out of Miura lines. Quintera is pregnant by the breeding stallion Grandioso VII, who carries from his father’s side pure Yeguada Militar lines, and from his mother’s side Marin Garcia. A unique opportunity to obtain a package of 2 for 1! Quintera is due to foal around March / April 2015.
CHULIN II 03/03/2007 1,60 m B CHULIN II More Details
Chuli is a baroc PRE gelding who has been used for ferias, romerias in the past. Now he is being ridden in classical style and has 3 very nice straight movements, very comfortable to ride even in sitting trot. He is good on roads alone and with other horses, has an affectionate character and likes the attention. Chuli would suit natural horsemanship, dressage, jumping, driving he is a gelding but hasn’t lost the Iberian look
QUERENCIOSA SCG * 17/05/2010 1,60 m B QUERENCIOSA SCG More Details
Excellent 100 % Carthusian PRE mare from the breeder Salvador Cortes. Querenciosa is tall beautiful brood mare with the very best of Carthusian roots directly from the breeder. She has not only a strong exterior but also stunning movements with lots of expression and ideal for dressage. Querenciosa has been covered on the 10th May 2014 by Amoroso XXXIII. This will be her first foal.
RELAMPAGO SCG *10/05/2011 1,59 m B RELAMPAGO SCG More Details
Pure bred Carthusian PRE stallion from the breeder Salvador Cortes Garcia, a newcomer for those who would like to train and bring up their own horse. Relampago has a laid back nature, with rather sporty movements, large walk and good rhythm in trot and caner. He is very curious and loves his human. He has been brought up absolutely healthy and natural on the breeding farm near the Atlantic. He is now owned and stabled at a professional training yard where he will be brought forward according to his age and potential.
Bandolero * 2010 1,57 m A Bandolero More Details
Bandolero is an experienced leisure horse, mature for his age, intelligent and sociable. He is now learning the Spanish walk. He is been ridden in Spanish tack as well as snaffle. A horse with a sense of humor, charming and showing expressive movements. His father was PRE ad his mother Lusitano mix.
MONTOYA III * 18/04/2007 1,56 m A MONTOYA III More Details
Montoya is an approved PRE mare, only been used as a hacking- and family horse. She has been to horse events and trekking tours, but sometimes she is just resting in the paddock without being ridden fpor a long time. She is always the same calm and sweet tempered, never ever does anything ugly. She is an ideal horse for leisure riding but does have quite good movements and is worth taking further in training! A wonderful mare even for breeding as she is approved by Ancce and shows rather good breeding pedigree: Zuñiga, Martinez Boloix, Salvatierra, Bocado (La Cartuja, Terry), Camara Galves
BOTICARIO 2008 1,61 m B BOTICARIO More Details
Boticario is a stunning looking expressive dapple grey Andalusian gelding. He is experienced in hacking, safe and reliable. He stands nicely for grooming and the farrier and loads easily, a light and forward ride. Boricario is now being trained on a snaffle and is just right to take him on the way you would like.
CAMPANERA 11-04-2008 156 still growing A CAMPANERA More Details
This is a really sweet and gentile Spanish mare with full PRE pedigree, descending from really important bloodlines such as Miura, Haro Guzman and Yeguada Militar. All her life she’s been home bred and trained by her current breeder. At present she should be described as green but progressing very well under saddle. She has recently come off the lunge and is riding nicely, without rushing, she doesn’t pull either although she does appreciate direct instruction so she is best suited to someone with experience who can bring her on quickly. She has a real soft nature and is very sociable so would thrive in a yard with other horses and continual contact with people.
CONDE 15-04-2004 158 cm A CONDE More Details
Conde is a lovely natured chestnut stallion of the traditional Andalusian setting, he is baroque and sturdy with nice, well defined shoulders and hind quarters. He is used to carrying weight and going on long hacks alone or with others, he really displays no stallion like tendencies and has never been used for covering. His cute four little white socks and white star making him really unique looking and he would best suit somebody who likes to hack out and take it easy, just enjoying time together and bonding. He is utterly unflappable on the roads or up and down country lanes, not phased by cars, bikes, vans etc. In the school his training is basic, the three main gaits and some light leg yielding. Good price.
OLIMPICO LIII 05/04/2007 1,64 m C OLIMPICO LIII More Details
Olimpico is a well built, approved PRE black stallion, easy going, well ridden in the basics, anyone may ride him. He is being trained and ridden professional on a snaffle bit. He has an interesting pedigree, his old ancestor is the black Visir from the Royal stud farm (patrimonio national) being linked to important Escalera lines, Blanca Domecq, Yeguada Militar, as well as line from Yeguada Cañizales and Bocado (Terry).
SERIA V *24/04/2006 1,62 m A-B SERIA V More Details
Seria is a very special, tall, gentle PRE mare who has been used for children riding lessons and hacking. She is only trained in the basics, and walks easily on long reins. She is carefull with her rider, and moves straight and well forward. A beautiful mare, needs to fill up muscles and gain weight. She is also interesting for breeding as she has amazing blood lines: her father being a Nadales breeding stallion and bringing direct Escalera lines in her pedigree, and her mother comes from precious lines such as Bocado (Terry), Yeguada Militar (Leviton), Salvatierra and Osborne. Seria may be revised with Ancce for breeding while in Spain and also may be covered by this beautiful fairytale stallion AMOROSO XCVIII (see pictures).
TARANTO 2008 1,61 m A TARANTO More Details
Taranto is a pretty Andalusian gelding, ideal for hacking and as a leisure horse. Beautiful mane, shining fur, good quality hoof, a real gentleman in handling, easy to keep as he is used to being hacked out only on Sundays. He is a patient horse, sociable with other horses, hacks out alone and in a group. He would love to live in a field with other horses, a truthful and honest character. He is being sold from private, and the owner has trained him to listen on voice commands as he is not a professional rider. 
BANDOLERO 29.01.2009 1,62 m A BANDOLERO More Details
Bandolero is a Hispano-Lusitano gelding, strong built, tall and with spirit. He has a tremendous presence, has character and is very intelligent. He is now being trained by a professional rider which is remarkable how fast he is learning. He does already some lateral work, and piaffe from the ground. A horse with lots of energy and potential, but nice and honest, needs to channel his energy, and you will have a friend for life!
GALAN 2010 1,57 m B GALAN More Details
Galan is a strong built buckskin gelding, Hispano Arab, a reliable horse in every aspect. He may be ridden bareback, with or without bridle, very sweet character. Even a small child has been riding him on a Spanish celebration Romeria! At the same time he has powerful gaits, wide canter and a walk which develops really well hacking out. He is steady and forward going with an amazing rhythm, and in spite of his young age and strong bones an elastic moving horse which bends well and is light in the hand. He has the right shape, movements and attitude to become a doma vaquera horse.
CANASTERO LXXIX *22/02/2009 1,58 m A-B CANASTERO LXXIX More Details
Elegant PRE gelding, very well moving and expressive high action. Canastero is a calm horse in handling, sweet and grateful. He has been living in a field for a long time and has also hacked out. He does show spirit under the saddle and his mouth is soft, easy to control his speed, listens to the rider. A fantastic horse to train! His walk outside in hacking is amazing! His pedigree comes from a pure Yeguada Militar father and a mother who has strong Carthusian influence.
DELFIN GG 27/04/2010 1,60 B DELFIN GG More Details
Delfin comes from a breeder in Ronda where he enjoyed a childhood in natural environment. He has a lot of potential for dressage and has been ridden only on a snaffle. He has been started late under the saddle with 4 years and is still a baby, finding his balance and not finished his growth yet. Delfin has a calm nature, laid back and easy going. He does show a nice impulsion and rhythm. His high quality pedigree contains 4 calificado PRE. His father Deseado CVII has been champion of his breed is son of Bohorquez Utrerano (father of Olimpic stallion Fuego). His pedigree is also: Lucas Cañizales, Lovera, Urquijo, Yeguada Militar, Señorio de Bairiain.
ISLERO AG 20/03/2010 1,62 m C ISLERO AG More Details
Islero is a well-built beautiful black PRE stallion, who was so lucky to grow up in company and in the field, healthy and free. He is now being ridden since he is 4 years old, all in a snaffle, without any pressure, giving him all the time he needs. Wonderful horse, also hacks out. His character is excellent, open minded and connecting well to his human and listening well to the rider. He is a joy to ride and train, ready now to move on to someone who would like to train him to personal needs. His genetic background is fabulous: his father is Prometido XII from the breeder Franzisco Santiago with Escalera lines, and his mother mainly Guardiola.
FABULOSO LI 12/03/2002 1,60 m B FABULOSO LI More Details
Fabuloso is an approved PRE stallion with a wonderful character. He has been ridden as well as driven and even has competed Marathon, driving alone as well as 2 and 3 in a carriage. He comes from the breeder Sebastian Brenes and carries Escalera, Miura, Martinez Boloix und Romero Benitez. His father is Resuelto IV from the breeder Franzisco Santiago. Fabuloso is a horse of the old type, easy going and pure joy. He has never covered mares and is not at all stallion like.
PICARO XLIII 06/06/2011 1,56 m A PICARO XLIII More Details
Picaro is a sweet black colt with full PRE papers, very good bloodlines, mainly Guardiola and a little Escalera going back to Miura (Vinatero III). A very well moving horse with a lot of potential , now still affordable as young.
ALD GALEON 04/05/2007 1,60 m B ALD GALEON More Details
Galeon is an elegant PRE stallion, very nice and well behaved. He has been ridden by a teenager and is an easy going horse. His basic training is profound and well done, floating, easy-to-ride gaits. He travels fine, loads, bathes, etc without issue, no problem for farrier or tacking. His genetic background is strongly influenced by pure Carthusian lines including important ancestors as Hacendoso VII und IV, both Terry with bocado branding. Apart he is mainly based on Granda Losada and his father is a chestnut which explains the bright shine in his fur.
MG LLELLE 01/05/2008 1.59m B MG LLELLE More Details
Pretty pure PRE buckskin gelding, very well ridden in the basics, stabled at a well renowned training yard and is being trained several times a week. He has also hacked out and is being ridden several times a week. A sweet character, patient and quiet, easy ride, well-mannered and professionally cared for. His grandfather is the famous buckskin Caramello II from Paco Marti. He also carries high Carthusian blood lines from Salvador Cortes, Urquijo and Osborne.
RESUELTO 2010 1,58 m B RESUELTO More Details
Resuelto is a nice Trakehner-Andalusian gelding. He has plenty of dressage potential and is stabled at a well renowned training yard and is being trained several times a week. Right now he is perfecting the three main gaits and has a lovely nature, naturally quiet and easy. In himself he is a young but secure horse, very attentive to his rider and very willing to learn. His father is the Trakehner stallion Dallmayer, who is a successful dressage horse, currently standing next to him as his box neighbor, and his mother a PRE mare.
DECANO LER 25/01/2010 1,63 m C DECANO LER More Details
Decano Ler is a stunning PRE of high quality coming from the antique blood lines Bohorques, Cañizales, Paco Lazo. Trained by professional dressage trainer, Manuel Aranda, Decano has been handled regularly since birth. He grew up in large fields and could develop utterly sane and naturally. We have known this horse since the day of his birth and taken pictures from time to time, so you may watch his development from birth to today here. We also know his father, a really tall beautiful PRE of 1,68 m and we even knew his grandfather, the legendary very baroc PRE stallion Pendolillo II, who has been performing shows up to old age (see video!). Decano has an advanced dressage Training Level starting Piaffe and passage now, and may be ridden in snafle or pelham.
CAGANCHO 14-02-1999 160 cm A CAGANCHO More Details
This is a true gentleman stallion who is mature, very healthy and looking for a forever home. He has strong back legs and quarters and is an ideal companion because he loves his long hacks alone or with other horses and does not display any stallion like tendencies at all.. He is the epitome of safe - in the video you will appreciate where we nearly drive a car into him and beep the horn enthusiastically and he does not even flinch or bat an eyelid. He is schooled in the basic three gaits and leg yield but his true special feature is how safe he is, he is truly adorable and brings you great enjoyment knowing you are in safe hands at all times. Bargain of the year.
PIROPO CAST 03-04-2009 163 cm A-B PIROPO CAST More Details
A lovely chocolate bay Andalusian stallion (has his EU passport) who is sizeable and very pretty with good gaits and is now ready for someone to bring on. He is trained in only the basics, walk trot and canter and is now learning slowly but surely to go in a snaffle as he is making the transition from a Spanish bit to a snaffle. He is forward going but safe and has been well socialised with people and horses his whole life.
Libera di Ferrari *10/03/2010 1,63 m B Libera di Ferrari More Details
Libera de Ferrari is a talented PRE mare with amazing gaits and a great character, ridden in the basics as well in the riding arena as outside hacking. Her trot is just incredible, no wonder with her father being Cariñoso CCXXXV from the Yeguada Ferrari,young recommended breeding stock Dressage, tall and successful. see pictures: http://uhorses.com/index.php/154-ferrari-horses/photos/photo?albumid=302#photoid=1564 Libera is a mare who loves to be around people, easy to handle and when it comes to move around she is energetic and has power. But as she has been handled since birth she is well educated and listens to voice commands.
ANIMADO VI 29/06/2006 1,55 m A-B ANIMADO VI More Details
Animado is a sweet horse, beautiful long mane, big black eyes and a truthful character. He is a pure bred PRE, medium size, experienced in hacking and participated in many local Spanish celebrations like Romerias and ferias where a lot of horses meet. He is used to hack out alone or in company and does not shy along roads. What he does not have is much training in the riding arena. He is fine to walk trot and canter, but he is willing to learn. Blood lines: Yeguada Militar, Domecq, Lumbreras, Baones, Salvatierra.
PIRINEO 06-04-2007 160 cm B PIRINEO More Details
Pirineo is a really elegant and very graceful PRE stallion of very intricate breeding as he is entirely bred – on his dam and sire’s side – from Andalucia’s own Yeguada El Carmen situated in the heart of Antequera. He is schooled in the three main gaits, walk trot and canter and is now learning lateral work and is making the transition from Spanish tack and Spanish bit to an English snaffle. This is a real gem to invest in and bring on into further training and he would make an interesting breeding prospect due to the purity in his lines.
PALILLERO 01-01-2009 157 cm B PALILLERO More Details
Full pedigree PRE stallion who comes from outstanding lineage – his sire is famous *Calificado chestnut PRE stallion “Deseado XCVI”. Palillero is multi talented, he is a kind tempered horse who is easy going and sweet, friendly and very laid back, he takes everything in his stride. He is well trained in the basics and some lateral moves. He is also trained in the art of high-schooling, he can perform Spanish walk and passage and as if this wasn’t enough he can do a few tricks! He can lie down, bow and kneel down and can be mounted from the lying down position! He is the type of horse who wouldn’t hurt a fly and can be ridden by anybody so would make a good family horse or a first-time purchase. He could also be an interesting breeding prospect in the future due to his very unique and interesting liver chestnut colour.
UNICO 2008 164 cm B UNICO More Details
A very pretty and graceful Andalusian rose grey stallion who moves well enough for serious dressage, and who we feel would excel at dressage given a little more training and focus. At such a young age Unico displays real grace and rhythm in his movement making him a good dressage candidate. However, if dressage isn’t your thing he would make just a very pleasant riding horse as he is very relaxed and naturally very comfortable, going well in a snaffle taking the contact very well and carrying a naturally low head position. He is schooled in the three main gaits, walk trot and canter and knows some basic lateral work. He is also very safe to ride outside alone or with others and displays no stallion like tendencies whatsoever and has never been covering before which makes him very sociable.
GORGORITO DE MUÑOZ 20/04/2009 1,61 m B GORGORITO DE MUÑOZ More Details
Gorgorito is a sport type chestnut PRE stallion, well-built and strong confirmation. He moves well forward, with a natural rhythm and very good attitude to work. Gorgorito has been living outside in the field until spring time 2013, when he started to be stabled and trained. He is ever so easy to handle and work with, he loads (see video), stands well for the farrier. He has plenty of dressage potential and is being trained about twice a week. His background is lined back to famous Taco-Taco (YM) with Juqueton IV (Lovera) and qualified YM stallion Gento as well as Lumbreras, (bells), Salvatierra, Bohorquez.
ANDALUCIA XXII 11/07/2009 1,53 m A ANDALUCIA XXII More Details
Andalucia is a reliable pure bred PRE mare, small but strong body, used to ride on long hacks, absolutely safe in heavy traffic. She is fine on a snaffle or Spanish tack. A mare to get on and enjoy. She shows high action and a very good walk, so she moves forward outside in a pleasant way.
GALLITO XXXVIII 28/02/2009 1,58 m B GALLITO XXXVIII More Details
Stunning PRE bay stallion, round shaped, impressing movements. Gallito has been schooled in lateral work, renvers, half piruete, Spanish walk and is beginning wiht piaffe at hand. A lovely and lively guy, very keen to work and to please, fun to be around, great potentiial! His pedigree: Lumbreras, Salvatierra, Fernando Camara, Lovera, Yeguada Militar.
JUGADOR XIX 25/04/2006 1,64 m B JUGADOR XIX More Details
Impressing approved PRE stallion with excellent character. Jugador has been participating in ferias, romerias and is used to traffic and hacking. He is now being changed into snaffle bit and is fun to work if you like forward going horses with a good attitude to work.
ZAFIRO 12 1.58 cms B ZAFIRO More Details
This horse is a 100% safe for hacking, does dressage and jumps well up to 1m! Has been competing in local competitions. Is calm but has got enough power for jumping as he loves it. Looks great with his long mane and is suitable for a young rider or a woman who wants a well behaving gelding. Absolutely no bad behavior in stable areas. Good with other horses and easy to shoe Dressage: shoulder-in, renvers, travers, leg-yield etc. Spanish walk and piaffe & passage a little bit.
COLEGIAL VII 09/05/2006 1,65 m B COLEGIAL VII More Details
Colegial is a very tall approved PRE gelding, well driven and ridden in the riding arena. He is always trying to please and help the rider, smart and helpful, cooperative and with a big heart. Amazing size for a PRE, driven in a carriage along traffic and in the landscape, alone, in a double, with 3 and 4 horses. His father is a 100 % pure Carthsian (bocado), and his mother carries bloodlines from Oriol, Granda Losada, Jose Lopez and Yeguada Militar.
MORENA 2007 1,53 m A MORENA More Details
Morena is an experienced mare for hacking and trekking. She is being ridden mainly in the vaquero saddle but also fine in a dressage saddle as you prefer. She is versatile and very bright, always there for you, even for beginners suitable as she is also being used as a school horse. Morena is a joy to ride, very comfortable, reacts immediately on leg, voice and seat commands. As you whistle, she stops.
INVASOR buckskin 15/04/2011 1,58 m A-B INVASOR buckskin More Details
Typical Andalusian baroc built buckskin stallion or colt, ridden and very good with the rider. Invasor has been handled since birth and is very easy going, reacts well to voice and body commands and has a wonderful honest character. He is developing very good gaits, straight forward, no dishing, good rhythm and well balanced already.
SEVILLANO PM 30/05/2010 1,58 m B SEVILLANO PM More Details
Friendly black PRE stallion, medium sized and confident under saddle, hacking out and safe along the road. Sevillano has a very good breeding background including Domecq, Urquijo, Martinez Boloix, Terry (bocado) and Yeguada Militar
NOCTAMBULO IX 01/03/2011 1,59 m B NOCTAMBULO IX More Details
Lovely kind nature bay gelding. Forward moving in walk, trot and canter, also working well in lateral movements. Hacking out well alone and in company, good all ways, tries to please everything asked from him.Origins: Francisco Lazo, Hnos. Marti Verdia. The father of Noctambulo is called Divino XVIII and is a well known breeding stallion in Germany.
INGENIERO AS 19/04/2009 1,61 m A-B INGENIERO AS More Details
Ingeniero is an elegant pure bred PRE stallion, with smooth and elastic movements. He is a safe hacking horse, well ridden in his basic gaits and and he has floating gaits. He is looking for affection and approaches in a friendly way. A beautiful PRE stallion with fantastic pedigree at a fair price!
ZUZON 18-04-2009 164 cm C ZUZON More Details
Zuzon is a lovely serious dressage horse. At the tender age of just five years old he is already performing all the basics plus extended trot, leg yield, half-pirouettes, walk to canter, half-pass, simple flying changes and can perform Spanish walk. This is a very correct dressage horse destined for higher competition due to his intelligence, grace and effortless learning abilities. He would suit somebody who is a dressage enthusiast looking to learn and grow further together with this horse. He has a lovely nature and is a hard worker with a big heart who is sure to establish a life-long bond with anybody who takes him and offers him the lifelong home he deserves. Comes from three calificado (elite) breeding stallions in his lineage!
YULI 15-06-2011 To make +16hh B YULI More Details
A stunning cremello Andalusian stallion who is tall and elegant and will reach well over 16 hh at full maturity. He is a very well handled colt who leads well and is already lunging and will, in the upcoming months, be broken in gently and at his own pace, correctly. He has been on a mixed yard all his life so he is used to close contact with people and with a mixture of other horses. Nice manners and a good mover he will make a superb horse, fabulous price for an animal of this colour and quality!
BARRABAS 15-04-2002 156 cm A-B BARRABAS More Details
Gorgeous rich chestnut PRE stallion who carries the 'bocao' branding but has no pedigree PRE passport, so he comes with his EU passport. He is the traditional medium sized stocky type who is naturally forward going yet very safe, very intelligent who learns quickly and adapts to any rider with great ease. Barrabas has no stallion like tendencies and has been living in a mixed yard all his life so is in constant close contact with other stallions and mares. Easy to shoe and has no stable vices, he is a pleasure to handle and utterly bomb proof outside too. In the arena his schooling is basic but he can do a bit of Spanish walk!
Alabillo 01/03/2009 1,58 m B Alabillo More Details
Alabillo is a baroc built Andalusian stallion from the breeder San Roman. He is still unblemished and not ridden yet, has been started with lunge and saddle. He is an eye catcher, a round shaped type, very difficult to find these days, an ideal weight carrier, yet elastic and flexible in his movements, amazing extended trot and natural changing canter in freedom. He is gentle and easy going , well behaving around other horses, no stallion behavior whatsoever.
DONCELLA LI 12/06/2008 ca 1,60 m A DONCELLA LI More Details
Doncella is a wonderful bright shining bay brood mare, approved for breeding, and with an amazing daughter Atenea, who is also up for sale! Both mares are living together in a field at the moment, her daughter being already taller than herself. Fantastic offer for someone who would like a brood mare with great movements and gentle character. Her mother Sonrisa comes from very precious pure bred Guardiola lines and her father also carries Lovera- and military lines (Remache). Both, mother and daughter are preferably being sold together at a very special price. They both have extraordinary movements!
Furia 2006 1,65 m B Furia More Details
Furia is a safe and experienced, tall Andalusian gelding, a family horse for high expectations. He never misses out on any local horse gatherings, ferias and hackings. He is a brave, confident horse, faithful to his rider. Thanks to his height he can carry a large rider, and shows expressive, floating, easy-to-ride gaits. He shows a lot of talent for dressage but is so versatile, he could be a hunter, dressage or western. His training comes down to the 3 main gaits as he is hardly ever being ridden in a riding arena. Furia is well looked after, part of the nice Spanish family who are using him as a leisure horse. His name is the equivalent to Fury, although being snow-white.
CARETO 2006 1,59 B CARETO More Details
Careto is an 8-year-old experienced hacking- and leisure horse. The whole family is using him to participate in ferias, romerias and local horse festivities. They simply load their 2 geldings in the horse trailor and off they go. Cereto is ever so easy to handle, a horse for all seasons, safe for any level rider. He travels fine, loads, bathes, clips etc without issue, no problem for farrier or vet. An amateur-safe, uncomplicated guy.
BANDOLERO CCCV 05-01-2007 165 cm E-F BANDOLERO CCCV More Details
Serious dressage competing horse. This horse has a lovely nature, a real ladies horse with gentlemanly traits. He is a hard worker and gives his all. He is just shy of Prix Saint George level as he has has had irregular work for the past year and is now beginning his training again but once polished he is outstanding! He can do all the basics plus leg-yield, shoulder in, traverse, walk to canter, extended trot and flying changes.
ALBERO 21-04-2009 162 cm C ALBERO More Details
A stunning Lusitano cross palomino stallion of sizeable measures with a strong neck and hindquarters. A very sweet guy Albero is suitable for anybody, he is trained in the three basic gaits as well as now learning a little passage and piaffe - introduction only and he can bow too! He is very good to hack and is sociable, no stallion like tendencies and has not been used for covering before.
DESCARADA CCXIX 06/06/2008 1,53 m A-B DESCARADA CCXIX More Details
Pretty, approved PRE mare, ridden and driven. Descarada is a friendly mare with spirit and phantastic pedigree, ideal as a leisure partner or family horse for those who enjoy a forward going horse. She is being used only for hacking, day trips, beach ride, or carriage drives, but basically she is not being used very much. Nevertheless, she is always nice even after a break of several weeks without riding. She is ever so sweet and gentle, just like her father Camborio who used to live next to his mares in an open paddock. A lovely, comfortable mare whom you wish to take home the moment you see and ride her!
GODELLA LC 26/05/2007 1,64 m B GODELLA LC More Details
Godella is a tall, sporty and elegant, approved PRE mare, well ridden and driven. She has participated in several ferias and Romerias, Spanish festivals, and is just as safe driven in a double, 4 and 6 horse carriage. She has even won second place in a carriage competition! She is a versatile mare, especially very enjoyable as a leisure mare for hacking, as well as for dressage as she moves well and elegant. You can ride her on a snaffle just on choice and body signals, so your reins are just a tender connection for communication. Her breeding is fantastic as her father Letargo from Yeguada Militar (black) is a pure military bred stallion, based on the old Agente- and Maluso lines.
ETIOPE VAP 03/02/2007 1,60 m B ETIOPE VAP More Details
Estiope is a very well-mannered and gentle PRE gelding. He is also a good hack alone or in company very sociable with people and other horses comfy to ride with a good rhythm in walk trot and canter also knows a little laterals. He is used to Spanish tack but would transition into an English bridle with ease. Etiope has been out to ferias and Romerias and has mainly been ridden outside. He was born near Malaga, so his hacking consisted always in passing cars and lorries, traffic and other horses. Etiope is a beautiful appearance with pride and elegance, big black eyes, beautiful mane and tale. His pedigree is strongly influenced by Carthusian lines.
OBAMA XII 25/01/2009 1,57 m B OBAMA XII More Details
Obama is a beautiful well shaped approved PRE, lovely conformation and proportions, strong conformation, baroque look, has been hacking on trails and enjoys relaxing outside of the arena work. Started under saddle last year with a professional dressage trainer, he is now ready for any kind of further training, a bright and intelligent PRE. He may also be ridden in Spanish tack which is the usual way here to hack out.
DESEADO DE GARCIA 10/05/2008 1,68 m C DESEADO DE GARCIA More Details
Exceptional PRE stallion from exquisite lines! Deseado is very tall for his breed and a horse for pleasure, leisure and later also interesting to bring on in high schol dressage as he moves very well wit expression and pride. He has been used only for ferias and hacking, which makes him a safe horse, but he is now being trained and ridden also in the riding arena. His father is the qualified chestnut stallion Deseado XCVI with Escalera lines, Yeguada Militar as well as Cartujano (Urquijo) and Lovera lines. His mother brngt very ancient Portugese bloodlines fromthe former times whenn these breeds ahad been the same roots. She comes from Cañizales, Terry and Osborne.
DESEADO CCLXV 28/12/2010 1,64 m B-C DESEADO CCLXV More Details
First-class PRE stallion from exquisite lines! Started a few months ago with the rider and ridden on a snaffle, Deseado is already performing his wonderful main gaits as well as a little lateral work and hacking out. He has an easy path to go because of his amazing genetic potential he is born with. Depending on the rider he will be able to participate on a high level in future in dressage or high schooling, but also be a enjoyable leisure horse as he is so willing and easy going. His father, Americano (see 1 of the videos) from the Yeguada El Romerito is a calificado stallion as well as Joven reproductor recomendado(recommended by Ancce!) and proceeds directly from the ancestors and both calificado stallions Educado X (Guardiola, calificado) and Corinto X (Salvatierra, calificado). His grandfather is also a calificado stallion called Samaritano IX from the breeder Paco Santiago, breeding stallion of Nicolas Romero. His mother is daughter of Utrerano VII (see picture) and half brother of Fuego (see 1 of the videos), so he is even carrying Olympic blood in him! His pedigree is loaded with important names and brandings such as Escalera, Bohorquez, Guardiola, Romerito, Santiago, Losada.
Estudiante 2007 1,60 m A-B Estudiante More Details
Estudiante is a safe hacking horse for long rides, reliable and energetic. He is an ideal leisure horse if you like forward going horses. Even after a longer period without riding, he behaves well!
DESEADA CCLXXIII 25/01/2006 1,55 m B DESEADA CCLXXIII More Details
Deseada is an experienced brood- and riding mare, having been part of many ferias and romerias, absolutely safe in traffic and hacking. She is now proud mother of this beautiful 40 days old PRE colt, son of Ganador MR. Deseada comes from the breeder Nicolas Romera Romerito, and her father is the calificado stallion Samaritno IX (see picture!). From her mother's side she is grand daughter of Utrerano VII (Bohorquez, calificado), so she is related to Olympic stallion Fuego! Her colt foal may be achieved as well together with the mother.
QUAMARGO 10/09/2012 1,60 m B QUAMARGO More Details
Elegant looking smart PRE colt, ready to be trained now. Quamargo has been bred by a small private breeder who has only best quality stock mares and stallions at stud. Quimargo lived together in the group of colts until he was taken in the box but is being turned out daily, so he may develop naturally and healthy. This way he has been handled since birth and built up a trusting relationship to his humans and the surroundings, no fear of cars, tractors or anything. He is very sweet and loves to be cuddled, brushed and gives hoof without problems.
KING VIII 06/03/2008 1,62 m C KING VIII More Details
Beautiful, dark bay-black approved PRE stallion, reliable and trustful to his rider. He is very trainable and has picked up a lot of artistic work such as Spanish Walk, compliment, piaffe, levade etc. He performs all basic gaits very well and balanced just on a snaffle and listens well to voice commands and light body signals. A marvelous horse for artistic work, show, high schooling and dressage. He comes from the lines of the King's breeding stock (patrimonio nacional) and is carrying important names such as Salinero III (Camara) , Fetiche (YM) and blood lines of Martinez Boloix, Terry and Escalera in the pedigree.
MURCIANO V 04/01/2010 1,65 m C MURCIANO V More Details
Murciano is a shining black PRE performing dressage style movements with amazing hind power. He is being ridden well in the basics on a snaffle bit, also hacks out safely. Murciano is a calm and trusting horse, even riding along the road to the riding areana with cars doesn't bother him! He comes from the lines of the King's breeding stock (patrimonio nacional) and is carrying important breeders brandings such as Lovera, Paco Lazo und Yeguada Militar in his pedigree.
EVENTO JAP 23/03/2010 1,65 m C EVENTO JAP More Details
Evento is a real classical PRE, future dressage horse. Very balanced temperament, good mind, easy to handle and a solid stamp of a horse, yet still a light and forward ride. His father has won many functionality championships and even was Spanish champion of his breed as well as sub champion in Morphology and has produced quality progeny. A fantastic top dressage and stud stallion combination. Evento is a perfect combination of a typical baroc looking PRE with strong confirmation, lots of neck and mane, as well as good movements and sportive body. He is currently being ridden in the basic gaits walk and trot, soon starting the canter. He is being brought forward by a professional dressage trainer, slowly and well forward riding. His bloodlines are mainly based on Ayala, Paco Lazo; his mother is a brood mare from the stud farm with Hermanos Cardena grand grandmother, Conde Muñoz, Moreno Muñoz, Bohorquez, Escalera lines.
MORANTE DE MUÑOZ 05/03/2008 1,65 m B MORANTE DE MUÑOZ More Details
Beautiful, expressive chestnut stallion, tall, smooth and elastic in his movements, learning fast, does already shoulder in in trot and walk, renvers and counter canter. He is really well behaved, bearing in mind, that the paddock with the mares is directly next to the boxes and to the riding arena! Morante is a rather easy going horse, very well behaved, also with the farrier. His background is lined back to famous Taco-Taco (YM) with Juqueton IV (Lovera) and qualified YM stallion Gento as well as Hacendoso VII (Terry) and a lot of well-known brandings such as Domecq, Pallares, San Roman, Daza
LASCA * 2002 1,59 m A LASCA More Details
Bomb proof mare, for hacking, competitions ridden in doma vaquera style, a very easy going mare! Lasca has been trained by her current owner to a high standard including all lateral work, flying changes, canter from stand, piruets in walk, backwards, barrel race, and long distant proof. She is friendly and easy to ride, ideal as a school horse, endurance, working equitation or as a safe hacking mare for beginners.
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